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How to install Configure Mod_security and mod_evasive in Apache (1)

Web server security is a big topic; when it comes to the best tools and techniques for consolidating a Web server, different people have different preferences and perspectives. In the case of the Apache Web server, even if not all experts, at least the vast majority of experts agree, Mod_security and mod_evasive are two very important modules that can protect the Apache Web server from common threats. In this article we will explore how to install and configure mod_security and mod_evasive, assuming Apach ...

How to connect and configure PHP with MSSQL database

PHP tutorial How to connect with the MSSQL Database tutorial and configure PHP with the extended php_mssql.dll connection SQL Server 2000, operate with the MSSQL series functions, and operate MySQL. 1, open the PHP configuration file php.ini, find; Extension=php_mssql.dll remove the semicolon from the front. 2, find mssql.secure_connection = off modified into Mssql.secure_co ...

How to configure a JSP server in a Linux environment

The person who touches the JSP server basically starts from the installation of JSP, because the JSP is not like the ASP, there is almost no installation process, and not like PHP, there is an automatic installation of the package, JSP installation is more cumbersome, manual steps are very many, below we will explain step-by-step,   How to configure a JSP server in a Linux environment. First, install JDK CD to your JDK installation file directory CP./j2sdk-1_4_0-linux.bin/usr/l ...

Configure Ubuntu client to obtain OPENLDAP service authentication

This page is written for people who want to configure the ">ubuntu client to authenticate to a OpenLDAP service." Installation Configuration LDAP authentication installs the following packages: Libpam-ldap Libnss-ldap (see Installingsoftware). Note that you must activate the Universe library. In the ...

Configure Redhat9+apache+mysql+php+gd2+perl under Linux

In Linux, configure redhat9+ ">apache+mysql+php+gd2+perl, install the article steps, I believe you can configure your system installation environment to describe the operating system: Linux RedHat AS4.0 Web services software: Apache httpd-2.2.4 Download: http ...

Ubuntu 10.10 Error message: configure:error:c++ compiler cant create execut

If you have such an error message: "configure:error:c++++ compiler cant create executables" means no gcc or gcc installed, no g++, I ubuntu10.10 is not g++, Finally is apt install g++, fixed congfiure error. Need to install C + + on your COM ...

Configure 50x15 installation files with Tdisol

This version of the 50x15 Wizard is not successfully connected, the best way is to configure the 50x15 installation file with the Tdisol, by modifying the configuration file to add LDAP server certificate trust to connect to the LDAP server, and then run the relevant TDI command to import the LDAP user into the Connecgtions database. Of course, if allowed, you can also upgrade 50x15 3.0 to 4 ...

How to configure Elm and pine after Sendmall is installed

& ">nbsp; Once you have configured your Sendmall messaging system, you can send and receive messages. But just being able to send and receive messages is not enough, you also need to display the mail, manage the mailbox program, so you must also configure the MUA program. There are many such MUA programs in Linux/unix, the most influential and most widely used are elm and 1 ...

How does Linux configure which services to start?

How does Linux configure which services to start? 1 run NTSYSV or Setup command, enter menu to configure; [Root@localhost software]# ntsysv [root@localhost software]# Setup

How to configure a DHCP server in Redhat Linux environment

DHCP is the abbreviation for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Configure Kyoto. A DHCP server allows administrators to centrally assign and specify global and subnet-specific ">TCP/IP parameters (including IP addresses, gateways, DNS servers, etc.) for use throughout the network. DHCP is divided into two parts: one is the server side, and the other ...

Configure Ubuntu Enlightenment Desktop Environment: Files

File Manager This is the E17 ">file Manager, I have nothing to say." File icons Here you can edit various types of file associations. Of course, it only takes effect for E17 's file manager. If you use another file manager like I do, forget it.

Install and configure the PostgreSQL server in the Ubuntu system

PostgreSQL is a powerful relational database management system that is issued under BSD license [1]. PostgreSQL contains a number of advanced features, with good performance and good applicability. PostgreSQL binds a number of programming languages, such as C + +, Python, Java, PHP, ">ruby," etc., which ...

MUSL 0.9.0 publishes Linux system standard library

MUSL is a new implementation based on the Linux system standard library. It features lightweight, fast, simple, free, and secure. It replaces the MUSL builder of the system's standard library, such as GLIBC, to directly evaluate the library and establish a compact static link with it. MUSL 0.9.0 This version updates the ISO C99 and all POSIX based interfaces, including a new configure script generation installation convenience, providing a complete stack protection and pie support for i386 and compatible goals, and adding ...

thinkphp Example Center add an associated action sample

thinkphp Example Center Add an example of an associated operation of sample 3.1, including a demo of associated definitions, writes, updates, and deletes. First, you need to download the skeleton core, then unzip the example to the Web root and modify the location of the frame entry file in the Portal file. Then import the data.sql in the directory below to your database and configure the database connection information in the project configuration file, and then visit: http://localhost/relation/will appear:

PDF function Library: pdf_set_text_rendering

Pdf_set_text_rendering Configure how text is displayed. Syntax: boolean pdf_set_text_rendering (int pdfid, int mode); Return value: Boolean function kind: Special file format & ">nbsp; content description This function is used to configure the output text ...

Remotebox manages remote servers or native VirtualBox virtual machines

This means that as long as the virtual machine shuts down, the user will not be able to deal with the data in the virtual machine unless it is back in front of the VirtualBox host and is directly operational. Such a problem will no longer exist in the future, as the tool named Remotebox is the best helper to solve related problems. Configure Vboxheadless Connect your virtual machine What is headless Mode headless mode is a configuration mode of the system. In this mode, the system is missing the display device ...

Configuring the WebSphere Message Broker JMS node to implement Apache messaging server communication

The Apache ActiveMQ (hereinafter referred to as ActiveMQ) is the most popular and powerful open source message agent and messaging server. It supports JMS 1.1 and Java EE 1.4. Because many enterprises are integrating open source technology into their message > infrastructure, this article will use an example message to show how to configure the IBM® Websphe ...

Nginx Module Reference manual: User ID module (user ID)

These modules are all compiled into Nginx by default unless a module is manually specified to be excluded in configure. Module Ngx_http_userid_module A cookie for the connection, mainly using $uid_got and $uid_set variables, note: $uid _got and $uid_set cannot be obtained in SSI, Because the SSI filtering module works before the UserID module filters. This module is equivalent to Apache's Mod_uid module. Sample configuration: UserID on;..

Nginx Series Tutorials: FAQ collation

Most of the questions in the FAQ come from and, some of which may not have been verified by me. Nginx How to replace error Q: Can I return with a 503 error (overloaded or temporarily unavailable) instead of a 502 error as an answer? A: Configure the fastcgi_intercept_errors directive and set it to on, and then use the error_page directive: Location/{...

Moneyguru 2.4.2 publishes personal financial management software

Moneyguru is a personal financial management software. Its function is to evaluate your "> Financial situation so that you can make better financial decisions." Moneyguru differs from most financial applications in that it is implemented in a different way, without the need to configure the report (or find preconfigured reports to be correct), to continually refresh your critical financial data (net worth, profit, etc.) to get the latest ...

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