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The loss of sexual interest in online games is too little "be dink"

Editor's note: First of all, regardless of whether you can afford to raise or not to raise the problem of living and so on, if patronize play and evade as the most basic human responsibility, this is a bit of the cart before the horse.  If the married students want to build people, still need to pay a little time for the price. More play network hearing young couple two or three years after marriage did not conceive children, parents "escort" to the provincial reproductive center to see a doctor.  After diagnosis, the pregnancy plan "miscarriage" the culprit is not the body reason, but two people addicted to the network game crowding out the original "Create people" time. Yesterday, a pair of 65-year-old young couple came to the province to reproduce ...

Shau net worth at least five Cathy to be born to 33 years old (figure)

Cathy (right) the eldest son of the 3 sons us, Itzr, Chi-Yong Henderson Real Estate Group founder Shau (uncle) of the second son of Ka married supermodel Cathy, efforts to create people, but two rope is "daughter", make the family Weng very disappointed. At this time the single eldest son Lee make a surrogate mother production son of the news, all of a sudden with high-tech birth of 3 sons, respectively named us, ITZR, Wisdom Yong, crushed Cathy to produce "Di Sun" dream. However, the wealthy daughter-in-law is not discouraged, threatened to be born to 33 years old. What motivated her to be so obsessed with being a child machine? The insider said, "...

Asked "Make a person after marriage a few times a day" big s direct media problem too explicit

After the newly-married big S (Barbie) reopened the microblog, yesterday (April 21) She was asked by the media: "After marriage there is no effort to create people?" How many times a day?  She was too explicit about the problem. All rights reserved, please do not reprint [page] As for big S and Wang wedding after the storm is still not, even whether the gift of aid to Japan earthquake victims also caused a fierce response from the mainland netizens, more activists to the Zhanglan in Beijing, the food store pull banners demand to show invoices, and finally with security outbreak of conflict and alerted the public security scene to understand. To this Wang pointed to "boring", big S also in Micro Bo said to respond to each shortage ...

Faye Wong riding boots out of the crowd close close immediately after the status of

Wang Feichao Pack Trip (1/9) October 6, 2010, after a five-year absence from the music scene, with a grand momentum to hold a solo concert tour of Faye Wong, recently in the tense rehearsal. However, according to the latest issue of the "3 weekly" report, Faye Wong in the comeback after a plan to stop for a year and Yapeng actively create people, ready to chase a male for Li family open branches scattered leaves.  In this respect, Faye Wong herself and her agent did not respond, on the contrary, has long been accustomed to rumors flying Faye Wong, rushed to Beijing fashion block shopping, presumably is the husband Yapeng to catch the film "Will Love", days alone to keep the empty boudoir bored. But the king ...

Faye Wong 3 recruit after the son to sing after a year of work to rebuild people

Faye Wong 3 recruit after the Son (1/10) from the music scene 5 years of Faye Wong, under the long-awaited, finally held a personal tour, unfortunately, Faye Wong comeback Lions open a big mouth, the song pay stick to 6,500,001, plus 40 million of the production fee, so that Faye Wong sing the most expensive fare up to 2500 yuan, because the production is not balanced,  Finally, Faye Wong sang the Hong Kong station was forced to cancel, Wang Fei, who began the development of singing in Hong Kong, was very disappointed, and decided to sing, stop for a year to rest, also by the gap with her husband Yapeng actively create people, ready to chase a boy, for Li home Open branches, after the incense lamp. Faye Wong and Yapeng ...

Carina Lau again exposed startle element Genzhao said didn't touch drugs concentrate on making people

Carina Lau Genzhao Shock Element (1/9) New Gold Statue award actress Carina Lau, coquettish attendance at fashion brand activities, due to the recent spread of her involvement in the list of artists, Carina Lau has once again clarified that he does not use drugs, but also said that his body is very healthy, after winning the award, the next stop will be with her husband Tony Leung actively create people,  For the husband of the successor incense Lamp. A few days ago, Carina Lau to a video shop to buy a magazine, the same day she to show, but a pair of dark black eye, appearance appears very old, the remnants of the exposure of Carina Lau hurriedly wear sunglasses and boarded a special car to leave. The year of the elderly maternal ...

Should pick up the Valentine's Day War "big house" busy work to create people

should adopt son and Geng Stills should adopt children outfit modelling, play guanqing month green month disguised as Guanqingshan should pick son and husband Chen (information picture) Sina Entertainment by should pick son Geng starring action comedy "Big House" will be on February 21 landing screen. The play is TVB gold medal director Zheng Ki into the latest masterpiece, gathering Tat, Xuchauchon, Wu Ma, Qingzhuo, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan mainland Gold supporting role, interpretation of the new Shanghai Beach Gang struggle, police bandits. The play in the first partnership with Geng Partner, Non-emotional solve the case, should be picked son is the debut of women disguised as men, one of the four Corners, become the film a ...

Kelly Twins low-key production check figure is not out of shape (figure)

Kelly reported that Kelly since the announcement of the twins, has now reduced working safety tires, she wears a hat, mask mask face, accompanied by managers and assistants to the central to do prenatal inspection, a reporter photographed, Kelly that the assistant for her holding the big handbag cover belly. Kelly, 38 years old, since July 2009 for her husband Liu Jianhao "Shrimp dumplings" Liu Shen, two in-laws have been trying to have multiple daughters, but after many natural efforts, has not been able to successfully create people. Last month, Kelly in the public activities of the news, and generous recognition of the successful production of artificial insemination double ...

The star wants to have the baby rabbit Michelle Reis old age Ada disease resistance (figure)

After the pregnancy of Michelle Reis every time go out like a queen to assist Yeung and Dingzi tall S and Wang Express reporter He Yajia they haven't belly, they still active in their own stage, but the media and the public eyes are staring at their belly.  They may be young, they may be middle-aged, but they all want to be the rabbit's mother. Miriam Miriam "Laughing Aunt" Yeung finally and Ding held a grand wedding in 2010. Become Dingtai Yeung in public and husband rooftops love, and she and Ding also always like children, not ...

Leong guessing lantern riddles and Lantern Festival after completing the tour actively create people (figure)

Leong eager to have children Leong Signature Leong and fans guess Lantern Festival lantern.  Sina Entertainment News Leong in the Lantern Festival to Hong Kong to meet with fans, upgraded to a man's wife, she confessed to desire to have children, hope this year to complete the tour after the active creation of people! Love Song Diva Leong the night before yesterday to Hong Kong for the new album "Love Song did not tell you" held a signature will, and fans play guessing riddles game, and draw more foreign to the old publicity love, very romantic! Wearing a strapless dress, she revealed that she had just had a wedding anniversary with her husband won: "This year's anniversary is the Lunar New Year, and we and ...

Big S head butterfly knot like maiden was asked "make people" Crazy sweat

Big S Barbie 30th to attend the United States cotton activities. When the media asked when to "create people"? Not when the sweat. Tattoo on the hands of flowers, ankle tattoo also exposed. The wedding ring shines when the hands are closed.  Also be accosted by foreigners, several men scramble to shake hands with it, glamorous. Copyright, prohibit reprint [page] All rights reserved, prohibit reprint [page] All rights reserved, prohibit reprint [page] copyright, prohibit reprint

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