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Android 4.0 's 21 features

Android4.0 focus on the mobile side, including new features and new interface improvements, etc., in the user experience to pursue the ultimate, small series to analyze the main features of Android, features list: 1. Virtual button, increase the screen area while controlling the overall size of the phone as previously leaked information,   The new Android system cancels the bottom of the physical button design, the use of virtual buttons, so that the size of the fuselage can increase the screen display area, and this operation can be consistent with the tablet machine. 2. Table ...

Research on alert mechanism of Android platform

Have you ever had this experience? Late at night by mobile phone ringtone awakened from sleep, but found to be a friend on the path to upload new photos of the reminder, or the application of the market Software update reminders, or a game in the pet and hungry ... Have you ever had this experience? Chat with mobile phone, has not found any changes on the screen, but the other side has been because you do not reply and cranky ... The rapid popularity of smart phones, all kinds of apps into the user's mobile phone, each application wants to seize the user, all want to be sustained attention, so the overwhelming use of mobile phone reminders and notices every day in the user's phone ...

Why are Android thousand smart machines selling?

Why are Android thousand smart machines selling? Author: Rock Heart with the popularity of 3G, many mobile phone users began to replace the smart machine to get a better internet and entertainment experience. and "> Three operators are pushing thousands of smart machines, to increase the custom machine brand, model, but also increase the intensity of subsidies." Data show that a variety of Android thousand smart machines to get a staggering sales, such as ZTE V880, Huawei C ...

The most expensive Android phone Samsung W999 released five business applications recommended

Recently saw a micro-blog: "Why the street on the iphone most of the girls" because men can not afford to buy! They're saving up to buy a car, buy a house, buy a iphone!. Girls, however, do not have the pressure, they do not have to draw hands. Men are reluctant to buy an iphone and then use Android, which is lower than the iphone's price. Conclusion: The pressure on men in this society is too great! Is Android cheap? Perhaps in the minds of most mobile phone users, Android has hundreds of, one thousand or two thousand, of course, three thousand or four thousand, but not ...

Google Smart TV Design Specification

This article by Jiangnan University Design Institute translation of the child, View the original "Google TV Design Patterns" This is the Android application running on Google TV user interface development guidelines. While Android apps running on phones and Google TV are almost the same, there's a difference in the user interface. The television viewing environment is often described as "10 foot environment" and the television screen is also described as "10 foot user interface." When you create an app for 10 feet ...

The source of the five biggest confusions of app

I am a mobile application developer, in this industry often feel "high-end atmosphere grade."   But a few moments ago I saw some dark side of the mobile internet, which made me feel ashamed. It's not a big deal, you might have met. A few days ago, just went to university cousin to take a Samsung mobile phone with me complained: Recently their mobile phone running very card, the fingers slip unresponsive, but also often remind "space" is full. Reluctantly deleted some photos and game procedures, but not long space and not enough. He initially thought it was a cell phone poisoning, but tried all the mobile security software ...

Bean Network Boutique App recommendation 125th: Looking for lost Youth

Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Mobile Information] low version? Pricing 1499 Yuan Millet Mobile youth version of Beijing time, May 15 10 o'clock in the morning, Millet Technology officially released its new products-millet mobile youth version. For has been good at micro-BO Hype, network marketing of millet mobile phones, millet mobile youth version of the official release of the news, in just 15 minutes, Sina Weibo has nearly 20,000 forwarding, as well as nearly 8,000 comments. Release has been almost a year of small ...

Instagram engineers teach you how to improve app performance

"Editor's note" Flat design because of its concise appearance, fewer buttons and options to make the interface clean and tidy, thereby reducing the emergence of cognitive impairment. Flat design is more functional simplification and reorganization, compared to the proposed materialization, the flat style of an advantage is that it can be more simple and direct information and the way things work. This article is from the Instagram an engineer to share. Flat design is just a beautiful appearance, or a performance tool, which triggers a UI revolution? Practice proved to be the latter. Tyler K ...

From project to operation, the pit and the ridge on the way of pioneering business

Mobile game developers, Shanghai Ink White CEO Jiang Yifei in the game Grape x MRT entrepreneurs Christmas party to share their business from the game to the final game on the line in the process of all kinds of pits and hom, hope to be with you small and medium CP mutual encouragement. Jiang Yifei the whole entrepreneurial process into four major stages, respectively, early development, development in the middle, late development and game online. There are also some personal feelings and thoughts about operations and agents. First, the development of the early stage of development mainly divided into two pieces, are team formation and product project. Team formation do not be sick and disorderly desperately. Must be ...

Broad Bean Network Boutique app recommendation No. 396: Boutique New tour

Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] Super Fire brigade continued to "Super Fire Brigade 2" released "Sprinkle (Super fire brigade)" is a 3D puzzle type of casual games. In this game, players need to play a role similar to firefighters, your task is to put out all kinds of fire. The game was rated as the best game of the week by App Store, today "super fire brigade" continued as "Super fire Brigade 2 sprinkle ..."

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