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"Island crisis" developers Crytek into the iphone market

It seems that Crytek, the developer of the island crisis, seems poised to move into the mobile market, and its preferred target is Apple.  According to a list of jobs posted this week, Crytek is looking for an iphone and ipad application development engineer.  The position in this list also requires Android and Windows Mobile development capabilities, so it is estimated that Apple's mobile platform should be just the first step in Crytek's foray into the mobile market, with more mobile platform projects likely to follow. Job Description ...

Cloud-oriented and mobile interconnection process management

Cloud and mobile interconnection process management general information Wang Cong-pworld 2014 Software Architecture & Platform Innovation Congress, co-sponsored by Primeton, Infoq, the National top technical event, the Conference to explore "cloud, mobile era of enterprise software change and innovation" as the principle, Committed to the Chinese enterprises in the Internet era of successful transformation to make efforts. Pworld 2014 has designed issues for technical personnel such as CTO, CIO, architect, technical manager, and development engineer, and speakers will be from the Internet of corporate software, cloud computing ...

The latest internet companies pay, the necessary reference for job-hopping

In today's increasingly homogeneous pay before, the Internet entrepreneurial companies of all kinds of exotic flowers and benefits to become their talent to attract the killer! Instead of complaining about other people's good welfare every day, take the opportunity to turn these into your own welfare! Small make up to all kinds of it people dedicated to the latest Internet company salaries and benefits, want to job-hopping must see! 36KR Salary: Product Manager: Monthly salary 10-15k Test development engineer: Monthly salary 10-15k PHP engineer: Monthly salary 10-15k front-end engineer: Monthly salary 10-15k operation intern: Monthly salary 1-2k fu ...

Product managers and development engineers

See Andy's "PM How to break through the engineer's heart defense?" and "How the engineers do not be PM bullying" touch, welcome to the brick, discussion. From a team perspective, product managers and development engineers should be brothers on the front because the goals are consistent.   Both product managers and development engineers want to do the products and projects, here we can say: "Zhi Tong." However, product managers and development engineers have different roles and work content in the process of product development, and may not understand each other's work content, period ...

North Wind Net: After learning Java employment direction

Today, the world has quickly entered the era of mobile interconnection, software development has become the most scarce jobs. According to IDC's statistics, in all software development talent's demand, the Java Engineer's demand achieves the total demand 60%~70%. A senior teacher at the north Wind network says Java engineers pay relatively high salaries. According to these years North wind nets teachers trained students to see, with 3-5 years of experience in the development of engineers, with an annual salary of 100,000 yuan is a very normal pay level. One year working experience the Java Engineer Monthly salary is 8k, the accumulated salary is increasing with the experience. ...

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