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Fakes sold publicly

Domestic well-known E-commerce platform, fakes are being sold openly.   Let you know how these Web sites are doing naked business scams. In the store to sell thousands of yuan of merchandise, in the online as long as hundreds of yuan or even dozens of yuan can buy! People who have had the experience of online shopping have met.   And these "hundreds of yuan dozens of yuan to get" goods, most of them are "a goods", or a look at the fake. This once is Taobao such Consumer-to-consumer website, let a lot of people impress, relatively speaking, the product of the website of the website of the general by direct purchase, so ...

Find TA: Consumer-to-consumer website that publishes and shares real-time transaction information based on geographic location

When you see the classified information site overwhelming, full screen ads, perhaps you will sigh: This is a magical site, and we can not find what we need. Well, in fact, the classified information itself is a good model, but if you can solve people's problems or needs to take it better, now, some new sites are trying, such as the new classified information Web site "multi-Shell network", as well as today's introduction of the "Find Ta", it is based on a map of the associated geographical location, To demand-oriented, to do a consumer-to-consumer trading platform, services, goods can be. ...

Internet giants have borders on their local corporate networks

Absrtact: Although Groupon, the founder of Groupon, has developed in the US, its joint venture in China has suffered a lot of setbacks. Not only is Gao Peng Net, the local Consumer-to-consumer electricity merchant website Taobao was founded in 2003, in less than two years to obtain 5 although the originator of Groupon site purchase in the United States, but its joint venture in China's high peer network development has encountered a lot of setbacks. Not only is the high net, local Consumer-to-consumer website Taobao founded in 2003, in less than two years time to gain 59% of the market share, forcing EB ...

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