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Xylib 0.9 Publishing Database file read Library

Xylib is a portable c++++ library that reads files containing x-y databases from powder diffraction analysis, spectroscopy or other experimental methods. Written in C + +, but bound to C and Python. Xylib support formats include plain text (CSV or TSV), powder diffraction crystallography information file (PDCIF), Siemens/bruker UXD, Siemens/bruker RAW v1/2/3, Http:// ...

Linux Command Encyclopedia file management: Locate

Feature Description: Find files. & >nbsp; Syntax: Locate [-D < database file >][--help][--version] [Template style ...] Supplemental Note: Locate instruction is used to find eligible files, it will go to save the file and directory name of the database, find the template ...

Jailer v3.5.1 release powerful intelligent data extraction tool

Jailer can directly export continuous, related row data from the > relational database directly in your own development/test environment. By jailer, you can delete a particular data row without compromising other data integrity, and improve the efficiency of the database. Jailer is a stand-alone platform, so even if you don't have the corresponding application you need to run the database file ...

phpMyAdmin resolve to import more than 2MB SQL file method

The default import database file in phpMyAdmin can only be within 2MB, but our data files will be above 2MB for most of the time, so let's look at a couple of different solutions. The easiest way is to open the import.php file in the phpMyAdmin section with WordPad: 1, find the $memory_limit, default to $memory_limit = 2 * 1024 * 1024; 2, below the position of three or four lines have the same statement, repair ...

Solve the site phpmyadmin unable to import large database

In fact, previously wrote a solution phpmyadmin unable to import large files, however, some things, if not thoroughly, or there will be a large number of users do not understand how to operate. So I only tell the steps below, no longer speak any principle, it turns out that any principle, understand people do not need to see, do not understand people they will not see, even if the principle is very simple. Consider using the king of empire backup can ignore this article, but the method is still worth learning about. First of all in the original phpmyadmin mysql database in two steps derived in two steps to export the first step: export data ...

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