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Le source Digital and its controlling shareholder Le Liuping signed the "Capital increase and equity transfer Agreement"

Today, the Beijing Electronics (002579, close 11.36 yuan) announced that the company and Guangdong le Source Digital technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as music source digital) and its controlling shareholder Le Liuping signed the "Capital increase and equity transfer agreement", Beijing electronic to 30 million yuan to the source of the number of capital increase, And to 30 million yuan by the music six ping held the number of shares of music source.   Once the investment is completed, the company will hold a 20% per cent stake in the source number. Data show that Le Source digital is a commitment to wear-type smart core technology and cloud development and application of innovative technology enterprises, but also the country ...

The change of shares of the controlling shareholder in the three steel Min guang

Three steel min Light today disclosed the change in the shareholding structure of the controlling shareholder, and said that this did not lead to the actual control of the company changes. The company said that recently, the holding shareholder of Fujian three steel group notice, Fujian three groups and Fujian province Anxi Rong de Mining Co., Ltd. signed an Equity transfer agreement, will hold the three steel group 0.9946% equity transfer to ROUNDSS mining. After the transfer of the shares, the shareholders of the three steel group into the Fujian Metallurgical (holding) Limited liability company (shareholding 94.4906%), three security group (Holdings 4.5148%) and ROUNDSS Mining (shareholding 0.9946%) ...

Wuhan controlling shareholder reduce 6.15 million share of total capital 1.39%

Wuhan Holding (600168) in Monday night Notice said, the company's controlling shareholder Wuhan Water Group Co., Ltd. from September 13, 2010 to March 21, 2011 Cumulative reduction of 6.1463 million shares, accounting for 1.39% of the company's total equity.  After the reduction, the water group still holds 256 million shares of the company, accounting for 57.99% of the company's total equity, still the company's controlling shareholder. Responsible Editor: NF058

Five tips for controlling IT budgets

The following article focuses on the 5 tips for controlling IT budgets, and the simplest goal for a business CIO in a turbulent economy is to cut it budgets. Why do companies want to buy more when they think the computer is still running well? These simple cuts seem reasonable. But for CIOs, the most important thing is to keep a tight grip on the IT budget and not let it get out of hand. Of course, it's always easier to say something than to do it. But it's not impossible. This article will give you a list of five tips to cut it budgets, and I'm sure it will help you. 1. Proper use of ...

Interpretation of China's action targets for controlling greenhouse gas emissions

BEIJING, November 26 (Xinhua): "A high degree of responsibility for the long-term development of all mankind"-interpretation of China's initiative to control greenhouse gas emissions targets Zheng, Guocheng, Zhang Xinxin Copenhagen, the Chinese government 26th announced the action targets to control greenhouse gas emissions  By 2020, the gross domestic product of carbon dioxide emissions fell by 40% to 45% per cent in 2005. As a developing country with a large population and relatively low level of economic development, China is facing great pressure and special difficulties in controlling greenhouse gas emissions, especially at present.

Wanxing Software Holdings Competition strengthens network marketing strategy

Recently, Wanxing Software announced in Shenzhen headquarters, with the Netconcepts (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Hong-kang competition) reached an agreement on the latter to cash investment and gain a controlling power. Wanxing Software said that the investment is significant, will further strengthen the network marketing capabilities of Wanxing software, enhance its layout of the global market marketing vision.  At the same time, the investment of Wanxing software has injected new elements into the development of the sport-resistant competition. Special Fitness game is a search engine optimization, combined with search engine marketing, the overall network marketing and business promotion ...

Jin Jia shares the day green outsourcing

Jin Jia Shares (002191) announcement, the company intends to cash 102 million yuan to increase its subordinate subsidiaries Huzhou Green Packaging Printing Co., Ltd. 24.05% Equity, PE for 7.87 times times, this increase is the acquisition of the green package of the continuation of the strategy, increase the strength of the stake will directly hold the outer green package 53.05% Equity,  Become its absolute controlling shareholder. April 1 last year, Jin Jia shares the first acquisition of green Bag 29% Equity, successfully entered the Zhejiang cigarette label market, mergers and acquisitions of good synergy effect, 2008 attributed to the parent company (Outer green package) owner of the net profit of 53.86 million yuan, ...

