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Talking about CEO, most people may think it means a spacious and bright office

Talking about the CEO, most people may think it means a spacious office, a sumptuous corporate meal, and a company credit card that can be used indefinitely. In fact, this is not the real picture of most American company CEOs, especially the CEO of startups. In many cases, corporate capital is directly related to the founder's personal checking account, and the CEO's corporate credit card is also often used to buy groceries is a card when the rich company food into a simple ramen, and lunch is just a small table to enjoy the peanut butter and butter sandwiches, which means you are very likely ...

Celestica Fund employees shareholding path exposure

After each reporter Wang Rui from Beijing Ali Holdings Celestica Fund finalized in May, the full holdings of Celestica fund also recently released. Daily Economic News reporter found in the national corporate credit system, Celestica equity incentive employees covering more than 200 people, and its current number of employees roughly the same. According to "Beijing Times" reported that Guo Shuqiang, general manager of which became the largest beneficiary of this equity incentive, a total investment of more than 4200 million yuan, accounting for 2.42%, the highest proportion of internal staff in the Celestica Fund. Celestica Fund employee shareholding list was disclosed by the media, in the industry and ...

P2B Challenge Peer-to-peer?

In the 2015 forecast for the Internet financial industry, commentators have long suggested that "the 2015 will usher in the Internet financial shuffle period", and now the forecast has gradually begun to come true. When collecting money, mango finance, crossing loans, hundred spring loans and other p2b-type Internet financial platform filed, capital, administrative departments, colleges and universities strongly support the time, P2B and Peer-to-peer these two similar to the Internet financial environment Brothers have begun to infighting, this is why? Undeniably, according to the current situation, P2B has the ability to become the Internet gold ...

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