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Research on theory and countermeasure of cloud computing information security in China

1. Cloud computing Information Resource Management Model 1.1 The origins, definitions, and characteristics of cloud computing "cloud computing" has a long history, as early as in 1961, McCarthy, a computer expert at MIT, predicted that computers would eventually become a global public resource. 2006, Google formally proposed the "Cloud computing" (Cloud Computing) terminology, and to the University of Washington to provide 40 PCs composed of a small cloud, open ...

For high-definition video enthusiasts, the network of ideas is famous

For high-definition video enthusiasts, the idea of the network is famous, it was the largest HD portal video site in China, but also the largest and most famous HD pirated AV website. 46-Year-old Thinking Network President Zhou Zhiquan and friends in the cracked genuine audio-visual works posted online, to member fees to download and watch the way profiteering.   The site not only has tens of thousands of High-definition Blu-ray movies, but also a variety of video and television programs, the number of members have more than 1.4 million people. Yesterday, known as "China's first case of copyright," the idea of the network infringement case in the Haidian court. Zhou Zhiquan was sentenced to a period of acts for copyright infringement.

Compulsory content of network security knowledge

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall with the deepening of the information process and the rapid development of the Internet, people's work, learning and life style are undergoing great changes, efficiency greatly improved, information resources to maximize the sharing.         However, it must be seen that the network security problem that comes with the development of informatization is becoming more and more protruding, if the problem is not solved well, it will hinder the process of information development. 1, network security ...

Cloud computing Security: A look at the advantages of security architecture

Cloud computing has become a viable model for many it needs. In some cases, large enterprises will buy cloud CPU cycles on demand, using "infrastructure as a Service" (IaaS) provided by vendors such as Amazon, Rackspace, and Terremark for testing, development, and batch processing. In other cases they outsource the entire application, such as handing the email to Google,crm to, or handing the payroll to ADP. Although it is indeed valuable, it experts are still keen on the value of cloud computing ...

Study on security understanding and coping strategies of large data

1. The introduction of large data production makes data analysis and application more complex, difficult to manage. According to statistics, the amount of data produced in the world over the past 3 years is more than the previous 400 years, including documents, pictures, videos, web pages, e-mail, microblogging and other types, of which only 20% are structured data, 80% is unstructured data. The increase of data makes the data security and privacy protection problem become more and more prominent, all kinds of security incidents to the enterprise and user wake-up alarm. Throughout the data lifecycle, businesses need to comply with stricter security standards and confidentiality rules ...

Cloud Security-A new model of service-oriented social security

Cloud Security--a new model of service-oriented social Security Lin Tao Lin Yuming in combination with the challenges and problems faced by our country's social security, this paper puts forward that cloud security is a new service-oriented social security model according to the technology development trend of cloud computing, Internet of things and cloud safety.   This paper analyzes the definition and function of cloud security, and describes the cloud security system, pattern framework and key technologies. Cloud Security-A new model of service-oriented social security

Agricultural firm: the definition of natural person holding is clear

Every reporter Li Flaw Tanaka Zhang Wei the kirin from Beijing, Shanghai City firm, the agricultural firm listed, is far more difficult than imagined. The new policy on the internal shareholding ratio of financial enterprises has also poured cold water on the way to identify the listed banks. Among them, the number of shareholders should not be more than 200 people become the agricultural firms, the city firm's mishap. The transfer of final equity will depend on balancing the interests of all parties. From the listed Beijing Bank, Nanjing Bank, Ningbo Bank, 3 City firms, the huge wealth-making effect makes the final achievement of this goal difficult. There are reports that after the listing of Ningbo silver ...

Cloud security into a solution to the vicious attack explosive growth of life-saving grass

Survey: 65.1% of users think Cloud security is the use of cloud computing technology to enhance enterprise information security; 62.9% of users think that cloud security is to provide security as a service, such as cloud antivirus; 54% of users think Cloud security is about solving the security problems of cloud computing itself. Analysis that like cloud computing concept, cloud security also has no unified saying, for the above three kinds of references, the user's recognition level is basically quite, this also explains cloud security to solve many problems, including cloud computing itself security, the traditional sense of information security, security is the service model ...

Application of Web Cloud security technology

Cloud security technology is abused, Web applications and Web 2.0 applications, and other malicious use of the risk will increase dramatically. Hackers make the most of the web-launched attacks, and in 2009 a malicious attack that uses Web API services to gain trust, steal a user's credentials, or confidential information will increase. At the same time, as websites that allow users to edit content are becoming more popular and growing in number, some sites are likely to lead to a significant increase in web spam and malicious content sent to blogs, forums and social sites, including search engine paralysis, malicious seduction ...

Who will pay for the security of the cloud users?

In fact, security is a "superhuman," the industry, there is no absolutely no loopholes in the system. So, the outbreak of security incidents in the end is the user's responsibility or hackers or service providers responsibility? The definition is not so clear. It seems that when every major security incident occurs, the final result is to grasp one or two after the trouble can not be done, then the user who is responsible for the safety in the end? Not long ago, as one of the basic Internet protocol OpenSSL actually broke the "heart bleeding" loophole, and it is estimated that the loophole involved ...

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