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Australian game collectors hit by floods, antique game consoles

In the past few weeks, Australia's eastern seaboard has suffered a rare flood, with a direct economic loss of $ hundreds of millions of trillion.  In this, including the following this guy for many years to collect a variety of game consoles and surrounding. Australian game Collector NFG (net name) home in Queensland, which is also one of the affected areas.  Like many local residents, Nfg's home has also been flooded with looting, and his collection of games for many years and around the host has also been completely ruined. NFG's collection includes the various types of video game consoles that have been sold so far, old PCE and even days ...

Nintendo's first generation consoles you've never played before.

Is Nintendo's first video game a red and white machine FC?  No, since 1977 Nintendo has entered the home gaming market, and it took 6 years to launch the first red and white Machine FC in Japan.  The home video game was actually included as part of the "Color TV" series, it was the home version of the popular arcade at the time, and in 1977-1980 years Nintendo rolled out five home gaming consoles, which were sold only in Japan at the time, which undoubtedly meant a huge success for Nintendo in Tokyo. 1977 launched the first home game game called "Color TV ...

Microsoft may plan to extend game consoles to TV screens

Absrtact: Microsoft's latest patent describes how to project panoramic images in the room (Tencent Science and Technology map), a newly released patent shows Microsoft may plan to extend game consoles beyond the TV display by projecting external images across the room. Microsoft's latest patent describes how to project a panoramic image in a room ( Tencent Science and Technology map) a newly released patent shows that Microsoft may plan to extend the game to the TV display, by projecting an "external image" across the room, providing a 360-degree virtual ...

Analysts say game consoles have not been scaled to make online games popular in China

Beijing time May 20 Evening news, according to foreign media reports, U.S. investment company Roth Capital analyst Adam Corisich Adam Krejcik in an interview with the U.S. investment media that in China's online games occupy the mainstream,  The main reason is that China has not yet formed a large-scale game market. "For investors who are not very familiar with the gaming industry, I would like to compare it to the American video game field," Corisich said. But with consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo ...

Players create a magical Star Wars robot to provide 10 game consoles demo

Previously, Motorola and Verizon Wireless release Droid 2 O'Clock said it would launch a Star Wars limited-edition mobile phone, referring to the appearance of a robotic man r2-d2 in Star Wars.  Today is also to see a r2-d2 robot, but with Motorola mobile phone does not have much relationship, but is a super game mainframe robot. The r2-d2 replica was stuffed with 10 gaming consoles, a control interface panel, a projector, and even a computer. This crazy robot from the University of California, Los Angeles, mechanical engineering ...

China's online game market growth stabilized host game or into a high-speed growth point

Today, Microsoft China announced that it will hold an Xbox One press conference on July 30, actively promoting it in September. Following the June 30, the Bank of China's Microsoft Xbox one won the national 3C certification, combined with the State Council promulgated the new regulations at the beginning of the year, from a technical point of view for the abolition of the June 2000 "on the implementation of special advice on the management of video game venues notice" (commonly known as game consoles Ban) solved the last hurdle. Shanghai FTZ has attracted more and more enterprises to enter, among which China's well-known Internet operator BesTV and Microsoft co-founded a joint venture.

Perfect time and space with torch light to enter the video game market

By the perfect time and space issued by the United States branch of PC RPG game "Torch Light" for its excellent quality of the game won the 2009-year game, for the game's developers runic games earn enough face. In a recent interview with the CEO of the developer in the media, he said Runic games is currently working on the PC version of the torch light to the video game consoles, although there is no clear indication of which platform will be transplanted, but believe that PS3 and Xbox360 the corresponding high-definition display of the game machine will be "light of the Torch" of favor. * Above game ...

CEO against game platform says PC can create benefits

Multi-Play network (Compile/fall-Xuan Rain) The United States as Blizzard CEO Bobby Cotic (Bobby Kotick) in front of the media in blatant opposition to video game consoles, said the move to see Blizzard from open platforms such as PC platform to earn more benefits.  In an interview with the FT, Cotic said that 60% of Xbox Live players were directed to the call of deriving series, but we did not get the benefit they deserved. Cotic likened the game platform to a walled garden, moving ...

Sony insists PS3 is not a video game player boasting entertainment Media Center

(compiler/ananas) according to overseas media reports, in the impression of many players, PS3 is just a game host can give them a game experience, and Sony pointed out that this description of the PS3 is incorrect.  Sony stresses that PS3 can be used as an entertainment center compared to game consoles. "We are trying to transform PS3 into an entertainment media center where players can not only play stand-alone games or game calls, but also find movies and music they want, PS3," said Shawn Layden, Sony Entertainment president.

German Berlin computer game Museum open Chronicle game history

The latest news is today at the Open Computer Games Museum in Berlin, Germany, featuring 50 handheld consoles, video games consoles and home computers from 1971 to 2001. The museum was opened in the late 90, but it closed in 2000 years later.  The new museum is located in the site of the "Warsaw Café" at the East Berlin Times building. The Berlin Game Museum, entitled "Computer games: The evolution of the media", presents the history of computer and video games since 1951, including the first arcade game, "Computer Space", released in 1971. ...

