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A new generation of Dell PowerEdge servers revolutionize storage and management

[YORK server channel September 12 news] September 10, 2014, Dell announced a new generation of Dell PowerEdge servers officially released. The new generation of Dell PowerEdge servers is designed to help customers around the world meet and optimize the evolving requirements of applications and workloads, optimize cost-effectiveness for the widest range of Web, enterprise and very large applications, and leverage first-class capabilities in storage, processing and memory technologies Technology and industry-leading system management capabilities. New Generation Dell PowerEdge Server New Release (From left Dell Greater China ...

Dell launches PowerEdge C server for large cloud computing environments

Dell continues to enrich their cloud computing offerings, and has recently launched an integrated cloud solution based on the latest Xeon 5600 architecture.     At the same time, Dell continues to promote a broader and more comprehensive solution, rather than a simple product. From the new product we can see that Dell is focusing on services and solutions, rather than being a hardware provider to allow IBM to benefit from a more profitable service business. Dell bought Perot S ... last year.

Dell PowerEdge R300 Single-way 1U rack Server profiling

Dell's PowerEdge R300 is Dell's one-way 1U rack Server, released in mid-March this year to expand the Chinese SME market.   Its biggest characteristic is the memory support to reach 24GB, in the similar products have the advantage. Specification parameter processor: Single Intel Xeon Quad-core processor 5400 series, 3300 series, Core 2 Duo, Celeron etc Memory: 6 ECC DDR-2 667 SDRAM DIMM slots, support up to 24GB3 memory factory pre-installed operating system ...

Dell PowerEdge R720XD Server is now sold at $125000

Today small series for the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises to introduce a rack-type server Dell PowerEdge r720xd (e5-2603/2g/300g/10k/h310) server, which uses a dual 2U product structure, greatly improve the density of internal storage, the performance of a perfect balance, Greatly alleviate the weakness of the rack-type server, as a rack-type server, but also has the advantage of convenient storage, data-intensive operation is the ideal choice.   Now Beijing Yu-Zhi-commerce Co., Ltd. is a promotional sale, is now sold 125000 yuan. Dell Power ...

Dell PowerEdge Server certified through SAP HANA

"Tenkine Server channel June 21 News" Dell announced the introduction of the SAP Http:// ">hana certified new products, expanding integration with SAP products."   For enterprises running SAP HANA applications, Dell solutions for SAP HANA can speed deployment and shorten business implementation time. Dell PowerEdge R920 Service ...

Dell Performance Server PowerEdge T110 II hot

"Tenkine Server channel December 19 message" This tower is a perfect combination of price advantage, reliability, collaboration, and data protection to improve business continuity and productivity, and is the ideal choice for a small business's first server. The tower server is relatively flexible and practical, and can be easily used without cabinet support, the Dell T110 Tower Server introduced today is a needle for small business products, carrying the core processor processor, and standard 2G memory, 500G hard drive.   The performance is good, and the stability is extremely strong. This paragraph ...

Powerful Quad core server Dell PowerEdge 12G R720

"Tenkine Office channel October 29" Dell's PowerEdge R720 (Xeon E5-2609/2GB/300GB) is pretty awesome in performance. It supports two quad-core processors parallel operations, while the scalability is quite good, for high-performance users, it is a good choice.   The product supports dual processor parallel operations, with multiple expansion slots, Intel quad gigabit NIC or dual port gigabit NIC. Dell PowerEdge R720 (Xeon e5-2609/...

Innovative mid-tier server Dell PowerEdge 12G R720

"Tenkine Office channel October 28 News" flexible, innovative process design is the most prominent feature of the Dell 12 generation, the launch of the 12G server products compared to the previous launch of the server, especially the rack in Aggregation/17968.html "> Memory capacity upgrades based on the user's different innovative design. As the previous generation 2U Classic rack R710 "replacement" products, R720 is a Dell launched a ...

Dell PowerEdge 2900 Premium Boutique

Dell's Nineth Generation PowerEdge server's Tower products Dell PowerEdge 2900 is a classic, 5U tower dual dual-core server, suitable for mail, application, database, Web server to use, this server occupies a large hosting space, But with excellent scalability, in the use, management is very convenient, performance is also very superior, can meet a considerable amount of computing applications as well as high-speed storage enterprises, and relatively moderate in price. Recently, from the market to understand that the price of the server has a downward fluctuation ...

Dell PowerEdge SC440 entry-level user purchase

Dell PowerEdge SC440 for "> Small business users with simple servers." Very suitable for entry-level users to buy, for the initial deployment of the server network of small enterprises to bring good practicality and benefits.   This server uses a general-purpose single slot tower design, and is easy to install, maintain and troubleshoot, is a good cost-effective products. Dell powered ...

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