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Kat Tian Xiuping says SCE is developing new PS brand hardware products

Sony Global Studios President Yoshida Kepen recently announced that the company is developing a new and confidential PlayStation brand hardware products, from the previous intelligence speculation is likely to be the long-awaited PSP2, with the Sony Network department to fully cooperate in the development of products. "When Guidorian Mu Yi resigned, Hirai took over as president of SCE, the first thing he put forward was ' plan to put the global studios into the development of new hardware products," said Tian Xiuping, a statement released to the developer website. ' So he was at the meeting and wanted to get developers to discuss the concept of a brand new product ...

Developing countries demand a dual-track climate agreement

Despite the chattering of the Copenhagen Conference, the Parties to the talks are still very much divided. Two days before the meeting, the European Union, the United States, China and other delegations have expressed their positions. The United States and the European Union are trying to abolish the Kyoto Protocol, establish a binding agreement, include developing countries and implement single-track. This has been resisted by developing countries.  For the rest of the week, the western developed world will be able to make a substantive commitment to facilitate the Conference to reach an agreement, let the hearts of the people hang. Protocol mechanism: Dual-track PK single-track developed countries: on the basis of the Kyoto Protocol to establish a ...

The economic crisis is having an impact on the financial flows of developing countries

BEIJING, June 23 (Xinhua) A report by the World Bank Group on June 22 said that private capital inflows from developing countries fell to $707 billion trillion in 2008, as a result of the global recession and the fragility of financial markets, with a sharp plunge relative to the 1.2 trillion US dollar peak in 2007.  The World Bank predicts that international capital flows will continue to decline in 2009 years, to $363 billion trillion. According to the United Nations web site, the World Bank Group's 2009 Global Development finance: Portraying global recovery warns that the world is ...

Internet users in developing countries are more likely to join social networking sites

Absrtact: According to a new report released by the Pew Research Center in Wednesday, the vast majority of users in developing countries such as Brazil, Russia and India are logged on to social networking sites as long as they have access to the Internet compared to developed countries such as Germany and Japan. According to the report, although the latest report released by the Pew Research Center in developing countries in Wednesday showed that the vast majority of users in developing countries such as Brazil, Russia and India would log on to social networking sites, compared with developed countries such as Germany and Japan. According to the report, although the number of Internet users in developing countries is not more than in developed countries, they are more likely to ...

Game development Research: Women are better at developing games than men

Women are better at developing games than men, a study from the University of Sussex in the UK recently showed. The study showed that when it comes to developing games, girls can write more complex programs than boys, and they know more about coding. Part of the study at the University of Sussex is to have a group of 33-year-olds spend 8 weeks developing their own 3D role-playing games. Dr. Kate Howland and Dr. Judith developed a programming language called Flip, which uses a simple interface to help children trigger changes in the game ...

iphone will continue to exploit developing markets for the time being.

According to foreign media reports, according to Peter Misek, an analyst with Jefferies, the US investment bank, Apple's first iphone in 2009 will continue to be marketed to developing markets, with little likelihood of Missec later this year. Missec also said he learned from the informant that Apple had signed an agreement with a leading distribution and logistics company to push the iphone 3GS to the global prepaid mobile phone market, and would continue to expand iphone sales channels in developing countries to develop ...

American netizens stand by China to cut emissions from developing countries

Global network December 17 News, in the world on the weather problems in Copenhagen, while the other "Copenhagen Summit" also in the global network of fierce. Beijing time December 16 8 o'clock in the evening, the global network launched the "Chinese and Indian netizens vs Europe and the United States Internet users weather debate" officially opened the curtain.  An interesting phenomenon in the debate is that many netizens have broken the "national boundaries", only on the topic itself, including the United States to join the "developing countries" camp, but also the Chinese netizens think "developed countries should not assume more responsibility than the developing countries." "Do not send ...

Ban Ki-moon: Developed countries should cooperate with developing countries

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told the first financial daily that developed countries should strengthen cooperation with developing countries. In the aftermath of the global crisis, emerging economies have grown far more than developed countries.  This is becoming a new reality for the global economy, and how should the United Nations respond to such a new situation? Speaking at a press conference at the Davos Forum, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, "the rapid development of emerging markets is a very good sign that allows emerging countries to work together with developed countries on a number of major issues." He said ...

Hon Hai is developing a new generation of production robots

Beijing time, August 21, Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou recently said Foxconn is lagging behind in the process of automating production lines, but the company is developing a new generation of robots.   Mr Gou said that once the company broke the bottleneck in manufacturing key technologies for robotics, the Beijing time of August 21, Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou said recently that Foxconn was lagging behind in the automation of its production lines, but the company was developing a new generation of robots. Mr Gou said that once the company broke the bottleneck in manufacturing key technologies for robotics, the target of deploying 1 million robots would soon be achieved, Guo ...

EU agrees to provide 7.2 billion euros to developing countries to fight climate change

Xinhua Beijing, December 12, comprehensive report 11th, the European Union leaders said agreed to give developing countries 2.4 billion a year in 2010-2012, a total of 7.2 billion euros of funds to help them fight climate warming. Europe, America and Japan to provide aid funds are expected to be integrated into a $10 billion trillion global aid fund, according to the BBC. In announcing the news, Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt, the EU's rotating presidency, added that EU Member States would contribute to the dedicated fund, a move that indicated that the EU was committed to its obligations and that the EU wanted to do so.

