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How to decrypt the negative information of the processing network

Recently many friends reflect on the network has the negative information about the enterprise, do not know how to deal with? The network is the double-edged sword, brings the interest brand effect to us, also because the network threshold is low, spreads widely and quickly and so on the characteristic, causes the negative information to the enterprise's brand degree and the economic benefit influence also greatly, Moreover, there is no relevant law to regulate the state, negative information released by the 0 cost or anonymity characteristics, so that the legal liability is also difficult to pursue, so many companies choose to find the deletion of the company, crisis PR companies to spend money to deal with, delete the company to mysterious secret hacker means or what inside ...

The network deletes the placard to the big line

Abstract: Most expect 315 of the addition of consumers, but also delete the post company. Since the internet has been booming, 315 of the year is the best time to delete the company's business. The reason is very simple, enterprises do not want to be in this most taboo days of their own negative news, such as the most expect 3 15 in addition to consumers, as well as the deletion of the post company. Since the internet has been booming, the annual 3 15 is the best time to delete the company's business. The reason is very simple, the enterprise does not want in this most "taboo" day to appear own negative news, if out ...

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