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Android vs iPhone icon design guide

Before researching the icon design for Android, it's important to understand how the Android interface fits into a variety of screens. Adaptability As mentioned in a blog post, because the same UI element (such as a 100 × 100 pixel image) looks smaller on a high-precision screen than on a low-precision screen, in order for both screens The picture looks similar effect, you can use the following two methods: The program will scale the picture, but the effect is poor. Provide a picture for each of the two precision screens. But the parameters of the screen are varied for each ...

Mobile Client UI Design Guide

Organized the computer recently and found an interactive guide to internal training written in 11 years, sorted out and removed the part related to the company secrets at to share with colleagues Because it is AI format, hee hee at that time in order to smelly, AI typesetting, so we can only share PNG pictures for everyone. Integrated love crazy, Andrews, crazy 7 interaction principle, suitable for mobile devices, such as which Button size, visual size, touch ...

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