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DevOps: Focus on application performance based on cloud computing

The application performance of the public cloud computing is unsatisfactory, which leads to the frustration of end-user use. SLAs from PAAs and IaaS providers are generally valid, but not overall response time. The DevOps team monitors the performance of cloud computing applications by using different tools. 350 IT experts from North America assessed the average loss of $985,260 trillion in revenue per year due to performance problems based on cloud computing applications, according to Compuware. European Union respondents said they would lose an average of 777,000 dollars. Apply Performance Issues ...

New PHP development tools for Microsoft Cloud Computing Companion

Recently, a surprise for PHP developers and administrators interested in deploying applications on Windows Azure, Windows Azure Companion, a new tool unveiled by Microsoft. Updated Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse-for-PHP and Windows Azure command-line tools for PHP. Only Windows Azure Compa ...

Why do developers want to know about azure action services?

Azure Action Services provides a cloud platform based backend solution for action application developers, which now supports the use of the Web API in addition to the use of JavaScript (node.js) to access the backend platform Technology, the operational logic of the backend platform, so for developers who want to develop the API for the action device application, Azure Action Service is quite attractive: for the complete operation of all platform ...

"Azure Services Platform Step by step-4th" SQL Data Services Programming Basics

In the previous article, we learned more about SDS's work and operation process through SSDs Explorer.   In this article, we will explain in detail how to use the programmer's method to manipulate SDS. SDS provides SOAP and rest two kinds of interfaces, here we use rest+c# method to explain.   Soap is the same as it is, please check MSDN with interested students. Less gossip, let's take the example of creating authority, giving the "universal framework" of the rest Operation SDS: public s ...

Simple understanding of Azure applications

This article continues to relate to files that understand the application configuration of Azure. Today, we know three different types of roles.   So next, let's take a look at the two different types of configuration files that are included in Windows Azure applications. Serviceconfiguratiobn.cscfg You can update the configuration file without stopping the Azure service. This file mainly contains the following information: 1, the role of the number of instances 2, different types of settings ...

The evolution of cloud storage and big data

There are two main ways to store data: Database and filesystem, and the object-oriented storage are developed behind, but the overall thing is to store both structured and unstructured data. DB is initially serviced for structured data storage and sharing. FileSystem storage and sharing is large files, unstructured data, such as pictures, documents, audio and video. With the increase in data volume, stand-alone storage can not meet the needs of structured and unstructured data, then in the era of cloud computing, there is a distributed ...

To help you understand the "mantra" of the product manager.

Microsoft James Black, serif; Font-size:10.5pt "> If you are a designer, the person you most often contact with in the company, must be the product manager. Then you're bound to have this problem: Product managers often say words that we don't understand, or that we can only understand. You're going to want to know what those words mean? This article has sorted out some of the author has heard, once confused, now understand those so-called "professional terminology", one this is the industry knowledge popularization, for everyone to exchange, and secondly ...

Azure Developer Task Three: Understanding Azure Applications

The application that is designed and developed as a managed service for Windows Azure consists of two parts: 1, managed code 2,xml configuration file managed code corresponds to different role XML files corresponding to different configuration settings we can take a look at the following picture, which details how Windows What components are primarily included in Azure applications: Note: This is a diagram in the Windows Azure SDK. Next, we will carefully analyze each of the components mentioned in the above picture. The first is ...

Cloud computing with Linux and Apache Hadoop

Companies such as IBM®, Google, VMWare and Amazon have started offering cloud computing products and strategies. This article explains how to build a MapReduce framework using Apache Hadoop to build a Hadoop cluster and how to create a sample MapReduce application that runs on Hadoop. Also discusses how to set time/disk-consuming ...

Introduction to cloud storage and cloud data management interface CDMI

Cloud storage is a concept that extends and develops in the concept of cloud computing (Cloud Computing). Its goal is to combine application software with storage devices to transform storage devices into storage services through application software. In short, cloud storage is not storage, it's a service. This service can provide virtual storage on demand on the network, also known as data storage as a service (Storage, DaaS). The customer pays for the storage capacity that is actually required to purchase. Any reference to the amount of fixed capacity added ...

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Beyond APAC's No.1 Cloud

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