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Force 10 will not be the last company that Dell acquired on enterprise-class products

The acquisition of force 10 is not unusual for Dell. As a representative manufacturer of High-performance Ethernet, Force 101 is not very large business volume and enterprise scale, but based on its unique high-performance Ethernet, distributed core network positioning, Force 10 in the global dozens of countries have users, and its products, channels and partners professional level,   are unique in the network industry. The only problem is that Force 10 has not been big for the past decade, on the one hand because of the intense competition in the Ethernet market, thinking ...

Dell and Intel launch one-stop large data solution

Dell 25th announced the launch of the Dell Hadoop solution based on the Intel Hadoop release, Dell PowerEdge Cloud Server and network architecture to further strengthen its next generation computing solution to provide customers with one-stop large data solutions. Dell Hadoop solution provides customers with optimized hardware and software configuration recommendations, simple and fast implementation of deployment services, and overall professional service support to ensure high availability and stability of the enterprise Hadoop environment. The collaboration between Dell and Intel has pushed the development of the big data age. Close to Customer soft ...

Dell launches PowerEdge C server for large cloud computing environments

Dell continues to enrich their cloud computing offerings, and has recently launched an integrated cloud solution based on the latest Xeon 5600 architecture.     At the same time, Dell continues to promote a broader and more comprehensive solution, rather than a simple product. From the new product we can see that Dell is focusing on services and solutions, rather than being a hardware provider to allow IBM to benefit from a more profitable service business. Dell bought Perot S ... last year.

Dell consolidated x86 platform to implement flexible cloud computing

With the rise of cloud computing, there is a growing concern about the main offerings of cloud computing services such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Windows Asure and Baidu. But few people know that Daldu plays a very important role behind all kinds of large-scale "clouds" around the world. It can be said that almost no publicity, Dell has been on the x86 technology platform for many years of accumulation, as well as in the field of server virtualization has been a huge success, quickly become the main cloud computing service providers at home and abroad the first big base ...

High-end 4-Way Rack Cloud server DELL R820 only 25500 RMB

The Dell PowerEdge R820 Rack Server is primarily located in large enterprises and data centers, with a 4-way 2U height rack design, and comes with four powerful Intel Xeon e5-4603 four core processors, 32GB of memory, and robust configuration. Not only is the configuration high, the Dell PowerEdge R820 also has its own features, such as a system-free virtual machine wmware ESXi, Idrac, and system expansion capabilities. Recently, the Dell Agent Beijing Oriental Sen Technology Development Co., Ltd. on the paragraph ...

Micro-servers are being watched by the data center market

While the rack and blade servers dominate the data center, we cannot overlook the advantages of micro-servers in an enterprise environment. Micro-server Lean on computing resources there are a number of solutions to maximize the cost-effectiveness of low-end servers. An in-depth understanding of how micro-server micro-servers are sold is likely to be a major cause of neglect by enterprise users. Vendors position micro servers as solutions for small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMBs) that need servers but do not plan to invest in racks or blades. The price of micro-server is less than 400 beauty ...

Intel United Dell uses core CPUs to build high-end HPC

The many integrated Core (MIC) X86 coprocessor, code-named "Knights Corner," by Intel Corporation, won the first leg of the game in hybrid supercomputers, The supercomputer, which configures the Intel Coprocessor, will be established in January 2013 at the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas. The 10000 trillion-per-second supercomputer code-named "Stampede" originated in 1984 by Michael ....

High-end 4-Way Rack Cloud server DELL R820 only 55200 RMB

"Tenkine Beijing, March 18" Dell's PowerEdge R820 Rack server is primarily located in large enterprises and data centers, with a 4-way 2U height rack design and standard four powerful Intel Xeon e5-4620 six-core processors, 96GB of memory and 1.5TB hard drive, and standard 4 Gigabit network card, configuration is tough. Not only is the configuration high, the Dell PowerEdge R820 also has its own features, such as no system virtual machine wmware ESXi, Idra ...

Cloud computing is a little remote. Dell pulls it closer to business

Cloud computing seems remote to many companies, but Dell has a way to get closer to the business. In the field of cloud computing, Dell has evolved its unique methodology, clear strategy and holistic solution based on years of high attention and commitment. With these, Dell not only in a few years to win the major cloud computing services at home and abroad highly recognized as the primary infrastructure provider of the Super large cloud platform, but also has the power to promote the spread of cloud computing, relying on this strength, Dell is gently yer ...

Dell pushes challenge icloud grab bit cloud storage dark war upgrades

Dell pushes challenge icloud grab bit cloud storage dark war upgrades according to media reports, Dell recently launched a new version of stage software designed to provide cloud storage services, challenge Apple's icloud and attract consumers to buy Dell products. Analysis points out that the introduction of stage to consumers to provide a convincing reason to buy Dell products, but also to Apple icloud added a new competitor. Dell Push Stage Sword refers to Apple icloud from the introduction of mobile terminals to provide cloud computing and other IT services, the global PC industry is brewing a roaring ...

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