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Research on data storage security technology in cloud environment

Research on data storage security technology in cloud Environment Jiangxi University of Finance and economics Woo Qi cloud computing is one of the emerging technology hotspots in recent years, after grid computing, distributed computing, parallel computing and utility computing. With the industry's general focus on cloud computing in three forms of service: Software as a service, platform as a service (Platform as a service, infrastructure as services (infrastructure as a, IaaS), Academic ...

2013-year data storage trends for NetApp

Jay Kid (Jay Kidd) is NetApp's chief technology officer and is responsible for the overall technical direction of NetApp storage vendors. Recently, Jay Kid on the world's top data storage trends, as well as on cluster storage, virtualization, Flash and cloud several aspects of the 2013-year NetApp program. What is the development trend of major data storage in the 2013? Jay Kid: I think the IT world is facing a revolution, the past few years is a virtual ...

Sina micro-disk, make your data storage more secure

Cloud storage market is hot, each side of the network disk products compete in the market, so hot situation, Sina micro-disk monopoly, with its stable functional characteristics and unique advantages of a foothold in the cloud storage market. When it comes to network disk products, we are most concerned about stability and security. The unknown network disk is absolutely optional, once the service is stopped, the user's data storage will not be protected, the users who are poisoned by this understand. Therefore, for this safety factor of higher demand for network products, large brands more trustworthy. Micro-disk is Sina's well-known cloud storage network plate brand, has now become HTC in ...

Facebook is developing prototype data storage system based on Blu-ray discs

Clearly, Blu-ray discs can be used not only as a carrier of movies and games, but also as a tool for large data storage. Facebook has announced that it is developing a prototype of a new data storage system that can use 10000 Blu-ray discs to store petabytes of data-even up to 5PB. Facebook announced the announcement at the "Open Computing Project Summit" held this week. According to PC, Facebook uses a &quo that is rarely used in the data backup industry ...

Research on elastic control problem of multi-tenant data storage System in cloud

Study on elastic control of multi-tenant data storage System in cloud Shandong University Huliansu This article focuses on metrics related to data access time. The above two conditions should be ensured in the data elastic control, which increases the difficulty of the elastic control. 2 in order to achieve the flexible control of a multi-tenant storage system, we need to be able to propose control strategies to determine which data to move and where to move. Large-scale application load fluctuation, adaptive load balancing requirements can be scale-out at peak load, load low peak scale-down. This moves through data (for example, PA ...).

[Document] Data storage security in a cloud environment

An approach for Data Storage security in Cloud Computing The main objectives of this monitors are, 1) to prevent data access from Unau thorized access, it propose a distributed scheme to provide ...

The company will buy the data storage technology company at about 374 million dollar price Xyratex

Seagate bought Xyratex at $13.25 a share, 27% from the close of 10.45 U.S. dollars on the Friday closing price of Xyratex.   In today's intraday trading, Xyratex shares rose $2.85 to $13.3, the highest in more than a year, and Seagate Rose 0.35 to $56.01. Xyratex provides enterprise data storage services and equipment. Seagate says that Xyratex's enterprise storage System and High-performance computing business will be integrated into its storage business, Xyratex testing equipment ...

Jcards 6.5.1 Publish data storage and management tools

Jcards is a Java application for data storage and management in any user-defined format. It replaces multiple applications/spreadsheets/databases to manage passwords, tasks, and shopping lists, which "> allows users to define a database, With an Easy-to-use interface, there is no need to understand the jargon of SQL or any other database. Jcards 6.5.1 this version into ...

The evolution of SAE data storage

Evolution of SAE data storage Conglei Sina APP Engine team SAE Data storage evolution

tomp2p v3.2.10 release Peer-to-peer high-performance Junction pair data storage scheme

TOMP2P is a peer-to-peer based high-performance key- ">value data storage solution, Each pair of data has a table (disk-based or RAM) to store its value, a single value can be queried or updated, and the underlying communication framework uses Java NIO to support a large number of concurrent connections. TOMP2P is a extended DH ...

A data storage technology of map tile based on NoSQL

A data storage technology of map tile based on NoSQL Chen, Liang, Hao Wen, Juagen, Li Yuxiang, Shu Fangfibenwen Firstly, this paper introduces the origin and development of NoSQL (non relational database), compares the advantages and disadvantages of the relational database, and puts forward the storage strategy of map tile data based on NoSQL. The difference between the MONGO DB and SQL Serv-er 2000 in the storage and concurrent access performance of the NoSQL database products oriented to document is analyzed by experiment. The results show that the Mongo db in the mass space number ...

