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Berusky 2 0.5 Release challenge thinking and ability game

Berusky 2 is a game that challenges your vision/space thinking and ability to find a way to solve a logical task. With only 5 errors allowed, you will experience a variety of challenges that are fraught with adventure. Individual episodes differ in appearance and difficulty, which also increases the gameplay of the entire game. Berusky 2 0.5 This release fixes configuration issues. It can now be used on 64-bit machines. Download Address: ...

Chuan Warcraft National Service 3.3.x version update will be postponed

Yesterday's news: Today, "Wu Osamu" Uncle brought us a new state service news: The National Service 3.3.x version will be postponed, but the player's long-awaited pay transfer is around the corner, the specific message will be seen in 7 working days. Wu Osamu Micro-blog Original: "The original 3.3.X and pay for the opening time due to the server hardware configuration issues will be delayed, the new opening hours will be confirmed after the hardware upgrade (expected 7 working days)", and the person also stressed, " Part of this pay transfer with the previous operator (9 ...).

Docker: Easier, happier, more efficient

Editor's note: With Docker, we can deploy Web applications more easily without having to worry about project dependencies, environment variables, and configuration issues, Docker can quickly and efficiently handle all of this. This is also the main purpose of this tutorial. Here's the author: first we'll learn to run a Python Dewar application using the Docker container, and then step through a cooler development process that covers the continuous integration and release of applications. The process completes the application code on the local functional branch. In the Gith ...

php.ini configuration and CMS program efficiency optimization configuration talk

Developers who have done CMS know that in the LAMP environment for background login and upload files are prone to problems in two places, and mostly because of PHP configuration issues, so make PHP optimization is essential. For PHP optimization, the main parameters of the php.ini reasonable adjustments and settings, the following we take a look at some of the php.ini done CMS developers know in the LAMP environment background Login and upload files, is ...

Simple to solve mysql occupy too much resources

In Linux, the situation is often used VBB forum system, there slow, mysql suspended animation, sleep process too much and so on. Lead to dozens of users, put the system buttoned up. In fact, this is the mysql configuration issues, the default linux, mysql configuration is my-large.cnf configuration, the configuration for large servers. High memory, such as 2G, 4G memory, suitable for use, ...

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