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Oracle launches cloud Large data analysis tool Analytics Cloud

Oracle OpenWorld, the first CEO of Oracle's annual Global conference earlier this year, Ellison the Oracle's commitment to the cloud market and unveiled a variety of new software, hardware and cloud business solutions at the conference. Oracle has been actively exploring cloud business in recent years, and launched the Cloud Analysis portfolio Oracle Analytics Cloud in the General Assembly, which can target cloud data, local data, traditional data and large data ...

SEO Practice (1)--pre-SEO data preparation

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall looking back found Semwatch has been a long time no update, although the blog traffic, but as a non-profit group Bo, when it gives the real need of people a little practical useful articles, that is enough.   As a member of the editor, I think it is necessary to keep such a spirit of their own meager power to continue. When we start a SEO job, the first thing to do is to make sure that everything we do can be supported by data-not our intuition. SE ...

The right approach to web analytics

Absrtact: The correct website analysis method, can understand a website's overall structure state in the quickest time, in order to proceed the optimization plan to carry on the information preparation for the next step. Here, I will search engine optimization of the first step, that is, site analysis to bring a correct site analysis method, can be in the fastest time to understand the overall structure of a site, in order to further expand the optimization plan for information preparation. Here, I will be the first step to search engine optimization work, that is, web analytics to mention some of their views and ideas, as well as a simple way to obtain these data, I hope for ...

The most important part of the big data puzzle

In large data projects, the full release of data value is often an important but complex goal. As I mentioned in the Enterprise deployment Hadoop solution (putting Hadoop to Work in the Enterprise), the Data warehouse is an important part of the [Big Data] puzzle ...   But successful big data projects need to integrate Hadoop, NoSQL and other open source platforms. To complete the large data puzzle, Teradata company recently announced the acquisition of Revelytix (development of H ...

HP Large Data Discovery experience-catalysts for large data applications in enterprises

Hewlett-Packard commissioned a global survey, which showed that more than half of executives reported that their institutions had not configured the right solution for big data. In addition, they lack the technical expertise and strategy to combine all the components together to bring new and old data together. The report is large enough to conclude that, while the importance of high management in managing data diversity, speed and quantity, many executives believe that their institutions cannot address the relevant challenges. As a result, companies can take action to improve and transform their businesses only if they have more insight into big data. ...

Hadoop MapReduce: A way for data scientists to explore

"The key is not in what methods, but in being able to really solve problems using any available tool or method," said Forrester analyst James Kobielus in a blog about Big data. "In recent years, with the urgent sense of solving big data problems, many organizations have started to explore the data architects."   In short, traditional databases and business intelligence tools that they typically use to analyze enterprise data are no longer competent for large data-processing tasks. To understand this challenge, we must go back to 10 years ago: There were very few t ...

Exploring Baidu Big Data Analysis and Mining Platform Jarvis

In the era of artificial intelligence, enterprises want to improve efficiency through big data analysis and mining technology, and are blocked by related technologies such as big data volume analysis and machine learning mining. It is necessary for a data analysis and mining product to cross this gap.

The choice of large enterprise data: BAT, or a veteran manufacturer?

The most sexy it technology at the moment is undoubtedly big data.   Today, the big data has even become the Chi of white hair, at least some of the taxi drivers met to Kan for half a day, so it is also logical to think that all do not need large data thinking business development enterprises are bullying, you can not have large data items, but you should be in the preparation of data on the road. But wait a minute, even if companies don't want to bullying, big data is not meant to be on the table – it often means new IT spending because traditional systems can't handle it. Only the ideal of enterprise fullness, is the most profit ...

Data mining platform for their own site

Abstract: In the tide of the Internet, many enterprises have launched their own website construction, launched their own network marketing strategy, especially some e-commerce companies, may have many of these feelings, their website marketing platform layout, the more Before leaving, I feel that in the tide of the Internet, many enterprises have started their own website construction, start their own network marketing strategy, especially some e-commerce companies, may have many of these feelings, their own website marketing platform layout started, The more forward, feel the more loss, I do not know where the future profitability. That is to do ...

Big data coming, companies are not ready?

Large data technology is exciting, innovative and powerful. Large data technology can definitely bring business analytics to a new level ... But not now. The skills and best practices of business Intelligence (BI) have accumulated for many years in 1000 major global companies and countless smaller companies, and the relational database management system (RDBMS) is up to dozens of years. The products in these categories have excellent tool technology, manageability, and fault tolerance, providing interfaces for non-developer design, with carefully created data models that represent a great deal of input over the years. ...

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