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How complex requirements are understood

In the design field, people always like simple, try to achieve the best combination of vision and minimalism. It is undeniable that this is the trend, can imagine a real life should be irritable enough people are not willing to complicate things. In many cases, Google is a simple, simple interface with excellent response speed, which makes most people in the world fall in love with it. But underneath this simple surface is a complex algorithmic code that doesn't affect your use, because you need only the fruit of the tree, not the root. In summary, Google is not the ultimate simple, just do not ...

The product starts with the requirement requirements and starts with the management

Demand is the root of the product, and the quality of the work requires the greatest impact on the product.    The source of product development, if the beginning of the wrong direction, the next work will be wrong to add the wrong, away from the "good products" more and more away, so we first grasp the source, orderly development of the product research process. I. Demand management--eliminating the source of all the ills that we've done before, in particular, unsuccessful products, always find some of these reasons, and in these reasons, we can not find that there is no reasonable management needs caused by a few problems, so it will be ...

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