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Summarization of database encryption technology

The necessity of database encryption large database management system platform is typically Windows NT and Unix, these operating system security level is usually C1, C2 level. They have user registration, user identification, Arbitrary access control (DAC), audit and other security functions. Although the DBMS on the basis of the OS added a number of security measures, such as access control based on permissions, but the OS and DBMS on the database file itself is still lack of effective protection measures, experienced online hackers will "bypass", directly using the OS tools to steal or tamper with the database files ...

Protection system uses database encryption to realize data security

Data encryption, database encryption technology Status quo and future trends? Can the product solutions in this area meet the needs of industry and enterprise users? Firewall is not a problem all of the anti-intrusion network security technology represented by the firewall is not equal to all information security. In the vast majority of information systems, the core data and data are stored in the way of the database, no encrypted database is like a locked file cabinet, for those with ulterior motives, plagiarism, tampering is a breeze. Therefore, the security of database should not be neglected. Database encryption system is to enhance the common relational database ...

Data protection How to develop enterprise encryption Strategy (1)

End-to-end encryption policies must take into account everything from input to output and storage. Encryption technology is divided into five categories: file-level or folder-level encryption, volume or partition encryption, media-level encryption, field-level encryption and communication content encryption. They can be defined further by the encryption key storage mechanism. Let's take a look at the grim forecast: According to the US Privacy information exchange, One-third of the U.S. people will encounter the loss or leakage of personally identifiable information from companies that store data electronically this year. Whether that number is not exactly right, anyway the public knows the data leaks ...

Data encryption technology improves cloud security

There is no doubt that people who understand the technology of data encryption should be able to protect the security of the source of technology.   Because of the direct use of data, so that data even if the security crisis lost, was stolen, encryption protection can still guarantee the real content of the data security. But the flexibility of data encryption is the place where people have been criticized. From the initial information encryption is not convenient to transparent encryption, from the beginning of a single encryption to the current Multimode encryption, encryption technology is also constantly improving to cope with the increasingly rich demand for encryption. and the development of data encryption technology is not only this, in order to deal with the more ...

Wang Tao: How traditional IT people use database thinking to understand blockchain

The concept of blockchain to technology has been around for a long time, but with the heat of the past two years, it has gradually become known by the market and many technicians.

MySQL database encryption and decryption

Data encryption and decryption are very important in the security field. For programmers, storing user passwords in ciphertext in a database is important to intruders who plagiarize users ' privacy. There are a variety of front-end encryption algorithm can be used for data encryption, decryption, I recommend a simple database-level data encryption, decryption solution. Take the MySQL database as an example, it built the corresponding cryptographic functions (Aes_encrypt ()) and decryption functions (Aes_decrypt ()). Inserts encrypted data into the table insert in ...

Zettaset efforts for Hadoop large data encryption

Http://, an enterprise-level data analyst company for Hadoop Production management and security software, says it plans to increase encryption at the end of 2013 >zettaset Eric Murray, the security architect who works at Zettaset, says the orchestrator suite of companies managing the Hadoop cluster is being enhanced, including the creation of symmetry based on Hadoop data partition encryption ...

Cloud Computing Security Forum: From encryption, cloud security architecture to trusted computing

"Csdn Live Report" The Second China Cloud Computing Conference in May 2014 20-23rd at the Beijing National Convention Center opened the curtain. The Conference based on practice, with an international perspective, to help participants understand the global cloud computing technology trends, from the application of the transport, medical, education, finance, manufacturing, digital entertainment and other industries in the field of practical experience; and through technical sessions, product launches and training courses and other means,   A deep analysis of the core technology of cloud computing big data. Hunenghei, director and professor of Information Processing Center, China University of Science and Technology "cloud computing security ...

Access database security attack and defense strategy

Foreword: The network is not absolutely safe, this is a classic famous saying, I also need not say more! Today we'll show you how to download an Access database and prevent Access databases from being downloaded. Attack: First, play your imagination, modify the database file name, theoretically not necessarily prevent the download to modify the database name, the purpose is to prevent us from guessing the database to be downloaded. But in case we guessed the database name, we can download it directly. So this does not guarantee that 100% cannot be downloaded. Guess the common way to solve the database is to write a program to guess the database ...

Cloud computing security: Good and bad data encryption

Many studies have shown that there is a big divergence between cloud service providers and their customers about who should be responsible for the security of customer data: Suppliers put their responsibilities in the hands of customers, but customers generally disagree.    According to a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute last year, seven of the 10 cloud service providers gave customers the security responsibility for their data, and only 30% of the customers agreed. Pravinkothari, chief executive and founder of cloud security provider CipherCloud, said, "The supplier is not responsible if you host the data to the cloud ...

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