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Cxxtools 2.1.1 publishes a common C + + class Library

Cx ">xtools is a common c++++ class library set. Its functions include: Parameter analyzer, BASE-64 encoder/decoder, C + + interface Iconv, easy MD5 calculation md5-flow, thread class, socket class, dynamic exception security buffer, Dlopen/dlsym encapsulation, Connection pool template (for example, A multithreaded Application connection ...

SQL Relay 0.43 Publishing database connection pooling Proxy Server

SQL Relay is a persistent database connection pool, proxy server and "> Load Balancing system that supports a variety of database systems and programming languages." The application of SQL Relay: * Accelerate database-driven web-based applications * Increase the scalability of Web applications * Distributed access to replicated database systems ...

It is more convenient to extend PHP with the cloud

As the most popular Web application language of our time, PHP is too cumbersome, unless you choose Cloud Extension or NoSQL Background, otherwise it will be a very troublesome process. The power of PHP versus traditional relational databases is that they allow junior developers to quickly find the key features of some applications. Unfortunately, the default runtime environment used by PHP is not only confusing but also difficult to scale. There may be a lot of people do not care about the maintainability of PHP. Their PHP application is discarded, its load is quite heavy, and often runs in parallel ...

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