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Microsoft Feng: The New World in cloud computing and the big Data age

October 25, 2012 cloud Computing Architect Summit held in Beijing. In recent years, it technology and the development of the Internet has affected the whole industry pattern, bringing new and fresh business model. In the face of these changes, this Conference invited the Baiyu industry elite for IT technology development and application of practical experience and other hot topics for in-depth discussion. Mr. Feng, director of the China Cloud Computing Innovation Center at Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group, delivered a wonderful speech on the theme of "A New world of Big Data", and the following is a transcript of the speech: Today I am delighted to have such an opportunity to lead with you, as well as the IT industry.

Big data on Silicon Valley's "top": Excavators and big data companies that changed the world

Silicon Valley in these one months, I in startups demo days and a variety of large companies day-trips, thinking will escape the domestic various kinds of "big data" and the stalk of excavators, but never thought here even more. Hi~ This article is from the center of Silicon Valley, second to five, to share with you the real growth of large data on this land. Next: ...

Investment banks predict World Cup by "big Data"

Predicting the outcome of the World Cup has been a passion for investment banks and other institutions.   July 9, 2010, in the German Oberhausen Aquarium, the success of the prediction of six World Cup results and the famous Octopus Paul to the South African World Cup final and second runner-up Battle "forecast." "Brazil's national team in the 3721.html" >2014 World Cup will be smooth, in the 1/8 final with 3:1 out of Holland, then 3:1 wins Uruguay to the semi-finals, 2:1 to win Germany after Brazil will be with another team in South America Argentina ...

The world ushered in the big data era marks the transformation of human thinking world

The internet has reshaped the way people communicate. The big data is different: It marks a change in the way societies handle information. Over time, big data may change the way we think about the world. "The May-June issue of the American Foreign Affairs magazine": The Rise of Big Data (the author of the British economist magazine data editor Kenneth Ners Chukil Oxford University internet Research Institute Zixun/aggregation/6938.html "...

What can be done in the post-World Cup era data?

The 2014 World Cup has been the curtain, but the major media on the World Cup review, comments still do not do.   From the numerous comments and reports, it is not difficult to find that at this World Cup, large data has become a widely discussed key words. From a technical point of view, the Brazilian World Cup is indeed a big data-built World Cup. On the one hand, in the internet age, mobile terminals and social media platform to narrow the distance between the audience and the World Cup, improve the audience's attention and participation, creating a huge amount of new data. According to statistics. 2014 Brazil World ...

Big data predicts World Cup eight ways

Spain, England two consecutive defeats, the group race is eliminated, not only let some fans sad, so that the loss of lottery players, but also by the way to the many predictions of the World Cup to cry without tears.   The World Cup in the big data after the hot, both private and official, the concept of large data used in the World Cup forecast, but these predictions are true? The following selection of the major domestic and foreign eight World Cup forecasts, their prediction methods for a brief analysis to see who is more accurate. Baidu analysis of the most traditional according to the test, this year the National College Entrance Examination Essay topic 18 Volume 12 ...

"Big Data" in the Ascendant China is moving in tandem with the world

Victor Maire-Schoenberg, known as the "prophet of the Big Data Age", was a professor at the Internet Institute at Oxford University Network Institute and author of the Big Data age. Britain's Economist magazine, the United States "Science" magazine are respected as the most important large data researchers. Albert-Laslo Barabasi, Global Network Research Authority, professor of Northeastern University, founder and director of Network Science Research Center, academician of the American Physics Association, academician of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, member of the European Academy of Sciences, author of the "Outbreak". Review the present ...

Big data hits the football world: winning or losing depends on data or intuition?

With a dramatic end to the 2013/14 season in the Premier League, if there is anything more than the last round of winning the title, it must be the fast decline of the defending champion Reds and the emergence of the unknown Everton.   Everton not only beat Manchester United, but even the extravagantly of the transfer market in London, Tottenham Hotspur, has become a hot topic for fans.   Everton's onslaught represents a new trend in football: the Data revolution. European football is going through such a revolution. Professional fans may find clues from the news pile: The big clubs are ...

The World Cup on fingertips, a new view of big data

The four-year World Cup, the fans have long awaited the "" > Gluttonous feast. Many people want to ask, what's the difference between this Brazilian World Cup and the World Cup? On the same point, the fans must answer in unison: "The Chinese national team continues to stay at home watching TV!" "What's the difference?" The social nature of the World Cup, which is at the highest level of competition, is now becoming more significant. Its ...

When the World Cup hits big data analytics IBM Social Big Data analysis

[Tenkine server channel] Brazil's World Cup craze has receded, this four-year football feast, in addition to staying up every night to see the sweat on the pitch of the players, but also to see a lot of High-tech technology, in such a data explosion in the era, based on large data analysis technology involved in sports industry is not surprising.   Whether it is the performance of athletes on the court, the tactics of the coaches, the enforcement of the referee, or the experience of the outdoor fans, large data plays an important role. This World Cup, you can see Google, Baidu, Microsoft and other giants through large data analysis of the results, ...

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