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July new mobile phone product average thickness below 14 mm

In the morning of October 13, a report released by Strategy Analytics, a market research and consultancy, showed that new handsets released by manufacturers in July have fallen below 14 millimeters in thickness, while battery endurance has grown longer. Strategy Analytics Global Mobile Phone Specification database Spectrax tracking more than 150 mobile phone brand ownership of the product details, currently has more than 9,000 mobile phone detailed specification data, providing more than 1 million data points. The database information shows that 2009 ...

Research on KNN algorithm based on MapReduce in spatial database

Research on KNN algorithm based on MapReduce in spatial database Dalian Maritime University Liu Biao The first attempt is to design an inverted grid index in cloud environment and a spatial KNN query based on MapReduce on the basis of this index. The main work of this paper is as follows: (1) aiming at data points in two-dimensional space, this paper designs a distributed inverted grid indexing method, which conforms to the standard of spatial data index. Because the inverted grid index has a loose coupling and no shared special structure, the ...

IBM large data to solve water problem

IBM has launched a crowdsourcing project in partnership with the South African Watts to help capture and analyze information on water distribution systems in South Africa. The public participates in the project through mobile clients and text messaging, which can report the overall situation of leaky, ineffective water pipes and water supply channels through this project. Each update will provide important data points for the analysis of the "waterwatchers" mobile end to solve problems in the South African water distribution system. Users can use Waterwatchers to take pictures, answer three simple questions about the water channel, the data will be sent instantly ...

Probability statistics and machine learning: an explanation of common nouns in machine learning

Cross fitting, the x,w fitting and the less fitting are still examples of linear regression, F () =w1x1+w2x2...wnxn we want to get the weight we=∑ni=1 (yi?f (X,W)) at the minimum of the loss function 2 but the order n is also to be considered, for example, the first order is a line, Especially large is a strange curve through the data points, the former is simply not finished, the latter is wearing too perfect, are very dangerous. Introduce a picture in PRML book to explain the description of the image: Our correct function is the sine function ...

An adaptive fault detection method for reliable cloud computing

An adaptive fault detection method for reliable cloud computing Xiaminna Candrian Sho Juan An adaptive fault detection method for cloud system reliability is proposed. First, based on the step Index search algorithm and the index space separation technology to extract the cloud index, the maximum correlation standard and minimum redundancy standard for describing cloud behavior and health status are obtained, then the cloud index data points are mapped from data space to kernel space by using the minimum closed sphere, and the low dimension data is entered into the fault detector. An adaptive fault detection method for reliable cloud computing

Meteorological 2.0 large data points "cloud" gold

Before the data, there is a similar concept--bi. BI provides a causal relationship to derive a model from causality. Large data is separated from the causal relationship of the horizontal model, attention to massive data, the mass of data itself is the value. By tracking Google's 5,000 search terms, the U.S. government has accurately inferred a major outbreak of influenza in a region that would take preventive measures in advance. There is also a powerful data-analysis team that is modeling to help Obama presumed the presidency. Large numbers have repeatedly shown their power and have penetrated every field. Of course, the field of meteorology is no exception. The more ...

How to give full play to the potential advantages of the Internet of Things

With the development of time, the concept of IoT involves more and more things. In addition to built-in internal sensors and processors, these things are directly connected to the network and transmit their data online. Although home automation may be the "main" area of the concept, such as the milk in the fridge is gone, the fridge automatically orders milk from the grocery store. But the application of the Internet of things is actually getting bigger. We will have a lot of things that we can interact with and be independent of each other, and the Office will automatically order office items when we need them, without our interfering, even our clothes and body ...

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