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Actual Combat Enterprise Website title and page description optimization skills

The so-called Enterprise website, is the enterprise on the Internet network construction and image propaganda platform. Depending on the characteristics of the industry, as well as the purpose of the establishment of the site and the main target groups of different, can be roughly divided into the corporate Web site: · Basic information: Mainly for customers, industry people or ordinary viewers, to introduce the basic information of enterprises, to help establish a corporate image, but also to provide appropriate information in the industry news or knowledge. This type of Web site is often likened to the "web Catalog" of the enterprise. ...

Optimization is the process of spiraling up and overcoming a little problem.

This case is not very smooth, is not very successful, but very typical, I would like to express is: optimization is a spiral rise, a little problem to overcome the process.   The software mentioned in the article involves several vendors that have been hidden away. Saint-Amily flagship store Cao always found me before, respectively, tried to outsource the promotion and self-built team, has lost more than 1 million.   "Sellers" magazine has an interview with him, typical embodiment of a traditional enterprise into the cat's helplessness and the next. At that time the shop Foundation is very poor, almost nowhere to start. But there is a no steel ring big size bra evaluation is good, customer rate is good. I ...

Colorful Valley Website Analysis (to the angle of SEO)

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Colorful Valley is an adult supplies mall, due to the particularity of its industry, so in the site optimization process,   You must be careful. 1. Title: Shanghai Adult products, sex products, sex products _ Colorful Valley _ Asia's largest adult products online shopping mall. (the website subject is the adult article, the title is very natural ...

Analysis of product page design from the point of view of website "optimization"

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall actually does not care about the scale size, does not say the grassroots stationmaster cannot create the miracle, thinks oneself does the present this website more than a year, many key words also did the correlation ideal position, the profit nature Naturally, Some friends will ask me why they do not insist on the site? Sometimes the problem is in the webmaster itself, you take the site as a matter, the site naturally take you seriously, although it is small and medium sites, we have to carefully design product pages, the only way to get their own website ...

Qiping: The value of cloud computing for CEOs

Does cloud computing change the way of business? Dong Zhongshu of the Han Dynasty said: "The sky is unchanged and the Tao is unchanged." The intention is to say that the Tao will not change. But this sentence has a premise-"The sky is unchanged." If the day changes, the Tao must change. The day is the world trend, specifically, productivity. Cloud computing is the change of the day, it will not bring about changes in the business, this is the CEO first to consider the issue. If cloud computing only has an impact on apps, but does not change the way the business is, CEOs have no need to ask about cloud computing and give it to the CIO. Now we see the cloud ...

Three vulgar intrusion, the future of web games?

Online game development to today, from all aspects of the view is still "low input, high yield", for many capitalists belong to the "profiteering industry", only intuitively said in 2010 a authoritative media made in China's top ten huge profiteering industry inventory statistics, "network Game" high ranked top ten. There is demand, there is investment, this explains why a lot of money into the online games industry, but do not think that the game industry's money is very good to earn, the reality is that China's online game industry, excluding 20% of the profit maker, the other 80% online gaming vendors are struggling to support the pyramid-shaped city ...

To help you understand the "mantra" of the product manager.

Microsoft James Black, serif; Font-size:10.5pt "> If you are a designer, the person you most often contact with in the company, must be the product manager. Then you're bound to have this problem: Product managers often say words that we don't understand, or that we can only understand. You're going to want to know what those words mean? This article has sorted out some of the author has heard, once confused, now understand those so-called "professional terminology", one this is the industry knowledge popularization, for everyone to exchange, and secondly ...

How to design and optimize the keywords of the website

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall with the advent of SEO, so that small enterprises can compete with large companies in the Internet to become possible, The reason why there is such a chance is because the search engine will be evaluated by its algorithm, its openness, impartiality is the basis for search engine survival, which makes small companies have the opportunity to and large companies in the natural position of the rank of equality ...

Analysis of the site has the weight but no traffic reasons

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall webmaster site weight and traffic is more attention." Many seoer know that the use of Webmaster Tools on the site comprehensive query, traffic and weight is proportional. Website Keyword ranking high, bring the flow will be very large, so that the weight value is also high. The ratio of flow to weight is as follows: Baidu traffic 1~100, Baidu weight 1;

Adult Supplies dealers: lack of brands in the night groping

One of the jokes before this article: "I saw a funny joke." "Let's hear it." "But it's very yellow." "The Yellow place you jump!" Okay, skip, skip, skip, Skip, skip, finish.   "This means that if there is a vague part of the article, it is skipped in the audit." From the birth day, the adult products industry in China is a secretive industry. In the whispers after the abuse, the industry really did word of mouth. The adult economy and the erotic economy are becoming a rapidly emerging upstart, considered "about ...

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