Real-time traffic flow data storage system based on HBase

Traffic flow data real-time storage system based on HBase Lu Ting Fang Jun Choyank traffic flow data is characterized by multiple sources, high speed and large volume, and traditional data storage methods and systems expose the problems of weak scalability and low real-time storage. In response to the above problems, A real-time storage system based on HBase traffic flow data is designed and implemented. This system uses the distributed storage architecture, through the front-end preprocessing operation to standardize the data, use the multi-source buffer structure to classify the different types of stream data, and combine the consistent hashing algorithm, multithreading technology, and key line optimization design ...

Research and application of large data storage technology based on NoSQL database

Research and application of large data storage technology based on NoSQL database Sun Zhunting The amount of data collected and processed in the actual project is very large, which presents a great challenge to the traditional database technology. Aiming at the disadvantage of traditional relational database with slow storage speed and high hardware requirement, a large data processing method based on NoSQL database is proposed, which breaks the relational model of traditional database, and the data is stored in a free way, but not dependent on fixed table structure. This method mainly combines empirical mode decomposition and NoSQL database technology, and is applied to deformation monitoring of large structural parts.

Development of data storage technology in large data age

The development of data storage technology in large data age Dalian City College Yang Junsheng data storage technology experienced from manual management to file management, and then to the database management system three stages, database technology in the relational database occupies a major position. The rise of the internet, prompting user data explosion, large data era has come, the storage media capacity and data retrieval speed have put forward higher requirements, traditional relational database is not competent for this role, NoSQL database gradually rise. On the basis of introducing the concept of large data, this paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of relational database,...

Research on data storage technology based on cloud computing

Research on data storage technology based on cloud computing Sun Zhixin Huanghan The research object of large data storage technology in cloud computing environment, first introduced two typical distributed storage systems in cloud computing environment, that is, the HDFs of Google GFs and Hadoop, and analyzed the data storage technology specially, The existing technologies are evaluated from scalability and latency (how to support storage of large volumes of small files), fault tolerance (data recovery when data is lost), and the real-time nature of massive data storage (3). On this basis, a distributed file system is proposed.

Research on optimization of data storage model for general review system based on SaaS

Research on the optimization of data storage model for general review system based on SaaS Feng Han Cochi is focused on the data storage issues that need to be addressed when building a universal review system based on SaaS mode. Based on the traditional data storage model, the storage utilization rate and the low performance of data access, combined with the idea of heat index, data segmentation theory and metadata-driven, this paper This paper proposes a storage solution based on thermal metadata driven key value pairs for customizable SaaS systems, which can be used to differentiate calls;

Large data growth poses new challenges for data storage systems

"The role of data storage is changing, one of the factors is that data is becoming more and more complex, and for a data storage system designed 5-10 years ago, it must be able to handle the diversity of resources," said Donald Feinberg, the analyst's Vice president Complexity, large capacity, and system response speed to real-time and other characteristics. And he argues that while big data has different meanings for different industries, basically large data represents large, complex, unstructured data. However, for good at dealing with knots ...

Seagate 374 million dollar acquisition data storage company

Absrtact: December 24, according to the ABC Web site, the hard disk maker Seagate local time said Monday that the company will be about 374 million U.S. dollars to acquire data storage technology company Xyratex, expand storage business, improve the industrial chain.  Seagate buys the price of Xyratex per share December 24, according to ABC website, HDD manufacturer Seagate local time said Monday, the company will be about 374 million U.S. dollars to acquire data storage technology company Xyratex, expand storage business, improve the industrial chain. ...

Research on Library's mass data storage based on cloud computing

Research on the library mass data storage based on cloud computing Grong Fang Zhanglian data storage technology based on cloud computing changed the management mode of modern library, and also updated the traditional way of information service. The construction of modern digital library system will be set up along the development direction of network Information service industry, which has a great impact on the previous data storage mode. This paper studies the massive data storage technology in the cloud computing environment, analyzes the main features of modern digital library, and analyzes the application of cloud computing technology in library data management, and puts forward corresponding ...

Multi-technology architecture large data storage application

Multi-technology architecture large data storage application Intel company Xu Min First in the security industry, large data era triggered a number of technological revolutions, for monitoring storage enterprises face many challenges, how to solve the industry for the topic of concern. Storage in a large data age Intel's philosophy is in the End-to-end security industry, fully realize the value of data mining. The so-called "End-to-end" includes front-end video capture, analysis, storage, and back-end data center processing. A solution that differs from a single device, Intel with its superior performance, Flexible design for equipment manufacturers and system integrators to provide a complete set of systematic solutions ...

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