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CEO's path to growth

Always want to know: How do CEOs from a small staff, step-by-step to achieve today's position? There should be some rules to follow, right? Recently, Tencent technology on a large-scale launch of the internet, IT industry-oriented CEOs of the development of the road survey, and want to uncover this rule. In the last half month, we have invited about 100 CEOs to take part in the form of questionnaires, eventually getting a warm response from more than 60 CEOs and sharing their growth experiences. The final findings show that they always have some interesting similarities: about more than ...

SDN development of the road who have the final say?

SDN: Who dominates So far, SDN is still at an early stage of development, and there are many claims on the market for SDN definition alone. Not only have all the major manufacturers have released their own SDN strategy, there are many different solutions, the market has begun to appear part of the manufacturers of its own behavior. Although SDN has a good commitment, there are still many problems to be solved in terms of implementation, standardization, size and security strategy. Now on the market not only support SDN switch more and more, but also more manufacturers began to get involved in control ...

Introducing a new industrial model to change the concept of game service

With the growth of Chinese online games industry, the value of the game enterprises to the players is also increasing. But many enterprises have been in the "customer service" efforts, hoping to maintain their own user base. But at present the Chinese net swims the market product homogeneity is serious, the player has already produced "the esthetic fatigue", the net swims market future competition will become more white-hot. In addition to improving service awareness, to increase innovation and improve the player "aesthetic fatigue" is the fundamental development of the road.  The second generation of online games development model may solve the current problem. The innovation of the net swims needs to introduce the brand-new industry pattern--game ...

The global heat of China's calm treatment of China in post-crisis era

Xinhua Beijing, February 25 (reporter Cheng Yunjie Liu Yan) In the context of the global economic downturn, China's economy is not only the first to stabilize and successfully achieve the 8% economic growth indicators, this series of good performance so that China's reform and Opening-up Road has become the focus of world attention.  However, different from the international community on the "Chinese model" or surprised or happy, the sense of hardship dominated the Chinese people's future development of the road of reflection and exploration. Some authoritative experts and scholars interviewed by reporters pointed out that China's economic take-off is unique, but in terms of the model has not taken shape. 2010 is Eleven-Five planning ...

Music coated liquid film up and down quest for adherence

Le coated liquid membrane today's efforts are for the development of their own enterprises, but also social responsibility. Since CCTV has exposed a new type of liquid glass from Germany, the new environmental protection supplies have been widely concerned. After spraying thickness of human hair only 1% of the membrane can play a huge role in people's lives, in the report, it put the function of dustproof and waterproof, so CCTV in the report said this new type of liquid glass is expected to set off a clean revolution! Le Tu nano-liquid film is responsible for the introduction of this material to China, to facilitate the domestic public ...

Le PU medical couple join forces for the South wind and father of the three-man control

2009 The key words of the stock market is not a gem, not just because it was bred 10 years, a birth will be popular with many investors, but also because it created a number of billionaires entrepreneurial story, let people comment. According to statistics, two batches of gem listed companies to create 130余位亿万 rich, among them, the first batch of 28 gem companies to create 106, the second batch of 8 companies to create 27位亿万 rich. Among the 130多名亿万 millionaires, 13 are worth more than 1 billion yuan. "Securities daily" gem rich big Search section for your one by one Show these billionaires ...

Viewing the alternative development road of intelligent home from the control K2 socket

Absrtact: Text/Sohu It Tintin control K2 intelligent socket has been listed for some time, the network also has more trial articles. Recently, "Pretend to be a geek" after getting this product, the intelligent socket and accessories were dismantled, hoping to learn from the article/Sohu it Tintin control K2 intelligent socket has been listed for some time, the network also has more trial articles. Recently, "Pretend to be a geek" after getting this product, the intelligent socket and accessories were dismantled, hoping to learn from the development of some intelligent hardware trends. ...

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