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Research on distributed data stream clustering algorithm based on Hadoop mapreduce

Research on distributed data stream clustering algorithm based on Hadoop mapreduce Cai Binlei Ningjiadong Zhu Shiwei Guo Qin with the continuous increase of data flow scale, the existing clustering algorithm based on grid has no effect on the clustering of data streams, can not find any shape clusters in real time, and can not delete the noise points in the data stream in time. This paper presents a distributed data stream clustering algorithm (Pgdc-stream) based on grid density in Hadoop platform environment, which facilitates the parallel clustering of data flow in MapReduce framework based on Hadoop.

Stream data search and interaction using Kinesis Connector to Elasticsearch

Recently, the Amazon Official blog post describes how to use Kinesis Connector to Elasticsearch for streaming data search and interaction, This will help group developers easily develop an application to download large-scale streaming data to Elasticsearch cluster from kinesis real-time and reliably. According to the official introduction, Elasticsearch is an open source search and analysis engine that enables real-time indexing of structured and unstructured data. Kibana is elasticsear ...

Large Data Technology stickers: Building a guided data mining model

The purpose of data mining is to find more quality users from the data. Next, we continue to explore the model of the guidance data mining method. What is a guided data mining method model and how data mining builds the model. In building a guided data mining model, the first step is to understand and define the target variables that the model attempts to estimate. A typical case, two-dollar response model, such as selecting a customer model for direct mailing and e-mail marketing campaigns. The build of the model selects historical customer data that responds to similar activities in the past. The purpose of guiding data mining is to find more similar ...

How to hold the double 11 data flood peak of 180 million / sec? Ali flow computing technology

In the case of double 11 singles day traffic peaks this year, the real-time data update frequency is still stable: from the first second, the rushing party into the order payment, to complete the real-time calculation and delivery to the media full screen full path, seconds Level response.

The difference between "big data" and "mass data"

Big data hit many years ago, the industry was discussing a topic: How to deal with massive data? In particular, some need to store a large number of user data industry, finance, telecommunications, insurance and other popular industries. Users almost every hour of the day, are likely to produce a large number of data, these industries storage equipment, must be the data generated during the period of meticulous record, in order to prevent loss, but also must do backup, but also have to do off-site disaster recovery backup, which is not finished, business interruption events can not exceed the number of time range, Otherwise it is a major accident, so must be through the IT system assurance industry ...

The difference between "big data" and "mass data"

If only a large amount of structured data, then the solution is relatively simple, users to buy more storage equipment, improve the efficiency of storage devices and other solutions to such problems.   However, when people find that the data in the database can be divided into three types: structural data, unstructured data and semi-structured data and other complex situations, the problem seems to be less simple. Big Data hits when the type of complex data hits, then the impact on the user IT system will be another way to deal with. Many industry experts and third party investigation agencies through a ...

Hadoop Series Six: Data Collection and Analysis System

Several articles in the series cover the deployment of Hadoop, distributed storage and computing systems, and Hadoop clusters, the Zookeeper cluster, and HBase distributed deployments. When the number of Hadoop clusters reaches 1000+, the cluster's own information will increase dramatically. Apache developed an open source data collection and analysis system, Chhuwa, to process Hadoop cluster data. Chukwa has several very attractive features: it has a clear architecture and is easy to deploy; it has a wide range of data types to be collected and is scalable; and ...

Double 11 Data Operation Platform Order Feed Data Torrent Real-Time Analysis Solution

In 2017, the double eleven refreshed the record again. The transaction created a peak of 325,000 pens/second and a peak payment of 256,000 pens/second. Such transactions and payment records will form a real-time order feed data stream, which will be imported into the active service system of the data operation platform.

Big data: Privacy black holes and pale legislation

Apple's 6 was launched in September, but this time the fruit powder was somewhat hesitant.     After all, the recent revelations of Oscar-star photos have cast doubt on Apple's data security. It is understood that hackers use the Apple mobile phone i-cloud Cloud loopholes, stealing film stars, singers and supermodel nude photos.     The incident once again sounded the alarm: living in the age of large data, to always pay attention to protect their privacy, privacy leaks everywhere. 2014 5 ...

Large Data Age Change force

Internet Weekly The 1th 2013 Big Data is the power of the time change, it is through the pursuit of meaning and gain wisdom.   With the advent of the big data age, more and more people are agreeing to this judgment. The next thing people are most concerned about is what does big data mean, and what does it change? Only from a technical point of view, the answer is not enough. The big data is only an object, leaving the subject of the person, it is no meaning.   We need to put large data in the context of human perspective, understand it as the force of the Times change. The power to change value ...

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