St Nonferrous metals to be injected 800 million yuan non-ferrous metal assets

Nearly one months after the suspension, St Nonferrous (600259) 18th announced an asset injection program.  The company intends to the controlling shareholder Guangdong Guang Sheng Nonferrous Metals Group and strategic investors to 16.82 yuan per share of the price directed issue not more than 55 million shares, purchase 799.62 million yuan non-ferrous metal resources assets. Injection of assets, including Lianping County Pearl River Mining Co., Ltd. 60% stake, Guang Sheng Nonferrous Metals holdings of Qingyuan Jiahe Rare Metal Co., Ltd. 30.5% stake and Qingyuan jiahe Rare Metal Co., Ltd. Other shareholders of the 30.5% shareholding, Guang Sheng Nonferrous Group held the South storage storage pipe ...

Full diesel power due to the transfer of property rights of large shareholders

All diesel Power (600218) March 10 Night Notice, the company received the controlling shareholder Anhui Whole Wood Group Co., Ltd. notice, the Government intends to be in the near future, the whole Diesel Group property rights Exchange listed transfer.  The company announced that the matter is still uncertain, the company applied since the opening of the morning of March 11 on the company's shares to stop trading, the suspension time of not more than five working days. Responsible Editor: NF054

Li's focus on monetary policy this year

Yesterday, our correspondent interviewed Tsinghua University, director of China and the World Economic Research Center, on current monetary policy issues.  He said the economic situation was grim and complex this year, with monetary policy focused on controlling inflation and managing expectations, including inflation expectations and rising asset prices. Li said the prime Minister pointed out in the government's work report that this year's important work is to speed up the transformation of economic development mode and adjust the economic structure. Now that many countries are only pegged to China's exchange rate, it should be known that exchange rate policy is only part of economic policy. The most important thing in China is to change the way of development ...

The major shareholder of the state-invested power to reduce the convertible bonds 340,000 hands accounted for 10%

State investment (600886) Tuesday evening Notice that the company's controlling shareholder, the state Development investment company, from February 18 to March 1 again reduce the allocation of the country to transfer debt 340,000 hands, accounting for 10% of the total issue.  At this point, the state investment has reduced the country to cast 680,000 debt, accounting for 20% of the total issue. After this reduction, the State development investment company still holds the state to cast 680,000 of the debt, accounting for the total amount of the issue of 20%.

Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Additional raise 600 million yuan to build Spandex fiber project

NetEase Financial February 9, Xinxiang Chemical fiber Wednesday Night announced the targeted additional plans, the number of non-public offerings is not less than 60 million shares, no more than 130 million shares (including the number).  The issue price is not less than 5.44 yuan/share, the collection of funds of 500 million yuan for the annual output of 12,000 tons of continuous polymerization of the differential spandex fiber project, the remaining 100 million for repayment of bank loans. As of December 31, 2010, Egret Group has 269 million shares of Xinxiang chemical fiber, accounting for 42.25% of total equity, is the controlling shareholder, Xinxiang People's government of Henan province State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee.

Yangtze River Power major shareholder 2.7 billion yuan overweight

Yesterday (May 19) Changjiang Power (600900, close to 12.65 Yuan) issued a notice, the company received a controlling shareholder of the Three Gorges group notice, the August 19, 2009 to May 18, 2010, the cumulative increase in the company's shares of about 220 million shares, accounting for about 2% of the company's total equity.  After the completion of this overweight, the Three Gorges Group held the Yangtze River Power shares increased to 7.65 billion shares, accounting for the company's total equity of 69.54%. "Daily economic news" reporter simple calculation, to overweight during the minimum price of 12.36 yuan/share to estimate, the Three Gorges group at least ...

