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More than 50% of enterprises to build business-to-business, consumer E-commerce Network

Data from the third party organization CNZZ shows that China's E-commerce in 2009 rapid growth, the total annual transaction volume of 2008 years and more than twice times, e-commerce sites reached 15,600, which means that more than 50% of enterprises to build business-to-business, consumer E-commerce network. Among them, the number of the Business-to-consumer site maintained a sustained growth, visitors reached 246 million people. The Ministry of Commerce statistics show that 2009 years ago, the three quarter of China's online shopping total sales amounted to 168.9 billion yuan, an increase of more than 90%, 2009 year to reach more than 260 billion yuan ...

Analysis of the Footwear consumer Web site

In 2007, the domestic business of footwear consumer E-commerce was real, and it was the second quarter of the Internet economic recovery. In the face of the dotcom recession, E-commerce ushered in a good development situation has never been, the largest online shoe sales in the United States Zappos model is a great success, no doubt.   To the domestic enterprises into the footwear business enterprise injected a tonic. Shoe NET relies on China shoe net in 07 officially landed in the field of footwear, in the same year August, online good music to buy operations, good ...

Chinese Traditional General website performance

In April 2010, Eric consulted with users of China's consumer E-commerce website to evaluate the brand assets of the mainstream web site.   The research focuses on the traditional integrated web site of the business market-Dangdang, excellent network and Jingdong Mall; The Red Child mall has entered this key evaluation line for nearly two years in the mother and child market, and Taobao Mall because of the reason of the brand association is also within the scope of this assessment. The brand equity appraisal system is as follows: Among them, the user conversion rate uses the IRIS service appraisal work ...

What promotion mode should be used to quickly open the market

Consumer E-commerce Web site development to the present, not only created such as excellence, Jing Dong Such a well-known website, and there are like all customers sincere goods, excellent shopping such an up-and-comer. It has been said that the main components of the site operation is the site optimization and promotion, the importance of the site in the early stage should be ranked first. Good optimization and early promotion of the development of the site plays a key role. It is also a prerequisite for the promotion of the conversion rate by the Web site. As a consumer E-commerce site should be how to do promotion and optimization, let us see how excellent shopping is how to use the new promotional mode to lead the business.

Hangzhou Mayor encourages college students to open shop and start jobs

Xinhua Hangzhou, June 2 (reporter Li Yabiao, wang) Hangzhou Mayor Cai Chi recently said that in the current employment situation is grim, "open shop" to become a new bright spot of entrepreneurial employment, the government and the community should give support and encouragement, especially to encourage young people to open the Internet shop to achieve entrepreneurship. Hangzhou has gathered more than 70% e-commerce sites in Zhejiang Province, of which Taobao's Consumer-to-consumer E-commerce platform has 80 million users, daily turnover of 300 million yuan. and "Open Shop" is the actual application of E-commerce forms, Taobao 2008 through this way to create ...

Shao Yipo: Success in business is very important

Is luck important when it comes to starting a business or investing?  I think it's important. Let's tell a story first. ebay had no money in 2000 and needed financing. Now I'm talking to the founders of the company I'm investing in, saying that the financing must be early, at least 6 months before the money is out. In my 2000 years, no one told me these words.  Fortunately March 2000 is the peak of the internet bubble, Nasdaq around 5,000, and ebay has done a good job (at that time is almost the largest Consumer-to-consumer e-commerce site in China), there are many interested in VC. Remember when there was a ...

Orchid Pavilion has recently acquired the formal acquisition of domestic 3C products consumer E-commerce site Cool

It is noteworthy that Huang founder of the company is also Google's old will, his role in the creation of the European cool before the Google China senior advertising system engineers, two Google old will be in this way again with an entrepreneurial company. It is also reported that participation in the merger is not a orchid pavilion, another domestic famous venture capital company Jinsha Ventures are involved. Data show that the Orchid Pavilion is one of the domestic export of foreign trade platform, main 3C products, as of 2010 has 400 employees around, but also expanding, with their own procurement and logistics, the future of the listing ...

China has become the largest business-to-business market, according to a report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

The Geneva electric reporter 陈建 reported: The 2015 Information Economy Report of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said that among the 130 economies in the world, small European economies were the most developed in the field of "Business for consumer E-commerce" and that developing economies were catching up quickly, In fact, China has become the world's largest "business consumer E-commerce" market. According to the latest annual report, the top 10 economies in the "Business for consumer E-commerce" index are Luxembourg, Norway, Finland, Canada, Sweden, and Australia.

Tai Lung network began to seek transformation, hope that business-to-business 2b2c to achieve future development

December 30 News, has been a multinational consumer e-commerce online retail business model of the Big Dragon Network (Chinese website, English website began to seek a transformation, will implement the global supply chain partner ideas, hope that business-to-business   2B2C model (ie 3B2C) to achieve future development. At present, the transformation of the Tai Lung network is from two major aspects to get through the path, one is to find suppliers from China, the second is in the emerging market to find vendors. Tai Lung Network operates a total of three platforms, 1898 ...

"Online shopping" changes the business map

Absrtact: In 2012, the total E-commerce business turnover accounted for One-third of the E-commerce turnover in Shanghai, the growth rate and scale exceeded the traditional ten-Long-hidden. At the same time, Shanghai department store sales have seen negative growth. Two-phase contrast, intriguing. E-commerce in 2012 the total area of E-commerce consumer e-commerce business turnover accounted for one-third of the electronic commerce turnover in Shanghai, the growth rate and scale over the traditional "ten Li Long-hidden." At the same time, Shanghai department store sales have seen negative growth. Two-phase contrast, intriguing. The booming rise of E-commerce is quietly changing the city's inherent business ...

Imitation is the surest innovation

From The imitation of ICQ launched its own first product OICQ (Tencent QQ predecessor) began, Tencent seems to have buried its "imitation gene"-first from South Korea to introduce a QQ show and a series of value-added services, and imitate Sina built a portal; in the field of online games, the development of the platform, followed by the grand introduction of foreign users  , with NetEase independent research and development, after the layout of the Consumer-to-consumer E-commerce site Pat, as well as third-party payment Tenpay, no one is not a "shanzhai goods", which is the root cause of the human hate Tencent. "Micro bo, Antivirus, E-commerce to today's regiment ...

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