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General Administration of Customs: strengthening comprehensive tax classification overdue innovation high

I learned from the general Customs today that the national Customs strengthened the comprehensive tax administration and raised the tax quality. 2009 1-November Cumulative classification error correction 96,000, overdue nearly 1.3 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 25% and 1045% respectively.  November, the national Customs Classification error correction 9697, overdue more than 200 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 77% and 442% respectively. Classification is the basis of customs revenue, commodity tax number, the corresponding tax rates are also different. Qingdao customs since this year a total of 600,000 customs clearance data has been classified monitoring. At present, Qingdao Customs has been combined with the characteristics of goods and found in recent years ...

Talking about Data Products

The Internet is an industry that makes popular concepts, and Data Products is no exception. In fact, the "real" data products have long since come out, only "name" is slowly becoming popular after a few years. I have seen a lot of articles on data products. We do not have a unified understanding of the concept of understanding there are different places, so I want to simply express my point of view, the main content is not seen in other online text of a talk. First, what is the data products To talk about data products, the first unavoidable "cookie cutter problem" is the definition of data products. My understanding is: ...

Business classification for large data processing

With the rapid development of the Internet, mobile Internet and IoT, we have entered a huge data age, and the current data analysis and processing has become a very urgent and big need.   Hadoop's scalability, robustness, computational performance and cost have irreplaceable advantages, in fact, has become the most mainstream Internet enterprises in the large data processing platform. Analysis and classification of large data processing the Hadoop platform is very specific to the business, in order to be able to let you know if it matches your business, now from a few corners ...

Understanding users from data--application of data in the revision design of existing products

Introduction Usually, we can through the user interview method to understand the needs of users, in fact, designers can also analyze the user survey data and Web page data, and other ways to understand the user needs and users in the use of products encountered problems. Moreover, the direct contact with the user to understand the demand may only be a case, in order to enhance objectivity, usually through large sample survey, from the perspective of empirical data, further more accurate and objective to find the general needs of users. In addition, through the data analysis results and user interviews of the qualitative analysis of the conclusions, comparative and comprehensive analysis, ...

Classification website New fight: 58 transition Platform Market major recruitment

Absrtact: Not completely to mark the United States of Craigslist (America's most popular classification site), also did not find a sustainable efficient profit model, following the 58 High-profile listing in the city, the domestic classification information site began to enter a new round of fierce fighting and agitation. A few days ago, 58 City C Neither completely on the label of Craigslist (the United States most fire classification site), also did not find a sustainable efficient profit model, following the 58 High-profile listing, the domestic classification information site began to enter a new round of fierce fighting and agitation. A few days ago, 58 with the city CEO Yiu Jingbo External Publicity ...

Data mining processing in large data age

In recent years, with the emergence of new forms of information, represented by social networking sites, location-based services, and the rapid development of cloud computing, mobile and IoT technologies, ubiquitous mobile, wireless sensors and other devices are generating data at all times, Hundreds of millions of users of Internet services are always generating data interaction, the big Data era has come. In the present, large data is hot, whether it is business or individuals are talking about or engaged in large data-related topics and business, we create large data is also surrounded by the big data age. Although the market prospect of big data makes people ...

Machine learning and application scenarios under the trend of big data

Machine learning is a science of artificial intelligence that can be studied by computer algorithms that are automatically improved by experience. Machine learning is a multidisciplinary field that involves computers, informatics, mathematics, statistics, neuroscience, and more.

Local classification information website promotion and operation

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall one, website promotion (a) network promotion: 1, distribution of leaflets, posters: Perfect city information classification, business information, discount news, exhibition and performance information directly to the user life bring convenient service; Consumer feedback, so that it in the fast-changing business war timely access to the perfect ...

Application of cluster analysis in user classification

What is cluster analysis? Cluster analysis is a kind of exploratory data analysis method. In general, we use cluster analysis to group and classify seemingly disordered objects to better understand the object of study. The clustering result requires a higher similarity of objects in the group and lower similarity among groups. In user research, many problems can be solved by clustering analysis, such as the information classification of the website, the click behavior of the Web page and the problem of user classification, etc. Among them, user classification is the most common situation. What is the basic process of clustering analysis? Select clustering variable cluster analysis to find all kinds of ...

SFC announces 2013 Securities Company classification rating results

Absrtact: "Investor" reporter Shi Yumin the U.S. and Europe and other countries or regions to reduce the credit rating "+" number, the global capital markets must follow the trembling. The CSRC also rated the securities companies every year, and the impact of the global capital markets trembled, though unlike the hurricane-rated investor reporter Shi Yumin, which downgraded "+" credit ratings in countries such as Europe and the US. The CSRC has also rated securities firms every year, and its impact, although not as hurricane-like, has been painful for the securities companies themselves. ...

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