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Installation and introduction of domestic panel Vpsmate for Linux VPS panels

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Linux system in the domestic and foreign server and the VPS application is very ordinary, including recently more popular cloud host, like Aliyun, Sheng, million net cloud host and so on, the default is the Linux system, its characteristic is the relative Windows system more stable, Execution is more efficient, more appropriate to do cluster server load, the domestic large-scale portal station is almost all this platform, the most important thing is that no authorization for free. Open source System. Foreign and large domestic idcwindows is required royalties ...

Linux configuration Web+ftp Server full tutorial (i)

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall recently the company on a server, by the way of the Department of the site, make an unusually busy, Today, I finally got some slack. Sorting out some of the problems and thoughts that have been going on these days, the first is a full version of the Tutorial: Linux (Fedora, Redhat) to configure the WEB+FTP server. ...

New Easypanel installation process and simple use

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Introduction easy863.html" >panel Virtual host Control Panel is a free   , Cross-platform set open virtual Host, FTP, space, database and other functions as one of the virtual host Control Panel. Easypanel installation process 1, connect ...

Initial experience of chick's cuckoo, Ali cloud product evaluation

I have opened eight services, but in fact may be used in two or three kinds, today I come to a novice perspective ECS cloud server, relational database RDS, open storage services OSS, content distribution network CDN, cloud engine ACE I have no thought of using Alibaba cloud, because I am currently on a blog (Japanese IP, however, before 5, on the million net virtual host), in addition to write some of their own Test program DEMO, on Sina SAE (write cloud engine AC later ...

Rookie teaches you how to make a forum (with tutorials to share)

The first is to register the domain name. Domain name registration. COM (International domain name) and. CN (domestic domain name) is advisable, domain name is best not too long, and have a certain meaning, easy to remember, now good domain name is not much, you can flexibly use the combination of numbers, English words, pinyin, in the domain name before and after add I, E, 51, OK, Hao, 88, 163, can be flexible combination of many good domain names. Think of a domain name, after all can register? You can go to to check, ...

Small and medium Enterprises Construction station plan

Now China's "> Small enterprises number has reached tens of millions of, but the site has only no more than 200, tens of millions of SMEs have e-commerce needs, There is no independent website. Now, more and more enterprises are aware of the importance of e-commerce through the establishment of web sites, and the urgency, but do not know how to build station-related technology. Here is a brief introduction of small and medium enterprises to build a station program: ...

Getting Started MongoDB, you need to pay attention to the 4 tips

"51CTO classic" I like MongoDB mainly because it is so simple and natural to use it in dynamic languages. So far, I've used it in two projects (Encode and SPARRW), although I'm very happy with the choice, but there are some problems I haven't noticed, and these problems have kept me scratching my scalp for hours. If you have more than one machine, and then allocate a few more machines for the database, then some problems can be solved, but my project is running on a single (virtual) server on the low flow w ...

Sugarhosts Candy Host Hong Kong virtual host usage evaluation

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall because of the needs of users, many users believe that the speed of the U.S. data centers can not meet their needs, Will choose a better speed of RTHK, Singapore and other data centers, in front of the "Sugarhosts Candy Host online Hong Kong data center with the opening of the tutorial" ...

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