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Research on the architecture of shared and open operators ' large data platform

Research on the architecture of large data platform sharing and opening Hui Tang to Beijing the current telecom operators large data business model and application scene is becoming clearer, internal and external data application support requires the establishment of intensive and open sharing of large data platform. The update and extension of Hadoop ecosystem, the hybrid computing model and memory calculation provide new technical ideas for the construction of large data platform. By analyzing the new situation of business and technology faced by operators ' large data construction, this paper puts forward the evolution direction and core requirements of the construction of large data platform for operators to share and open capability platform, and ...

Factors to effectively judge the competitive degree of key words

Absrtact: When we choose the keyword, the core requirement is the number of searches and the degree of competition is small. Search times we can use Google Tools or Baidu index query, you can clearly understand, but the degree of competition to judge more complex, some of which are not sure in our choice of keywords, the most core requirements is the number of searches, the degree of competition is small. Search times we can use Google Tools or Baidu index query, you can clearly understand, but the degree of competition is more complex to judge, some of these uncertainties, such as the level of competition, the optimization of the time to ...

Talk about the product cycle

Now I, every week will insist on writing an article, used to record their own product process, because only after introspection can grow.   Products on the road and cherish, there are happiness, there are worries, it is because of this we have harvest.   First look at the product I organized a cycle: look at the above diagram, I believe the whole process should be clear. It is obvious that the product manager will be able to work through the entire product cycle, coordinate resources, and provide a lighthouse to the entire team through its own analysis and experience, combined with user core requirements ...

How to enhance the competitiveness of products

Both at home and abroad, there is a question worth thinking: How long have you been in the industry, 10 years, five years or two years? And during that time, has the industry changed radically from revolutionary products? The revolution in industry, we should not go to fear, containment and escape, we should strive to be the initiator of the new round of revolution.   If you don't know how to proceed, we can look at it from five aspects. 1, personally eliminated their own products everyone will have such a concern, is the future of what kind of products will subvert their entire industry, become ...

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