Barbie dolls are no longer dolls or have been developed into games

(Compilation/Sky White) Recently, one of the world's largest toy manufacturers Mattel and Entertainment software developers THQ Partnership, but also signed a brand licensing agreement.  The agreement revealed that the "multi-year partnership" will allow THQ to use Mattel's iconic characters to design games for consoles, computers, mobile devices and social networking platforms. The two companies have collaborated in the production of a corresponding Udraw game, "drawing guess Words" (pictionary), which has become the opportunity for them to develop more in-depth cooperation. UD ...

13 years ago a ban on the domestic game host market to shut down

Recently, the State Council issued the overall program of Shanghai FTA, according to the plan, Shanghai FTA allows foreign enterprises to engage in game entertainment equipment production and sales, through the cultural authorities to review the content of game entertainment equipment for domestic market sales.   This means that China's 13-year ban on game consoles, which began in 2000, has been largely lifted.   In fact, over the past two years there have been different rumors that China will ban the game host, but each time is not a matter of nothing, is officially denied. Recently, is the domestic hundred-vision and Microsoft cooperation in the domestic establishment of a joint venture ...

Weboob 0.9 Publishing Web site interaction Tools

Weboob is a tool that provides multiple applications (consoles or graphics) to interact with multiple Web sites. Currently supports more than 40 Web sites and 20 applications, features include: View bank account information, "> Dating sites, search and play videos, weather, news, Show train schedules, edit wikis, listen to broadcasts, view and download images, and perform other useful tasks. Web ...

Nintendo says next-generation video games will not be launched anytime soon

February 27 News, according to foreign media reports, Nintendo North American market senior Vice President Kemi Donnawe (Cammie Dunaway) recently said that Nintendo will not launch next-generation video game consoles in the near future.  Donnawe said Nintendo will not launch the next-generation Wii products in the near future, although the Wii has more than Sony PS2 in the same period, but the Wii still has great room for development. Donnawe said that only when the appropriate time, Nintendo will consider the introduction of the next generation of products. EA chief Financial Officer (CFO) Eric ...

Nintendo failure 3DS Palm Machine in Europe and America encounter crash door

Previously, Reggie Fils-aime, the US chief operating officer, said that "the 3DS handheld will bring a truly unique experience to gamers," says Els Emer. But 3DS gaming consoles have had a major bug in the UK just days after they came on the market.  This is a great irony for Reggie Els Emer. 3DS game on March 25 in the United Kingdom listing, and the U.S. listing date is March 27, in Europe and America listed only a few days, 3DS Palm machine players encounter this bug, it is the European and American region 3DS fans feel gas ...

Global Intelligent Television and its related equipment has been more than 1 billion units

Summary: According to Strategy Analytics data, smart-TV-related devices, including smart TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, and networked Blu-ray players over 1 billion, could double nearly 2 billion before 2018, similar to Google's new platform According to Strategy Analytics data, more than 1 billion smart-TV-related devices, including smart TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles and networked Blu-ray players, are likely to double nearly 20 by 2018.

Attract more consumers ' eyeballs

Wal-Mart is putting its Vudu video streaming and leasing services on the Wal-Mart website to attract more consumers. This is the latest move by Wal-Mart to become the main destination for shoppers in traditional stores and online stores. Wal-Mart acquired the Vudu service last year to deliver movies and TV shows to computers, certain televisions, Blu-ray DVD players and Sony PS3 consoles. Wal-Mart is reluctant to disclose how many people are currently using the service, but Wal-Mart says Vudu services continue to grow rapidly. Wal-Mart is not as competitive as Netflix's competitors ...

4MLinux 2.3-server-edition release Linux mini distribution

4MLinux is a mini distribution of Linux. The main four functions are: system maintenance and recovery tools, multimedia video playback, micro server (using inetd background process) and game consoles. The 4MLinux 2.3 version is a 4mlinux-2.2-server version of the update:-Server controlled by the inetd background: FTP, HTTP, SFTP, SSH, and Telnet. -Support a proxy server (Polipo1.0.4.1 ...)

Host network hacker attacks talk, digitization and cloud services also have weaknesses

With the arrest of a member of the hacker organization Lizard Geek and the gradual return to normality of PSN and Xbox Live, a network of games consoles that almost covered the entire Christmas holiday has finally come to an end, but it has also raised fears The game digitization and cloud service, which should have brought great convenience to the players, were so vulnerable to the relatively primitive DDoS attacks that they doubted the firm's determination to protect players ' interests or even the application of these technologies. Digital stand-alone game and download management function with the highly developed network environment ...

Nintendo DSIXL game will land in Europe and America next month

February 27, according to foreign media reports, Nintendo will be in the United States and Europe next month, the introduction of its DSi XL handheld game, in the hope of using the game machine's larger display, Internet access and E-book reader, and other features to win old users.  Nintendo said in Friday that the DSi XL gaming machine, released in Japan last November, will be listed on March 5 in stores in Europe and listed in stores in the United States on March 28. Consoles are increasingly competing with other network-enabled devices such as smartphones, Tablet PCs like Apple's ipad and Amazon porting ...

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