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Defense attorneys say they will appeal if convicted

Yesterday, the reporter learned that the Zhongqing Jiangbei District People's court will be in court tomorrow to sentence Li Zhuang case.  Li Zhuang's defence lawyer, Gao Zicheng, said the result of his discussions with Li was that he would appeal as soon as he was convicted and not rule out the final appeal to the Supreme Court. Yesterday, the Jiangbei District court confirmed that tomorrow 9:30 A.M. will be held in the hospital to sentence Li Zhuang case.  Audit personnel, need to go to the hospital to attend the procedures again.  Li Gao Zicheng, his defense lawyer, said he had decided to take part in the first-instance verdict of 8th, when he was not going to the trial. Yesterday, Gao Zicheng said that the case as long as the first trial to judge Li Zhuang guilty, ...

Online casino conviction standards issued: to accept bets can be convicted

Summary: As a gambling site agent to accept bets can be convicted, illegal income of more than 30,000 yuan more than a serious reporter 15th from the Ministry of Public Security learned that the highest law, the highest inspection, the Ministry of Public Security recently issued the "on the application of the Law on Network gambling cases," the views. "Opinion" makes clear the use of Internet, mobile communication terminals to organize network gambling activities, constitute the establishment of casino crime conviction and sentencing standards. "Opinion" stipulates that the use of the Internet, mobile communication terminals, such as transmission of gambling video, data, the organization of gambling activities, with the following circumstances, under the No. 303 section of the Penal Code Regulation ...

The capitalist's first bucket of gold: with Blood and tears

2 years ago, I was a mouse, I thought "capitalist's first bucket of gold is blood" is brainwashing nonsense.   Today, when I was "convicted", account was black, the article was sealed, I understand, your cowardice is camouflage, your humor is marketing, your popularity is the stock price, your freedom is vain, your love is exposure, you want to make money is the truth.   When I was registered, Sina Weibo recommended me a bunch of hot Weibo accounts, and I thought you were very considerate. When I landed, see Li, Li Bing, Li are here, I thought you domineering 10 ...

Penalty for selling counterfeit registered trademarks

A few days ago, Qujiang District People's "> Court in a network sales of counterfeit Ugg boots case was sentenced, The principal Zhang and other defendants were convicted of selling counterfeit registered commodity trademarks respectively, and were sentenced to six months to 3 years and six months ' imprisonment, and the principal Zhang was fined 140,000. After the trial found that Zhang and his wife Liu from 2006 opened four shop mainly engaged in the sale of fake Ugg boots, obtained ...

California governor announces Amnesty Easter

(Reporter Liu) April 5 Easter, the San Francisco Chinatown community activist Zheng received an unexpected surprise, California Governor Jerry announced that he and the other 82 people on parole for more than 10 years, the reformed criminals received amnesty. On April 5, the governor's office issued a statement saying that any person convicted of illegal convictions in California could apply for a pardon from the governor, who would make a decision based on whether the person has demonstrated to the community that they have reformed, maintained good behaviour and become law-abiding citizens. On the same day, brown Amnesty 83 people are convicted of sentencing after sentence, and from prison ...

Lindsey gets caught stealing door jewelry shop can be convicted of felony (photos)

Lindsey-Luo Han to "steal the door" Lindsay-Luo han jewellery shop-Rohanlin-South Korea necklace suspected stolen, Sina Entertainment news last month just left the rehab of Lindsay-Lohan, a recent scandal about her theft of jewellery was suspected to have been stolen in a senior jewellery shop and police have applied for a warrant to enter her home for investigation. It is reported that January 3, just released from rehab and moved to Los Angeles Venezia, G. Di apartment in Lindsay-Lohan, suspected of theft of high-end jewelry store jewelry, including a value of 2,500 dollars necklace. Police from the jewelry store surveillance tape found that she had to wear this article ...

$4 billion in Hong Kong's largest market manipulation conviction

Looking at the latest market in September, when Morgan Stanley's former chief executive, Mr Du, was convicted of insider trading, the most-involved securities market operation in Hong Kong was convicted in Friday. According to the SFC's announcement, 4 people, such as Chen Maiyuan, are involved in controlling the Pan Sea Hotel 00292. HK) share price, creating market illusion, artificially pull high market value of HK $4 billion. The case was prosecuted by the Attorney General of Hong Kong on behalf of the HKSAR Government. After a two-week trial, the Hong Kong District Court convicted 4 persons of manipulating the market in Friday. The case was adjourned to November 26 and 4 persons were allowed ...

Hong Kong's largest market manipulation trial commenced

Check out the latest market value of the Hong Kong hotel was artificially pushed up HK $4 billion for the trial of HK's largest market manipulation in Hong Kong 4 persons were charged with conspiracy to manipulate the Pan Sea Hotel shares transaction and were convicted of making a city in the District Court of Hong Kong in Friday. The case will be adjourned to November 26 for sentencing.  The SFC has pointed out that this is the largest market-manipulation case in Hong Kong. The defendant, Chen Maiyuan (aged 46), his Aunt Ouyang (45), Brother Chen Maida (42) and friend Xu Shao (54), were convicted of conspiracy to ... from August 1, 2005 to September 5.

HSBC's top financial executives jailed for 1 years for receiving 1.1 million bribes

View the latest market Xinhua Beijing, January 22, according to Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" reported that HSBC Financial Services (Asia) Limited, the former senior Wen Ruihui (55 years old), to assist the listed companies three pill Dongje financial advisers to introduce customers to buy three pill Dongje stock, received 1.1 million yuan bribes,  He pleaded guilty to a false statement earlier and was convicted of 2 counts of accepting interests. When the judge sentenced him 21st to a senior bank, he was sentenced to 12 months ' imprisonment, a fine of $20,000 and a further $20,000 for the SFC's investigation fee, knowing that he was not allowed to receive preferential treatment from the company.

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