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Microsoft's European creative Director: Psmove and the Wii are the goods

Sony has previously said that its new PS move is not a simple upgrade version of the Wii, but in Microsoft's view two of the body sense handle is very close. "I hardly know the difference between PS move and Wii, which looks like a look," said Peter Molyneux, creative director of Microsoft's European Gaming studio, in an interview recently. I know Sony and Nintendo will certainly argue that move and Wii are two different products, but they are very similar. They all offer a specific gaming experience, and at this point, Microsoft's ki ...

"Star Wars" creative director interview: Most of the impact is derived from theology

"Sina game exclusive feature, reproduced please specify the source" "Star War A" is a tour GAME+2015 conference flagship products, Sina game to contact the "star War a" creative director of Steve Sinclair, on the game's design concept, National Service version, future plans, etc. conducted an interview. You can feel Steve is passionate about Star Wars, which will add a lot of Chinese elements in the future, and Steve has revealed digital extremes's plans to further enter the Chinese market. Sina game: First, please introduce ...

Black producers join Poland's new club to develop World War II games

Local network (Compilation/flower Sword Shadow) according to overseas media reports, the famous game producer Stuart Black recently announced the formal admission to the city Interactive game company, and is responsible for the company's new game development studio in London. Black's new owner is the game publisher City Interactive,black of Warsaw, the game's creative director, who is responsible for developing a new shooting game. In an interview, Black said: "The new game will be a very exciting shooting game, the background of the game set ..."

The Eternal Tower developers join the blazing Flame Empire will be tested in the second half of 2

Blueside and Phantagram jointly developed, and will be responsible for the operation of South Korea's action strategy new online Games "Blazing Flame Empire 2" to attract South Korea's top developers to join.  "Blazing Flame Empire 2" is currently under the leadership of Creative director Chi Longcan and project manager and server main program Li Yongxian. Chi Longcan, the product manager who was responsible for the development of the Tower of Eternity, said, "the previous research and development of the main RPG, the participation in different types of" Blazing Flame Empire 2 "production, for their own is a good opportunity. "Blazing Flame Empire" series is the perfect combination of action and strategy ...

ID company says DOOM4 will be better than its new rage

"Rage: Rage" The game has been great, and we can now verify its gameplay.  But the next more heavyweight id Software produced by the game, is tantamount to "DOOM 4". "That would be cooler and more interesting.  Said Tim Willits, the company's creative director. "Hopefully, it will be better than the Rage." When we Made "DOOM 3" I said, DOOM 3 is the best game. When we made the Rage: "The Rage" (temporarily)

"Final Fantasy 14" player voting equipment is being made

Otoma Yoshida, creative director of Final Fantasy 14, published the letter of the creator this week, the latest news of March 2.  Yoshida talked about the 1.5 version of the game, releasing pictures of the equipment and new items. "As you can guess, these designs are exactly what I mentioned in my last letter." This is based on the votes of the players and we are currently making these special classic outfits. Although these designs are finalized, we still have to try and polish on 5 models. I'm not sure they'll be available soon.

Moda Operandi current commodities general manager job-hopping Spain fashion luxury brand

According to WWD News, the U.S. luxury electric dealer Moda Operandi, the current commodity general manager and creative director Indre Rockefeller will switch to the Spanish luxury fashion brand Delpozo President of the United States.   Indre Rockefeller will formally join the Delpozo at the end of April, responsible for the development of U.S. business and new product categories, and report to Delpozo Global President Pedro Trolez. Delpozo is a Spanish designer Jesus del Pozo in 1 ...

Canada attracts THQ investment to build new studios for gaming industry tax cuts

(compiled/applies) according to overseas media, it is the Canadian government's policy of 37.5% tax cuts for the gaming industry that has made it a big, influential distributor like THQ.  THQ announced this week that it will create a new studio in Montreal, Canada, where they will be the 13-year veteran producer, the "Assassin's Creed" series of creative director Patrice Désilets dug up and presided over the new studio construction and operation. THQ CEO Danny Bilson in an interview that low taxes ...

Ubisoft 13 senior player job-hopping THQ to form a new studio

(Compiled/applies will) according to overseas media, in Ubisoft for 13 years, "Assassin's Creed" series of creative director Patrice Désilets has resigned this June, job-hopping to join rival THQ. Patrice Désilets's final project in Ubisoft includes "Assassin's Creed", "Assassin's Creed 2" and "Prince of Persia Sands" in a live movie. Can impel this Ubisoft senior producer to make job-hopping decision of THQ out the rich condition, Patrice d& ...

Game adaptation Movies Most of the bad movies "Wow" movie can break the fate of it?

Recently, Blizzard chief operating officer Paul Sams, in an interview with foreign media, revealed the latest developments in the movie World of Warcraft: the director directed the "Spider-Man" Sam Raimi, who has had a lot of discussion with the creative director of our team. We also had good discussions with the authors of the script. Now we have reached a consensus that the plot outline of the whole story has been finalized. We are now stepping up the writing of the script. We believe we will make the most of the rush. Sure it will take a while, but now everything goes ...

The dark type RPG is not enough leisure to die to disappoint the players

Maybe you're still waiting for Blizzard's Diablo 3, even think that if blizzard continues the glorious skipping tradition you still have runic Games "Torch light 2" choice, but "torch light 2" when the launch is still a big question mark, perhaps "Torch light 2"  When studying in the dark, he also inherited Blizzard's jump-ticket tradition.  So what else does the player expect?  PopCap Company's Diablo RPG? Remember the plant War zombie developers PopCap, recently, PopCap Company's creative director Jas ...

