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Business Tools Zapier support virtual real-time synchronization

Recently, according to foreign media reports, as an action trigger tool based on a variety of network applications, IFTTT can automatically complete a variety of combination tasks, it is mainly to support a range of consumer services, such as Dropbox, Twitter, Instagram and instapaper. Of the 46 services supported by IFTTT, there are no business tools, such as campaign Monitor, Basecamp, Asana, stripe, etc. This is exactly the problem zapier is trying to solve. This company is hatched by entrepreneurship ...

Handle Nets first introduced 12315 green channel, users of the world

Recently, China's well-known group buy Web site to start the new E-commerce industry service model, through the opening of 12315 Green channel for E-commerce industry to introduce government supervision, this move shook the industry.   Handle network announced in the country 10 key cities opened 12315 Green channel, opened 12315 green channel, handle nets will be in the local business sector under the guidance of the supervision of consumer services, to a great extent, to improve the efficiency of complaints and service levels. In the handle network CEO Wu, with the development of China's online shopping market, the national authorities to pay attention to and guidance to group buying line ...

Internet finance "advance soldiers" stationed in the campus, students should be wary of personal credit records leave a stain

"Living expenses are not enough?" "In addition to the Money fund, Peer-to-peer, internet finance has begun to target the university students in the" money bag. Many universities in Beijing, "Campus White Stripes", "staged music", "Fun stage" posters plastered dormitory downstairs signs. On the Internet financial platform to find a "road", student users of this type of credit card consumer services have a number of risk predictive ability, is still a question mark. "Can buy IPhone6 by installments" Yesterday 11 o'clock Noon, the Beijing Jiaotong University Student Activity Center, a thin tall boy was surrounded, "91, ...

315来 Pro, E-rent to stand out as the annual integrity brand

28th "315 International Consumer Rights Day" approaching, e-rent in the "New normal new consumer services-the new growth pole under the Internet tide," the National investigation campaign to stand out, elected "the annual integrity of the Internet financial brand." It is reported that e-Yu-cheng group's financial leasing creditor's rights transaction based on the Internet Finance Service platform, from the beginning of the line to adhere to the cornerstone of honesty, with a serious and responsible attitude for investors and small and medium-sized enterprises to build a pure, healthy Internet financial Information Service platform. E-PO Domestic initiative through the introduction of factoring mechanism to achieve investor freedom of capital ...

VC favored by small and medium-sized enterprises have the know-how

With the increasing of the amount of venture capital, as well as the exemplary role brought by many venture capital and private equity investment, it is becoming an important financing channel for SMEs. However, many SMEs still do not know how to get the favor of VCs.   In yesterday's forum, many venture investment organization Mister Scene for the Enterprise, tells the entrepreneur obtains the investor favor the know-how. Be honest with each other. Rofei, founder partner and chairman of Matsumoto Capital, believes that entrepreneurs want to get the favor of venture capitalists, first of all, to treat investors sincerely, including entrepreneurs ...

February China Non-manufacturing Business activity index was 44.1%

China's non-manufacturing Business Activity Index (CFLP), released by the Chinese Logistics and Procurement Federation in February 2011, was 44.1%, down 12.3% from last month. Since the non-manufacturing sector does not have a composite index, the overall change in the non-manufacturing economy is usually reflected in the business Activity index.  This month, China's non-manufacturing PMI each index, the price and business activity expected index of the quarter-on-quarter rebound, the rest of the main index is showing a different degree of decline. Cai Jin, vice president of China Logistics and Purchasing Federation, said: February, by seasonal factors, non-manufacturing PMI fall ...

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