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On Qualcomm Reference Design

Qualcomm: the introduction of 4G technology advantage Qualcomm reference design type: Original Author: Meng Bin Time: 2014-05-20 10:10:15 May 15, 2014, organized by Qualcomm reference designs and Qualcomm's Wireless Innovation Summit in Shenzhen, And more than 1,500 software and hardware partners from China and around the world, the media and analysts share the latest developments in Qualcomm reference designs and plans for the future. Following the summit, Bao Shanquan, senior director of product marketing at Qualcomm Technologies, and Zhang Yun, director of marketing, accepted the interview, targeting Qualcomm reference designs and global support metrics.

Design and implementation of a new cloud storage system

Design and implementation of a new cloud storage System Dongchangkun, Hubin, Lu Yuchen with the increase of data, traditional storage mode has no longer satisfied the storage demand of massive data, and the rapid development of cloud storage technology makes cloud storage a new kind of data storage solution. This paper analyzes the development of cloud storage technology at home and abroad, and puts forward a distributed cloud storage solution with high scalability, high reliability and compatible with different storage devices. Based on the HDFs of Distributed File system, this paper designs and realizes the document reading and writing module, on the basis of the compatible Amazon S3 protocol.

Android apps with 12 optimal designs

Absrtact: From readers to weather applications, from heartbeat records to shoe applications, developers have developed apps that highlight the simplicity of the Android operating system itself, taking advantage of the advantages of today's big screens, which allow Android to go from reader to weather applications, Applications from Heartbeat records to shoe applications, developers have developed apps that highlight the simplicity of the Android operating system itself, taking advantage of the current big screen, which makes Android unmatched. This period of interesting technology inventory 12 ...

To write less code, spend more time thinking.

I have said such a thing on my microblog, and I want to describe it more fully here. @ Left Ear Mouse: Smart programmers use 50%-70% time to think, to try and weigh various designs and implementations, and then they are busy coding, debugging and testing with 30%–50% time. Smart bosses also encourage the team to do so. But the boss of the 100%-150%, the hard of the programmer will take out the time to busy to rush the progress, rework, refactoring, and fix ...

FREEDROIDRPG 0.15rc1 Launch RPG role-playing game

FREEDROIDRPG is an isometric RPG role-playing game that designs "> Inspired by the Diablo and Fallout games. The game tells the story of a conflict between a robot and its owner that destroys the world. The game has 3D character scenery, support friend dialogue, multiple menu and voice samples, can buy things to trade and skills learning, with fierce and vivid combat mode ...

Beckham again exposed "peach dispute" by beauty designer ex-husband car hit

Chery Chabagne (1/6) Beckham has also had a new outside storm, in a divorce case, the England star was accused of cheating with the woman, the little Beckham has denied.  Chery Chabagne, a 33-year-old jewellery designer who designs jewellery for a number of celebrities, has recently divorced her 42-year-old husband, Sherry, who accused him of having an affair with David Beckham, both of whom she and David Beckham vehemently deny. "Since 2010, Peezee has been accusing me of having an affair with David Beckham and ..." said Sherry in a divorce document.

Research on cloud computing security based on attribute encryption

Research on cloud computing security based on attribute encryption University Guo Lijun This paper analyzes the security problems existing in the Hadoop architecture and file sharing system, and puts forward the corresponding solutions with the attribute encryption algorithm. First of all, for the security problem of Hadoop architecture in cloud computing environment, this paper designs a complete set of solutions to solve the security problem with Cce-abe algorithm, and introduces the main idea, security hypothesis and the whole process of the security Hadoop architecture. Finally through the user to use K clothing ...

Budweiser Designs a smart beer mug called Buddy Cup

Absrtact: Budweiser design a smart beer cup named Buddy Cup, wine on the court as long as the sister paper touch a cup, you can add friends on Facebook, smart beer mug before using mobile phone sweep two-dimensional code. This kind of marketing means is to hit the user's key! Each Budweiser designed a "Buddy Cup" smart beer mug, wine on the court as long as the sister paper touch a cup, you can add friends on Facebook, smart beer mug before using mobile phone sweep two-dimensional code. This kind of marketing means is ...

Share several creative CV designs

By the end of a year, millions of of graduates are about to step out of school to join the community. For them, perhaps the most worried at the moment is not the graduation thesis but work, presumably many people are holding a thick stack of resumes everywhere Gan to attend the job fairs, such a situation many years of graduating friends may remember. Today, we share 30 very creative CV design, especially recommended to those graduating students, hoping to bring you inspiration, a bright resume may bring you a good job, I wish all the graduates good luck to!...

China Eastern designs half of Yunnan market

Newspaper Pictures May 31, China Eastern Airlines Group and the Yunnan provincial government in Kunming signed the "Strategic cooperation Agreement", by the Eastern Airlines (600115) and the Yunnan Provincial SASAC jointly funded in Yunnan set up a business of the air transport business of the limited liability company, tentatively named Eastern Yunnan Limited liability company.  The shareholding ratio of Eastern Airlines and Yunnan Sasac in joint ventures is 65% and 35% respectively, and the specific mode of capital contribution and the amount of capital contribution are determined by the two sides in consultation. It is noteworthy that, at the signing ceremony scene, China Eastern Airlines President Liu revealed that the recent good news of the East Airlines, in the acquisition ...