"Battle Hammer 40KOL" producer: Make the game more like the host game

Vigil founder Dave Adams and creative director of "Battle Hammer 40K Dark Age ol" Mike Maza has been interviewed by the media about the popular battle of the Games. "We want to give players the best experience of combat," he said. Each character they choose will have a vivid background. Players choose roles to receive skills training, but also to buy props, and then through the orbit launched to the outer planets on the debut, followed by the fight.  Mike Maza said. Dave Adams said, "Battle hammer ...

Li Dehua, "Women's Heart" for the first time dunce each other

Andy Lau actors Andy Lau facial expression of pure love Andy Lau Li-Ying, Li-Bao, Daming, the director of the film is directed, international movie star Andy Lau, Gong Li and Sanli, Chen Zhibong and other performances, the Emperor's movie honors "I Know Woman Heart" will be on Valentine's Day schedule (February 17) Grand Presentation Film adapted from Hollywood box-office love comedy "eavesdropping on women's hearts." Andy Lau, who is the creative director of the advertising company, is apparently popular with women, but does not really understand women's hearts. One day, he was surprised to hear a woman's mind, and by virtue of this magical force directly threatened ...

European and American Magic Online games "crack" demo experience experience level 20 content

The latest news of August 17, last week, the editor of the Curse website was given an exclusive chance to try out the Rift Tarana God domain.  They played the role from level 1 to level 11, went to many local experiences in the game, and participated in a 20-level group. Before: Trion's staff helped us set up the test account, and game creative director Scott Hartsman gave us a brief introduction to the two camps Defiants and guardians in the downstream play. The story sounds a typical positive and evil confrontation, both sides of the camp in order to achieve their own ...

"Warm Love million Home" central will be broadcast praised public security version of "Liang Jian" (figure)

Liu Xiaoning Yang Lishan Huanghaitao director Li Lian and starring Yang Lishan Conference site and Guests group photo "Love Warm million Home" creative director Li Lian interviewed "Love Warm million" cast a speech "love warm million" creative group photo (click Small picture to see big picture) Click here to view other pictures Sina Entertainment news February 28, 23 set of public security theme TV series "Love Warm Million" premiere press conference held in Beijing, director Li Lian with starring Yang Lishan, Lily, Cao Li and other cast all attended. The play with the National Public security organs launched the "Big walk ..."

Interview with the director of Crack the soul system design intentionally destroys balance

Trion chief operating Officer and "Rift: Tarana God domain" creative director Scott Hartsman recently in San Francisco company headquarters received a media interview. Scott Hartsman says the Rift: the Tarana universe created a very dynamic MMO world. Players can choose defiant and guardian two camps, the defiant party advocates science and technology to destroy the world, while the Guardian side believes in the gods, and invite the talents (regardless of gender, not to ask the moral, do not ask good or bad) to join the formation of the patron ...

Zhang Ziyi's appearance in Milan Fashion Week white trousers show exquisite and able (figure)

Zhang Ziyi in the background Zhang Ziyi smiles Zhang Ziyi Slender stature Zhang Ziyi Zhang Ziyi and high-rise Zhang Ziyi with the media Zhang Ziyi and the brand high-rise Zhang Ziyi and the top brand (click on small picture to see the big picture) Click here to view other pictures Sina Entertainment news 2011 Milan Fashion Week entered the fifth day, February 27 local time, Zhang Ziyi appeared in the luxury brand 2011 autumn and Winter Milan women's show, and as a special guest. Zhang Ziyi dressed in the brand creative director of the design of the 2011 autumn and winter Women's debut, a handsome white and gentle tie shirt, set ...

"Gem bejeweled 3" New Zen model to regulate the player brain waves

(Compiled/applies will) overseas media reports, Bao Kai co-founder and chief creative director Jason Kapalka in an interview, detailed interpretation of "Gem bejeweled 3" in the "Zen mode (Zen mode)" design concept.  The "Hentai mode" in the game allows the player to play forever, as long as you retain at least one gem, while the Zen model adds a heavy breath to the endless pattern. The "Zen mode" of the breathing regulation function can track the breathing rhythm and frequency of the players. "If you sit there slowing down your breathing, you'll calm your emotions ...

First-line actress dubbed "DC Comic Hero" by The Wonder Woman

The Hollywood line of black actress Gina Torres Online Entertainment today released the latest video from DC Comics hero, which released a Hollywood-line black actress Gina Torres to work as the voice of Wonder Woman.  Game Creative director Jens Andersen a brief introduction to the creation of the Wonder Woman in the video. In addition to the stars in the game The voice actors also include Arlene Sorkin, Wil Wheaton and Dwight Schultz. (Digging the shell net)

Crack developers want the game to be more social

July 28 News It seems that some RPG games are encouraging players to be more gregarious and sociable in the game, but they don't force players as they used to. Skottharstman, creative director of the Rift, thinks his development team has found a way to solve the problem: "We want our online games to be more social, and we realize that it's not that players don't want to be socially involved, but they don't want to cause inconvenience." "In the interview with Zam, Hastermann details how the Rift: The Battle of Tarana" transforms the player's idea of a team. Players can choose ...

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