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This year's Double 11 will be different: "Big Data + O2O" new gameplay

Last year, "C2B" as a selling point, one day won the transaction 19.4 billion Lynx double 11, this year, do not play this method, they began to play new things. Lynx vice president Wang Yulei revealed that this year's double 11, Lynx will use wireless Internet online and offline get through, through social interaction, relying on big data operations, this new vision will break the traditional business and e-commerce boundaries. It is understood that this year Lynx will allow each consumer has an exclusive venue to achieve "thousands of people noodles." This Yu-Lei Wang revealed that Lynx will be based on consumer double 11 before the collection, the number of brands concerned about ...

Jsoup 1.6.3 publishes a Java HTML parser

Jsoup is an HTML Java library. It can parse HTML from a URL, file, or string, and use DOM traversal or CSS selections to discover and extract data operations, including HTML elements, attributes, and text. Jsoup 1.6.3 This version has made some improvements and bug fixes, including continuing to support Google App Engine and resolution fixes. Software information: address: Jsoup-1.6.3.jar Core Library J ...

How to implement data binding in 2.0

1, why 2.0 data-bound controls do not need to write code to complete the update, delete, new and other data operations? 1.x, a control such as the DataGrid uses an expression such as DataBinder.Eval (Container.DataItem, "ColumnName") to bind data from the data source to the control. However, it is not possible to automatically remove new values from the control while updating the data back to the database. So ...

The market on the cloud

In the near future, what will happen to the cloud market? According to Gartner, 1/3 of global digital content is expected to be stored in the cloud by 2016 and, according to Forrester, the cloud market will reach $241 billion trillion by 2020. Cloud computing is changing the company's data operations and management:

How does it increase sensitivity to data operations?

Enhance the data sensitivity, mainly by accumulating experience, looking at the data, the more the quantity, the richer the kind, the stronger the sensitivity. But that doesn't mean looking at it casually, indiscriminate, but targeted to increase their ability, you can refer to the following three directions: the ability to estimate the ability to identify data anomalies to the ability to predict the ability of data conversion to knowledge before the actual value can be based on other data, subjective feelings to estimate the value, and control the estimation error. This ability is easier to exercise. Look at the data before the subjective guess, then take the guess and the actual value of comparison, according to the actual value of the adjustment of their own sense ...

PHP Data Group Add, delete, query, sort detailed description

PHP Tutorial Data Add, delete, query, sort detail the addition of the array (the end of the data added (not limit the number of bars) and the middle of any position to add data operations).   2~ the deletion of the array (the end of data deletion (not qualifying), as well as data deletion at any point in the middle, conditions: the middle position of the array is deleted, the following values move forward, followed by the previous position. 3~ sort operations on data (sort operations, efficiency).

MySQL () rand () random query logging efficiency issues and solutions

In our development of the efficiency has been a problem, especially for a lot of large data operations, today we ran into a random query data, at first we may think of the simplest order by RAND () to operate but the efficiency is not flattering ah. Recently, because of the need to study the MySQL random extraction implementation method. For example, to randomly extract a record from the TableName table, the general wording is: SELECT * from TableName ORDER by RAND () LIM ...

Business needs of the data on the four levels

The importance of data has been more and more companies, individuals are well-known and accepted, and even before the trend has not yet. The concept of big data skyrocketed, it seems that overnight everyone is talking about big data, met without greet big data, it seems not mixed in the data circles. So, the data passed by the outside world amazing, in the end can promote business take off? Or put it another way, the business what level of data needs? Where can the data help the business? Combined with the author's many years of work experience and Data and business understanding, business demand for data summarized ...

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