Research on distributed storage and security protection of massive data

Research on distributed storage and security protection of mass data the Chao Songnan of Shandong University This paper, based on the research of the security strategy of distributed data and information storage, designs a kind of storage model and query mechanism for the distributed platform, which is suitable for the large data (data). At the same time can provide data sharing integrity check function. Firstly, based on the architecture and principle of the open source Hadoop distributed Data File System (HDFS) and the symmetric encryption algorithm and public key cryptosystem, this paper presents a HDFS distributed data security storage model. The model picks ...

The single product wins. In fact, single also has a narrow and broad sense of the point

Talk about a single product to win. In fact, single also has a narrow and broad sense of the point. In a broad sense, it is possible to refer to a category of products, such as jeans, or T-shirts, such a relatively subdivided class purposes, in fact, there are many extended space.  There are many kinds of jeans from the style, plus color and other categories, you can extend a lot of SKUs. The narrow sense of the single product is very simple, such as umbrellas. Of course, it is not a general sense of a brand to introduce different designs or uses of various umbrellas. A store has pushed 2 umbrellas a year, and, as we all know, umbrellas are seasonal.

Light Cycle and imperfect design

Today's review of the best products and designs of the triple 2010 is appreciated. The opening article first of all the dazzling variety of products to change the dynamic show out, technology replacement, and the tide after the sand left behind the things are very few.  Everyone is worried about their own information control and social ownership is behind people, every designer and engineer is looking for the user's point of demand, while trying to create a new technological miracle, while also worrying about the germination of the surrounding cottage is not threatening their own. ...

Create a new modern desktop for users--gnome 3

Gnome 3.0 is an important milestone in the development of the GNOME project. The release introduces exciting new desktop designs for modern users and is widely adapted to various types of computing equipment. The GNOME development tool has been greatly enhanced for 3.0. Modernization and "> enhance the efficiency of the development tools so that developers can use less time and energy to bring users a better body ...

Research on KNN algorithm based on MapReduce in spatial database

Research on KNN algorithm based on MapReduce in spatial database Dalian Maritime University Liu Biao The first attempt is to design an inverted grid index in cloud environment and a spatial KNN query based on MapReduce on the basis of this index. The main work of this paper is as follows: (1) aiming at data points in two-dimensional space, this paper designs a distributed inverted grid indexing method, which conforms to the standard of spatial data index. Because the inverted grid index has a loose coupling and no shared special structure, the ...

Distributed vulnerability scanning system based on cloud technology

Distributed vulnerability scanning system based on cloud technology Hong Yuxuan double Kailian with the rapid development of Internet, network security problems and computer crime also present more and more serious trend. According to statistics, most of the network security problems are caused by system or software vulnerabilities. Therefore, if you can detect and guard against potential vulnerabilities of the department or software on a regular basis, it will effectively reduce its security threat. This paper combines cloud computing technology with traditional vulnerability scanning technology and designs a set of distributed vulnerability scanning system, which can provide users with safety leak in the way of software application.

The Mayans predicted the heat of the discussion, and don't forget the international Basketball day.

Tencent Sports News December 21, 2012, the Mayan people predicted the end of the world. When the whole world is using this as a topic, can you know that December 21 is a grand event for basketball fans? Yes, today is also the world Basketball Day, as well as China's traditional solar term-winter solstice. The basketball game was invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith, a sports teacher at the Christian Youth Training School, Massachusetts, Mass., for reference to other ball sport project designs. At first, he put two baskets of peach in the gym in the stands of the railing, peach basket along from the ground about 3.05 meters, with ...

Do you know what a flat design is?

In fact, in reality, flat design refers to those who have abandoned the popular years of gradient, shadow, highlight and other visual effects, and then create a look more "flat" interface.   One of the advantages of a flat style is that it can be more straightforward to show how information and things work, and thus reduce the emergence of cognitive impairment. As many platforms and applications on the Web cover a growing number of different screen sizes, it is tedious and time-consuming to create skeuomorphic designs with multiple screen sizes and resolutions. And the design is moving towards a more flat ...

"TERA" Korea 26th the ultimate test game will be used monthly fee system

South Korea's new style of gorgeous online game "TERA" research and development team Bluehole today held a press conference, revealed that "TERA" in the future to take the monthly fee system operation, while the public "TERA" g★2010 propaganda film. "TERA" by the South Korean Bluehole research and development, emphasizing the high level of quality of the heavyweight online action game, research and development emphasis on the real show attack, direction, distance, and damage status.  The game uses an unlocked target attack, combining 6 races, 8 occupations and other designs. The game has a political system, when the player really ...

Research on cloud computing identity authentication mechanism based on moving agent

Research on cloud-computing identity authentication mechanism based on moving agent Yang Nana, Wang Yang, Chen Shulong, Huang, Deng Kun This paper proposes a kind of identity authentication scheme for cloud computing environment according to the security requirement of cloud computing. Firstly, the paper designs the mobile agent structure model which is suitable for the cloud computing identity authentication scene, and then gives the cloud computing security authentication strategy based on Mobileagent. This scheme introduces the trusted third party to establish the quantitative trust evaluation of the authentication agent, and authenticates the authentication by the trust degree before each authentication.

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