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Valentina DB 4.9 Publishing database management system

Valentina is a Cross-platform database management system that makes it easier to switch between the local embedded database and the same server source code. It supports disk and storage databases, and field types from bit to BLOB are both SQL92 (99) and non-SQL APIs. Valentina also supports extended navigation and object-associated > Data models for dependencies. It leads to ...

Microsoft plans to launch Power BI mobile app, first push iOS version

Microsoft plans to expand its business intelligence tools power BI to mobile platforms, and they will first launch a native iOS app. This week, Microsoft emailed a group of testers asking if they had an iphone or ipad and would like to experience the Power BI mobile version on their mobile devices. Power BI provides Excel based data query, mapping, modeling, and interactive cartography. Excel can create content, data models, and other visual information, and power bi can be used to share, collaborate, and ...

Live big data combat - crowd tagging and tagging mining (1)

In early 2013, the 85th Academy Awards was held in Hollywood, USA. Prior to the ceremony, David Rothschild, an economist at Microsoft Research in New York City, predicted the winners of the Oscars through big data analysis. The results show that, in addition to the best director award discrepancy, all other awards hit. This is not the first time David has accurately predicted that in the 2012 US presidential election he had accurately predicted the election results in 50 of the 51 constituencies with an accuracy of over 98%. "Big Data Era...

Kohana v3.1 RC1 Release

The Kohana v3.1 RC1 release has been pre-release and has completed all the features of the release. Kohana is a pure PHP5 framework, developed based on MVC pattern, featuring high security, lightweight code, and easy to use. Kohana is a elegant HMVC PHP5 framework This provides a rich set of RS for building web appl ...

Decentralized structured Storage System--cassandra

Decentralized structured storage System--cassandra Li Yu Cassandra is a distributed storage system that can be used to manage huge amounts of structured data distributed across a large number of inexpensive server systems, while providing high availability services with no single point of failure. Cassandra is designed to run on an infrastructure consisting of hundreds of nodes, which may be distributed across a number of different data centers, and when the nodes reach this size, a large and small component failure can occur frequently. Cassandra face these failures when managing persistent state ...

Beyond APAC's No.1 Cloud

19.6% IaaS Market Share in Asia Pacific - Gartner IT Service report, 2018

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Apsara Conference 2019

The Rise of Data Intelligence, September 25th - 27th, Hangzhou, China

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Alibaba Cloud Free Trial

Learn and experience the power of Alibaba Cloud with a free trial worth $300-1200 USD

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