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NET push second-hand market tool large data manipulation second-hand trade

Can second-hand goods be able to bargain? In order to provide users with pricing reference, to meet the needs of users to bargain pricing, net based on large data, launched the "> Innovation Products-market second-hand marketing tools, For the sale of second-hand goods users to provide multi-dimensional data information, can effectively help users to price, parity.   It is reported that this is the first second-hand trading comparison tool in the classified information industry. "The hardest thing about buying and selling second-hand is ...

Current status of the second-hand car industry 3 web sites using large data for used-car valuations

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall article | Lu Jian annual second-hand car from the year before November slowly into the peak season, to the March 2 second-hand car sales peak, second-hand car sales also gradually into the off-season. April Used-car prices also fell as the price of new cars and the smooth state of the entire second-hand market appeared.   Lower prices for new cars tend to reduce the price of cars and second-hand cars at the same level. Current status of the second-hand car industry 1 statistical analysis of transaction data in recent years 2007 to ...

The combination of second-hand cars and electric dealers, the second-hand market ushered in a big outbreak

March 6 News, the combination of second-hand cars and electric dealers, brought the entire second-hand market explosion.   In the past year, a total of 5.6 billion dollars of capital poured into the field of second-hand car power, the relevant investment and financing reached more than 10. In addition to the car easy to beat, excellent letter to shoot these old-style second-hand car platform, from 2013 to 2014 focused on the birth of excellent cars prudential products, large search cars, cars and other vehicles, such as a number of emerging second-hand car electric business platform.   And in the original line of business has accumulated user resources of Ping ' an group, net, also have launched their own second-hand car platform. Rising car insurance ...

Hand swim Big Data overrun do not blindly optimistic to believe

What is big data from Baidu Encyclopedia to the definition of large data: large data, or huge amount of data, refers to the magnitude of the data involved can not be through the current mainstream software tools, in a reasonable time to achieve capture, management, processing, and collation to help the business decision-making more positive purpose information.   Gartner has given the definition that "big data" is a massive, high growth rate and diverse information asset that requires new processing models to have greater decision-making power, insight and process optimization capabilities. The embodiment of large data ...

Hand Tour entrepreneur must read: from the development to promote the hand tour and the end of the different travel page

About the end of the tour Grand so far 10 years, so far about 20 large companies, 10 or so to reach the market size, scale rate of 50%, mortality 10%. The withering rate is 20%, and the ratio of investment is great.   Based on PC; A typical sales-driven model of CPA; It is said that China still has 60 billion markets in 2013, and the next 3 years will not fluctuate much. Page Tour so far 5 years, so far about 50 large companies, 5 or so to reach the market size, scale rate of 10%, mortality 20%. The withering rate is 30% and the percentage of investment is large. Based on PC and PC traffic, for the first time in ...

No innovation, second-hand car dealers doomed to 300 billion market without

The technical specifications for the appraisal and evaluation of used cars are about to be implemented, stirring a pool of second-hand cars. 2013 years of double 11 of the car electric business war has just dispersed, used cars electric dealers have become hot.  In the final analysis, second-hand car manufacturers in a short period of rapid heating up, due to the huge market size. According to China Automobile Circulation Association Statistics, last year, the country traded 5.2033 million cars, the transaction amount of up to 291.649 billion yuan. In fact, this is only a conservative statistical results. According to the Ministry of Commerce, the number of domestic second-hand car transactions last year nearly 8 million. No doubt, 300.

Game entrepreneurship into the peak page tour and hand travel need to go Hand-in-hand

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall the third global Mobile game Congress today at the Beijing National Convention Center to complete the curtain, in this annual game event, gathered from home and abroad game tycoon, website, entrepreneur. For the 3721.html ">2014 the development of mobile games, Chinese and foreign game practitioners have made a wonderful speech, through interactive sharing prospects for the 2014 game industry opportunities and challenges." From the hot GMGC can be seen, now the Internet game market has ushered in a ...

Talkingdata&surperdata released 2014 China-US hand Travel market Data report: 2014 Chinese Hand Tour market overall revenue is expected to be the same as the United States

Absrtact: Talkingdatasurperdata recently released a China-US hand Travel market Data report, mainly to 2014 China and the United States two huge hand tour market development made a forecast, relying on user consumption amount, installation costs and income and other data analysis, overall view Talkingdata&surperdata recently released a China-US hand Travel market Data report, mainly to 2014 China and the United States two large hand tour market development made a forecast, relying on user consumption amount, installation costs and income and so on.

Second-hand car electric trader the Warring States period has arrived

The broad sense of the second-hand car electric business platform refers to the traditional second-hand car Internet information publishing platform, it is the first time used cars and the internet together. Although some of the second-hand car site in 2003 has been online, but the real start of large-scale marketing work, can basically start from 2005. At that time, the mainstream second-hand car site has 51 cars, excellent card second-hand car network (now easy cars predecessor), Huaxia second-hand Car network, the first vehicle network. The main web site in addition to the Chinese second-hand car network has been the way to promote the distribution of electricity, the other several are national layout, set up branch 、...

The five challenges and coping strategies faced by China's large data industry

Victor Maire-Schoenberg, one of the authors of the Great Data Age: A major change in life, work and thinking, has said that, as telescopes allow humans to perceive the universe, microscopes allow humans to observe microbes, and big data opens up a major transformation of the times. Large data, the most fashionable word in the IT field, is simply the ability to quickly obtain value information from a variety of data. The United States was the first country to discover and use the value of large data science. March 2012, the Obama administration announced the investment of 200 million dollars to pull big data related industry development, will "big data ...

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