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PHP Common Date phase functions (date plus subtraction and conversion time)

PHP commonly used date function [date plus minus, two date difference, date conversion time Cut] The following code is some commonly used date processing functions, you can add and subtract two times, the difference between two dates, date conversion time cut. echo Date (' y-m-d ', Strtotime (' +1 d ', strtotime (' 2009-07-08 '))//Date days Add function echo Date ("y-m-d", ' 1246982400 '); EC ...

"A survey of Chinese men and women in love and marriage" report on the details of the blind date of the Singles Day [1]

Singles Day is coming, the National Family Planning Mission Center and China's largest marriage and love dating business platform century Jiayuan, released "> Fourth quarter of China's men and Women Love View Survey Report"   Dating those things (next), survey the Chinese men and women in the most important details of dating. Reporter learned that the survey using online quantitative research in the form of Internet, a total of 100005 people participated in the survey;

The date () function of PHP is used to format the time or date

The PHP date () function PHP date () functions to format the timestamp as a more readable date and time. The syntax date (format,timestamp) parameter describes the format required. Specify the format of the timestamp. Timestamp optional. Specify a timestamp. The default is the current date and time. PHP Date-What is a timestamp (Timestamp)? Timestamp is since January 1, 1970 (unlimited GMT) ...

mysql date and time and conversion time stamp function

The formula for converting timestamps using execl is: Code: = (xxxxxxxxxx + 8 * 3600) / 86400 + 70 * 365 + 19 Explain the timestamp syntax using mysql tutorial statements Example: select from_unixtime (1234567890, '% y-% m -% d% h:% i:% s') Attached: In mysql, a time field storage type is int (11), how to convert into a type of character, such as store as 13270655222, ...

Php:time (), date (), mktime () function difference

Php:time (), date (), Mktime () php:time (), date (), mktime () Date and time function library {often forgets} Checkdate: Verify the correctness of the date. Date: Formats the time of the server. Strftime: Formats the server's time locally. GETDATE: Get time and date information. Gettimeofday: Get the current time. Gmdate: Get the present and ...

Date and Time function library: mktime

Mktime (PHP3, PHP4) mktime---& ">nbsp; Acquisition Date UNIX timestamp syntax: int mktime (int hour, int minute, int second, int month, int day, int years [...)

Chongqing Enterprises reported: altered food production date in arrears to staff wages

May 5, BA, Mr. Wei took the Chongqing morning News reporter to see the owner of the stock in the freezer. The production dates of these inventories have been modified. Wei Quan to the reporter to show the owner of the previous inventory of expired food inventory. Chongqing Morning News reporter Hu "boss too abominable, I want to report him!" Call me to change the production date of the frozen goods, still owed my salary.  "May 5, repeatedly asked Wei Quan (alias), to the Chongqing Morning News 966966 Hotline reported that they have been involved in the food safety incident." Wei Quan once in Dadukou District BA a frozen storehouse when the storehouse tube, in the boss's ...

PHP Judge file modification time and date function code

PHP Tutorial to determine the file modification time with the DATE function this script when the page was last revised and output as 20 minutes ago, or XX days before the date ... Or even if you don't update too much-20 weeks before the show!   File Name $last _modified = Filemtime ("file.php");   {$timediff = time ()-$last _modified; if ($ ...)

Linux Command Encyclopedia disk maintenance: Date

Function Description: Displays or sets the system time and date. Syntax: date& >nbsp; [-D < string] [-u] [+%h%i%k%l%m%p%r%s%s%t%x%z%a%a%b%b%c%d%d%j%m%u%w%x%y%y%n%t] or date  ...

php date () Convert mktime () into readable date

The date / time function allows you to extract and format the date and time on the server The mktime () function returns a unix time stamp of the date. The parameter always represents the gmt date, so is_dst has no effect on the result. Arguments can be left blank from right to left, and empty parameters set to the corresponding current gmt value. Syntax mktime (hour, minute, second, month, day, y ...

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