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Summarization of database encryption technology

The necessity of database encryption large database management system platform is typically Windows NT and Unix, these operating system security level is usually C1, C2 level. They have user registration, user identification, Arbitrary access control (DAC), audit and other security functions. Although the DBMS on the basis of the OS added a number of security measures, such as access control based on permissions, but the OS and DBMS on the database file itself is still lack of effective protection measures, experienced online hackers will "bypass", directly using the OS tools to steal or tamper with the database files ...

Cloud computing data and information security protection

Cloud computing data processing and storage are carried out on the cloud platform, computing resource owners and users of the separation has become the inherent characteristics of the cloud computing model, resulting in users of their own data security storage and privacy concerns are inevitable. Specifically, user data even includes privacy-related content in remote computing, there are potential for intentional or unintentional leaks in storage and communication, as well as data loss caused by failures such as power outages or downtime, even for unreliable cloud infrastructure and service providers, and may be inferred from the analysis of user behavior, Learn about the user's privacy letter ...

Escort Information security: IBM Guardium into the big data age

November 22, IBM announced the world's leading database security software IBM Guardium fully into the field of large data, the use of intelligent, integrated and expert products and services for various industries to provide large data security management and information security solutions, to help enterprises effectively respond to the large data age of information security challenges To grab the data value of the new heights. "There is no doubt that the new data platform created by the big Data age provides more potential for businesses," says Dr Ron Ben Natan, vice president and chief technology officer of IBM Guardium.

How to generate test data safely and efficiently to promote enterprise innovation

Let's guess the riddle: Every organization needs it, and every organization can generate it, but fast and easy generation can lead to high risk and high spending. Guess what I'm talking about? The answer, of course, is to test the data. In recent years, IBM has been promoting the idea of building intelligent Earth. To a large extent, the core of your enterprise's wisdom in the eyes of its customers and shareholders is the application, which can help improve operational efficiency, engage buyers, discover new market opportunities, and accelerate product development applications. If you need to ensure that these applications are of excellent quality (this is also a must ...)

Provides data encryption for IBM DB2 on Red Hat Linux V6.2 hosts

IBM Infosphere Guardium is a software "> Data protection and encryption system." It provides limited access and encryption for files, file systems, and IBM DB2 files that are specified using policies. Figure 1 shows the architecture of the Infosphere Guardium. Figure 1. Infosphere Guardium ...

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