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The excellence and greatness of the designer

Most of the books you read about design, including my own, are largely telling you how to be a good, competent product designer. Perhaps they will tell you how to make a strong and reasonable design decision, or provide some knowledge about design methods and design tools.   But they won't, nor can they teach you how to be a great product designer. The only way to be a great designer is to design a great product. And everything else is a cloud. And I can be sure that ...

How to improve the professional ability of interactive designers?

When I transferred from Shanghai to Beijing to work, I contacted more interactive designers, but also felt a strong industry atmosphere. In the 09 session of the students engaged in the industry only 5 people, and a rough estimate of the next 10 session about 15 people.   The mentor also told me that after more than 40 master's in industrial design, almost all of them chose the direction of interactive design. It may be said that the era of interactive design is coming, in fact, only the development of the industry has created more employment opportunities. However, the reality is not so glamorous, because after entering the new industry, the designers themselves are faced with many problems ...

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