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Fighting online games "holy Soul Ol" North America's acclaimed demo videos public

November 28 News, South Korea Gameprix Company, this morning in North America officially released its latest online games "Holy Soul" (English name "Divine Walk") The latest video, this for the North American region has been well received. "Holy Soul" will be the action of the game and MMORPG game of the perfect combination of training.  In the course of the game, let the player not only feel the fighting feeling of PvP mode, but also can experience the freshness of the character's growing process. and "The Holy Spirit" in North America from July 14 to 21st, the seal test, also got the player and professional media ...

"TERA" Seven professional demo videos new Race Irene unveiled

This net (compiled/bean cub) on the Korean g★ last week, the demo version of "TERA" offers three races and multiple occupations to choose from. After a "desperate struggle" with agents and speed, small knitting finally collected the "TERA" seven professional g★ video, respectively, priests, Warriors, Berserker, elves, Gladiators, Mages, archers, of whom the archer race is the g★ of the new addition of Irene-Popoli clan Variant. No more nonsense, first on the video: "TERA" g★ Pastor Demo Video "TERA" G★ Samurai Demo Video "TE ...

"Star Wars: The Old Republic" team up to play the blame video announcement

July 5 News, at the E3 video game show, Star Wars: The Old Republic once showed the media the game's multiplayer actual demo videos.  Now, BioWare the video to the public.  The video's background is roughly the commander Nalok and his troops, a total of four Republic occupations: The Jedi Consul, the Jedi, the smugglers, the Cavalry team beat the attack. Here's a screenshot of the video: A screenshot of the video capture video captures the role of each occupation in combat and how to coordinate the division of labor. (Edit Zhang Xing)

"League of Heroes" new Three Hero official demo video public

2011 Tencent Game Annual conference released the latest news, by DotA original class of "heroic alliance" national Service will be formally opened in May 2011 do not delete the file test, "League of Heroes" is led by Dota-allstars founder Sheep Knife, the United States Riotgames Company Development, Tencent game operation of the Big Hero vs online games. In addition to inheriting the quick rhythm of DotA, real-time strategy, team fighting and other advantages, the game has a simplified game operation, a huge number of unique personality heroes, automatic matching battle network platform, such as rich new elements more heroic alliance (...)

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