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PHP filter validation and data from non-secure sources

PHP filters are used to validate and filter data from non-secure sources, such as user input. What is a PHP filter? PHP filters are used to validate and filter data from non-secure sources. Validating and filtering user input or custom data is an important part of any web application. The purpose of designing a PHP filter extension is to make data filtering easier and faster. Why use filters? Almost all web applications rely on external input. These data are usually from users or other applications (such as web services ...

Symmetricds Multi-Data synchronization/replication software

Symmetricds is a data synchronization/replication software based on a web-independent database. It is an open-source software that supports replication of multiple primary databases, filtering synchronization, network crossover in heterogeneous environments, and a single direction or two-way asynchronous data replication provided by multiple users. It uses web and database technology to replicate between real-time "> relational databases and tables." The software is designed to extend ...

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