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How to create a unique corporate culture?

There is a type of company that has its own specific corporate culture and ambience within the company, with specific names for each other. For example, in Disneyland, all the staff members are called entertainers. At the Apple store, some of the clerks are genius. At Starbucks, from CEO Howard Schultz to the clerks, there is a weird nickname for each other: partners , Except for the store other than the corporate sector, the general term Starbucks Support Center. At Starbucks, "partners" are seen as "...

Incentive management to enhance employee engagement

With the deepening of the reform, the traditional management of the enterprise has accumulated and implied contradictions. After the enterprise reform, there are many unstable factors and signs in the staff group's petition and agglomeration events. In the face of the reform, the concept of individual and group within the enterprise is changed the adjustment of the interest pattern and the pluralism of the value orientation of the market economy have brought many unfavorable effects to the team management, mainly manifested as follows: The thought idea is more pluralistic, the benefit consciousness is more dominant, the team layout is more decentralized, the work operation request is institutionalized, More diversification of hot and difficult problems ...

How to make an engineer grow old quickly

The first is to learn from Facebook, but in the specific operations are very careful groping, so it is necessary to carry out in-depth discussion.   This article will be divided into a number of articles to introduce the content of the new barracks plan, the concept behind and operational attention to the details of the problem. What is a new barracks in fact, in February 2012, when Zuckerberg announced the IPO, he made it clear that "... Facebook requires all new recruits – including those who will not be primarily programming in the future – to join Boot camp (boot ...).

The first simple dream of a grassroots webmaster

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall when small, I have a simple dream, is to become like Bill Gates so big figure. Then think about it, this is a very complicated dream, first of all to have his ability, his family background, his kind of interpersonal relationship ...   So the dream has not begun to be broken.   Everyone has dreams and often breaks their own dreams. To participate in the work, but also in the fantasy of their dreams, such as the endless wealth, luxury and luxurious life, in fact, these in the sutra ...

The supply of service engineers has been hard to solve in China

The supply of service engineers has been hard to solve in China.   After 19 years of development, Doosan in the service engineer training, recruitment, assessment, culture, talent development strategy, etc., to explore a set of their own "talent classics." Doosan Construction Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Doosan) is the investment of Korea Doosan Group wholly-owned heavy equipment enterprises, 1994 after entering the Chinese market, by virtue of product stability and comfort and perfect service security, its crawler-type and wheeled excavators, wheel loaders and other product accessories and services, won the recognition of Chinese users. But with the development of China's construction machinery market ...

Kang is the leader in ecological building materials industry

Introduction: As the saying goes, when the sea is low tide, you will see who is swimming naked. With the continued years of real estate fever fever, resulting in the related industry domino ribs effect has gradually emerged. The same is in such a large background, the Kang plastic group not only to adopt a conservative strategy, shrink the market front, but strong belief, the trend of growth, to the "Ecological building materials leader Enterprise" this ambitious goal to launch a sprint. What is the master of the cards, what advantages, to make their own calm, in order to endanger the machine? Decoding enterprise success, bi-virtual network High-end dialogue column on the general plastic Technology Group.

BAT leaves old employee survival: Return to the old club or recreate small and beautiful

Now Ali employs 30,000 people, leaving 50,000 employees. "Shou Yuan told reporters that the former Orange will be the purpose of the separation of staff to build a communication, make the resources of the platform, the future also hope for Ali people to provide investment and financing, headhunting, brand advertising value-added services. Like Shouyan, Tencent's former HR Hou also manages a huge turnover group of about 12,000 people, who was the initiator of the single Flying Penguin Club and was transferred to full-time management from 2014. When Tang arrived, Fau Yun Café was already a noisy crowd. Onstage, Beibei Net CEO Zhang Lianglun is doing "wireless encounter vertical Electric Dealer" ...

How to do well brand building for small and medium-sized enterprises

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall What is the brand? Brand for the enterprise, is an intangible asset, is the consumer's mind for the enterprise's impression, good brand for the enterprise business Value added to bring a huge role.   With the development of the market, the enhancement of consumer brand awareness, brand construction is particularly necessary. The misunderstanding of the brand consciousness of medium and small-sized enterprises although the necessity of the brand building is not denied, but, in the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in the development process, the brand awareness has the following misunderstanding, this straight ...

The arduous pioneering road for a poor university graduate

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall for several years I have been in the workplace and entrepreneurship between the back and forth, often to Alibaba entrepreneurial channel and ADMIN5 webmaster network to see many brothers and sisters wrote those entrepreneurial process, see their success and failure, Lenovo to their own, filled with emotion. Today, I also want to graduate from college five years of entrepreneurial experience written out to communicate with you. My entrepreneurial experience is full of failure, frustration, bitterness and hardship. Today, my career has finally begun to take off. In this long process, I got a lot of treasure ...

Electric business companies keen to recruit young people to understand young people

Sichuan Normal University students Huang industry is busy with their own business. He and several friends planned to set up a fresh electricity business platform, he told the Chinese Youth Daily Reporter: "I want to raise enough funds through the public, because the production of fresh electricity business chain is relatively long, involving product preservation and logistics distribution problems, investment costs are very large." "As early as two years ago, just a freshman of the Huang Junye has a test water e-commerce experience." Because the home runs a shoe factory, Huang Junye put the shoes wholesale business done online, opened a shop. In his view, E-commerce is a trend, so actively put in. ...

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