A widely circulated and often untrue rumor that Sohu responds

Sohu announced early this morning, on the widely circulated and often untrue rumors to respond. Sohu confirms that in recent months it has been exploring various development options for its holding subsidiary, Sogou. Sogou is considering options including: continue to work with the company's existing non-controlling shareholders to develop its strong products, seek more strategic investors to become Sogou's non-controlling shareholders, or seek a more comprehensive strategic mix. Sohu will continue to hold preliminary discussions with several potential strategic investors and partners. Sohu Joint president and CFO Yuchuyan said, "the company has not identified any specific ...

SouFun or acquisition of the World Bank

Reporter Xiaoqing Guangzhou reported following the July 3 heavy volume daily limit, the World Bank (002285.SZ) announced the suspension since July 4 opening. The reason for suspension is that the company is planning a major issue of non-public offering, the plan is still under discussion. As of the announcement day, the Company and its controlling shareholders, actual controllers and relevant parties are actively arguing to discuss non-public offering issues. In the company behind the sudden suspension, the company or the marriage with the SouFun rumors are rampant. On the evening of July 6, Chen Jinsong, head of the World Bank Group, made a handful of five words on his Weibo: "Soufun World Bank" ...

37 Game Encounter Browser hijacking, alarm arrested suspect

Recently, 37 games received multiple players reported in several regions, its promotion of the game domain name Micro-end page was hijacked to another game company platform Advertising page (commonly known as browser hijacking), resulting in the player can not log into the game, resulting in 37 game player experience drop, but also affected the normal operation of the 37 game platform. Found this situation, 37 game immediately with the relevant departments to obtain contact and give a report. In the relevant departments of rapid action and meticulous investigation, and finally locked the site hijacked the suspect he and Wu, and they caught. Browser hijacking means by controlling the computer ...

Wen and Danish Prime Minister call for exchange of views on climate change

Xinhua Beijing, December 14, December 14, the State Council premier Wen Jiabao should be about the telephone with Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, to deal with the issue of climate change exchange views. Wen expressed appreciation for the positive efforts made by Denmark to prepare for the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, and hoped that the ongoing negotiations would make positive progress and lay the groundwork for the final outcome of the Conference.  China is willing to work with Denmark to this end. Rasmussen welcomed the Chinese government's stated goal of controlling greenhouse gas emissions, saying the outcome of the Copenhagen Conference should be based on the "Bali roadmap" and "common but ...

Ningbo Sea-holding shareholder to reduce sea operation debt again

Ningbo Ocean Shipping (600798) January 31 evening Notice that, as of January 31, the controlling shareholder Ningbo Shipping Group Co., Ltd. again through the Shanghai stock market to sell 72,000 hand-run debt, accounting for the total amount of the issue of 10%. Previously, the Ningbo Shipping group has passed the Shanghai SSE to sell 72,000 hand-run debt as of January 21. After the two degrees of reduction, the Ningbo Shipping group still holds 155,300 hands on shipping, accounting for 21.58% of the total issue.

Suning appliance to raise capital to build 250 stores

Suning Appliance (002024) notice, the Company intends to include the company's controlling shareholders and the actual control of Mr. Jindong, including not more than 10 of the issue of non-public offerings, the number of non-public offerings not more than 200 million shares (including 200 million shares). Among them, Jindong will be in cash 250 million yuan-350 million yuan to subscribe for this private issue shares. This non-public offering share price is not less than 15.00 yuan/share. As of March 31, 2009, Jindong directly holds 28.61% of the company's shares, while Jindong holds the second largest share of the company ...

Huaxi aims to replace securities industry assets with East China Sea stock equity

Today, Huaxi announced that the company intends to be the company's wool, thermoelectric and other assets and textile companies 75% stake in the East China Sea Securities holdings of 100 million equity shares.  Huaxi Group is a controlling shareholder of Huaxi Village, Huaxi has a turnover of 320 million yuan, the turnover of assets is 398 million yuan, the difference is made up by the company cash.  Yesterday, Huaxi's shares rose 8.96% per cent to 9.49 yuan/share. To trade assets for the East China Sea Securities Equity stake in Huaxi Group, the company owns 41.01% of the shares, 2010 ...

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