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Open power-crack GitHub development Code

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Lobby GITHUB: A shared virtual host service for software code and content projects that use Git version control.   It was written by Chris Wanstrath, PJ Hyett, and Tom Preston-werne with Ruby on Rails. -Wikipedia but the service has evolved into a community of open source software development and management, and its dream of opening up all the software ...

Kai-Fu Lee a micro-blog protest the well-known technology website GitHub was sealed

Abstract: Strongly protested against the blockade of GitHub. Last night, Kai-Fu Lee (micro-Bo) a protest of well-known technology website GitHub was closed Weibo caused netizens attention, within three hours is forwarded 32,000 times. Lee said GitHub is the world's largest social programming and code hosting site, nearly "strongly protested the blockade of GitHub." Last night, Kai-Fu Lee (micro-Bo) a protest of well-known technology website GitHub was closed Weibo caused netizens attention, within three hours is forwarded 32,000 times. Lee said, "GitHub is the world's largest society ...

Significant improvement of GitHub speed content and interactivity

GitHub is an open source software collaboration platform that provides a platform for developers to communicate. Git was originally a distributed software versioning program written by Linus Torvald to manage the development of Linux kernel code. GitHub implements Git's code hosting, "> Versioning features, and you can join a project development team through fork projects.

GitHub has not seen Apple open source figure, but what does it matter?

Fred Wilson, a senior venture capital expert, believes Apple will lose its position in top-3 technology in 10 years because it focuses on hardware development and its weaknesses in cloud technology.     But actually the connection between Apple and the developer could be a bigger problem. It's not hard to see why Apple boasts that 6 million of developers last year were developing the iOS ecosystem, spending up to 10 billion dollars so far, 3 times times the sum paid to other platforms. So big ...

Many people tend to think of GitHub or gitcafe the first time.

Referring to the social programming and code hosting of software developers, many people often think of GitHub or Gitcafe at the first time. These days, do not go to GitHub or Gitcafe managed a few lines of code, are embarrassed to say that they are programmers. GitHub and Gitcafe are community based on code-hosted, where users can host code, and team members can collaborate to modify code. But project development is often complex, involving management, demo, testing, and so on, can only managed code to complete the development smoothly? I think there should be more ...

What site is GitHub?

Foreign Code Hosting library, many open source authors will build the public project on the above said GitHub must start with Git. Versioning is a powerful tool during program development. As the name suggests, version control tools can be used to record each version of the program during development. For example, I implement a feature today, submit a version, fix a bug tomorrow, and submit a version. When you complete different development tasks, you can avoid clutter by maintaining a dedicated branch. You can find a change record from a version library, or you can compare different versions of ...

GitHub no longer supports IE browsers in Windows XP from January 5

Absrtact: According to VentureBeat message, due to security vulnerabilities, the GitHub Web site encryption protocol will no longer support the RC4 cipher suite since January 5, resulting in the result that users of Windows XP system will not be able to connect to GitHub using IE. Microsoft has no longer supported according to VentureBeat message, due to security vulnerabilities, from January 5 onwards GitHub Web site encryption protocol will no longer support the RC4 password suite, resulting in Windows XP users use IE ...

The hottest 11 open source security tools on GitHub

Malware analysis, penetration testing, and computer forensics - GitHub hosts a host of compelling security tools that address the real needs of computing environments of all sizes. As the cornerstone of open source development, "all holes are superficial" has become a well-known principle or even a credo. As widely known as Linus's law, the theory that open code can improve the efficiency of project vulnerability detection is also widely accepted by IT professionals when discussing the security benefits of the open source model. Now, with the popularity of GitHub ...

The world's first blockchain technology evolution report

Blockchains have recently become more and more popular, with companies, stocks and products related to the concept of countless blockchains. There is even a blockchain phone.

15 kinds of technologies that change the way developers work

In the past, assembly code written by developers was lightweight and fast. If you are lucky, they can hire someone to help you finish typing the code if you have a good budget. If you're in a bad mood, you can only do complex input work on your own. Now, developers work with team members on different continents, who use languages ​​in different character sets, and worse, some team members may use different versions of the compiler. Some code is new, some libraries are created from many years ago, the source code has been ...

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