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How to write a good app description

App description is important, as many people know, but have you ever compared and studied how other people's apps are described?   There is no doubt that the app description page is more than just a description, it's more of a sales page, and developers can't sell their products face-to-face to users, so the importance of App description pages is highlighted. If your app is free, the user may have a quick glance at your description, because it's free, so it's not going to look very closely and find the information that will entice him to download it. But for paid apps, users will read ...

What is data description?

Abstract: From the very beginning, human beings have set up data on things, given a computer-readable world, and given computers the standard of judgment. Computers can then analyze various possibilities. Then it can read the world that has identified it, and the information age has peaked, or, at the outset, human beings set things up, giving the world a computer-readable world, giving computers the power to judge, and then computers can do everything possible analysis. Then, it can read to identify the world has peaked in the era of information, or about to become the past. What's going on is ...

What is a data description?

Absrtact: First of all, human beings set up the data to the computer to understand the world, to give the standard of computer judgment, and then the computer can be analyzed for various possible. Then it can read and recognize the world. The information age has reached its peak, or at first it was the human beings who set up the data, gave the computer a world to understand, and gave the computer the standard to judge, and then the computer could analyze all sorts of possible things. Then it can read and recognize the world. The Information age has peaked, or it is about to become the past. What's happening now is ...

Message Queuing based on HBase: HQueue

1. HQueue profile HQueue is a set of distributed, persistent message queues developed by hbase based on the search web crawl offline Systems team. It uses htable to store message data, HBase coprocessor to store the original keyvalue data in the message data format, and encapsulates the HBase client API for message access based on the HQueue client API. HQueue can be effectively used in the need to store time series data, as MAPR ...

Large-screen touch, built-in projection and 3D scanning one set

Absrtact: According to Re/code News, HP's spin-off PC and printer company will release an All-in-one computer device this month 29th. According to the original description, the device will have a large size touch screen, and the above built-in projector and 3D scanner. Projection according to Re/code News, HP's spin-off PC and printer company will release an All-in-one computer device this month 29th. According to the original description, this device will have a large size touch screen, and the above built-in projector and 3D scanner ...

A world that tends to zero

The Information age has peaked, or is about to become the past. What is now being done is the process of the material world's computerization. The most important link between the artificial age and the intelligent age is to build a world that computers can understand. In other words, the real world through the data description and access to the Internet of things, our living environment and "> The knowledge system and a series of substances are all transformed into data models. When the material world ...

How to launch the supply information promotion products for the search engine

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall now generally do network promotion Commissioner should have in the industry website to publish product information, I have just started to publish information on these sites, so that can increase the chain, and information, such as the details of the key words set up, you might be able to line up in front of the search engine, so that the Kai is not the best of both worlds, the following to share my ...

3D Portrait printing rite: Pro Tyrants Powder star

With a scanner on your body 360 degrees without dead ends to collect data, and then 3D modeling, printing, a picture of three-dimensional "photo" will be done. "Everyone has a need to keep images, which are our potential customers." Ji Xiaoyi, a professional photographer, created the statue last year, and has now opened an experience shop in 18 cities across the country. However, ">3d printing is not cheap, one will cost thousands of yuan ...

Compulsory "security check" cell phone is confiscated before school starts

The staff took metal detectors and probed them on the students ' schoolbags, making sure no metal items were allowed to leave.  Nearly thousands of students wearing school uniforms and carrying schoolbags stood in line waiting for "security". Information Times News (reporter Zhang Zhixu intern Wang) students to return to school, each entrance to the students but to accept "entry security", and even used to metal detectors and other equipment scanning the body? Yesterday, a section called "Ray!" "09 School" schools to students so strict security checks do not let the mobile phone "video on the internet to cause hot debate." The video photographer confirmed the footage was taken at a middle school in Bazhouy, Hebei province. To this, netizens reply ...

Opportunistic some effective ways to get original self-creation

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Once Upon a time, I have shared how in Q space, SNS Circle to obtain original effective method, At that time also gave me the station to bring a lot of rankings, at the same time in Baidu and other engines get a good weight, this way although called the extremely, but, feeling to its author's personal privacy a bit of a burst of light, conscience feeling a bit wrong. (as a result of ...)

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