Samsung or is developing head-mounted display gear Gear VR

According to the SamMobile website, Samsung is developing its own virtual reality device, called Gear VR, to be unveiled at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin. In fact, Gear VR is not a stand-alone virtual reality product, more like the Cardboard distributed at this year's Google I / O conference, where users need to connect Galaxy phones to Gear VR via the USB 3.0 interface. Gear VR is not equipped with sensors, the use of smart phones ...

Japan's $15 billion trillion in support for developing countries to mitigate greenhouse effects

Global Times in Japan, a correspondent Zhao Xualiang, global network reporter Hong reported, according to the Japanese news of Tokyo December 17, Japan's environment minister Ozawa Rui 16 late announced that by 2012, Japan will provide developing countries with 15 billion U.S. dollars in aid to reduce the greenhouse effect. Reported that Ozawa Sharp announced that the Japanese move is also as the weather conference advocates of Prime minister Hatoyama to make an example.  Japan's delegation to the weather Conference hoped that it would be "the driving force behind the negotiations between countries". The report also said that the meeting has two days left, but now among the participating countries spread ...

Sony is developing 2 different "monkey catching" works at the same time

Recently, foreign media said that Japan SCE is also developing 2 "monkey catching" series of new works, one is "Monkey catching" series of orthodox continuation of the "Catch Monkey 4", the second is another "monkey catching" new works.  SCE-Japan has also previously developed "Monkey Catching 2" and "Monkey catching 2001". It also predicts that more new information on monkey catching will be released this weekend. (editor Zhang Xing) "Monkey catching" is ready to launch a new Twitter message in the second half of the year

South Korea's EA is developing a network of Major League Baseball

American Electric Power (EA) 's well-known baseball single game "The United States Major League (MVP Baseball)" series, since the launch of the "Major League Baseball 2005" in 2005, there is no further news, now South Korea, the United States and commercial art is planning to develop a network version of the game. According to Thisisgame of the Korean game website, the Seoul Studio (formerly J2M) of the US commercial art power has confirmed that it is developing a new online game of the MVP Baseball series, and that the game has been developed for some time now and has commenced negotiations 、...

Kerry exaggerates the need for transparency in developing countries to reduce emissions

The US Senate is optimistic about the ultimate adoption of a domestic emission reduction bill, exaggerating the emissions of developing countries as an integral part of global efforts, and calling on the United States to do more in terms of financial assistance. Huangshan from Copenhagen "Let's turn our focus to the root of the problem and make this Friday a successful day." "Local time December 16, the president of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Democrat John Kerry in Copenhagen, the final oath of speech."  The remark made him win a standing ovation for half a minute. Because the Senate is critical to the ultimate adoption of the US domestic emission reduction bill, the latter ...

2.5 billion of people from China, India and other developing countries will enter the middle class

Over the next 15 years, 2.5 billion people from China, India and other developing countries will enter the middle class. They will need to live in high-rise buildings and need supermarkets to shop. They need smartphones, cars, steaks, air-conditioning, pet clothing, Disneyland vacations and couch pillows. Today, the Earth to feed 2 billion of the middle class has been under great pressure, how can we feed 2.5 billion medium-production consumers? Many observers believe that this unprecedented economic growth predicts the downfall of Malthus Malthusian. In this case, there is an explosion in the demand for natural resources, which will lead to ...

Liaoning Province Holds World Ocean Day Day Campaign with Theme of "Protecting the Marine Environment and Developing a Blue Economy"

June 8 is the World Ocean Day and the National Marine Propaganda Day. The theme of this year's marine day propaganda campaign in our province is "Protecting the Marine Environment and Developing a Blue Economy." On the very day, various forms of publicity activities were carried out throughout the country, actively encouraging the public to scientifically exploit and utilize the oceans, treasure the marine resources, protect the marine ecological environment and marine biodiversity, and strive to build a harmonious human-maritime relations. The main venue of the Ocean Advocacy Day was jointly sponsored by the Provincial Department of Marine and Fisheries and Huludao Municipal Government. The exhibition featured photographic works and paintings on the sea, distributed 1,500 promotional bags and 2,700 pictures of the publicity brochures through environmental volunteers. .

360 is developing TV boxes and wireless routers in the future may be involved in the video industry

Absrtact: December 12 News, 360 new hardware products are being developed to expose. According to 360 insiders, 360 are developing wireless routers and TV boxes that will soon be available for sale. Prior to that, 360 teamed up with router manufacturers Lei Branch security router, its biggest feature of the December 12 news, 360 and a new hardware products are being developed exposure. According to 360 insiders, 360 are developing wireless routers and TV boxes that will soon be available for sale. Prior to this, 360 joint router manufacturers Lei ke push security router, its biggest feature is safety, wood ...

Wen exaggerates the need for greater coordination between the four countries and other developing countries

China Daily News: Premier Wen Jiabao in Copenhagen 18th (Friday) morning to meet with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the "Basic four countries" (Brazil, India, South Africa and China) need to be in the climate change negotiations with other developing countries to strengthen solidarity and coordination attitude.  Wen said that the personal friendship between him and Singh is also a friendship between the people of China and India, and the two countries need mutual understanding and cooperation. Singh said that India attaches great importance to its strategic partnership with China, a relationship that has been well received under the 20 summit, the WTO and the UN climate change framework.

target of developing countries for water injection and emission reduction and positive plan

The deadline has arrived, countries have submitted the 2020 emission reduction targets, the major developing countries have made positive plans under the December 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference issued by the Copenhagen Accord, before January 31, the developed countries should be submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the secretariat of the 2020 emission reduction targets.  The term is a "soft" cut-off date and is not legally binding, but the main purpose is to allow countries to demonstrate their willingness to respond to climate change. The secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change said February 1 that some countries have informed the Agency about emission reductions ...

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