Dhcp Issue

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Automated Linux Cloud Installation

One of the features of cloud computing is the ability to move applications from one processor environment to another. This feature requires a target operating system to receive it before moving the application. Wouldn't it be nice if you could automate the installation of a new operating system? A well-known feature of the intel™ architecture system is the ability to install Linux automatically. However, installing Linux automatically is a tricky issue for System P or IBM power BAE using the hardware management console. This article discusses the solution of ...

FortiOS 6.0 WiFi Issue: Setting up WiFi with a FortiAP

In this recipe, you will set up a WiFi network with by adding a FortiAP in Tunnel mode to your network.

FortiOS 6.0 WiFi Issue: Guest WiFi accounts

In this recipe, you create temporary guest accounts that can connect to your WiFi network after authenticating using a captive portal.

OPENWAG200 1.4 Release Linksys Enhancements tool

OPENWAG200 is a tool for improving the functionality of the Linksys WAG200G wireless and DSL routers. OpenWAG200 Main Features:-routed http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/29942.html ">wlan-static DHCP Leases-mac address cloning-telnetd /SSHD-DNSMASQ-Dynamic DNS (D ...)

10 steps to securing data center Virtualization

There are many benefits to virtual servers, but are their security issues completely compromised? How do I ensure security? There are 10 positive steps you can take. The major problem with data center virtualization in the 2007 is "How much money and time can this technology save?" "And by 2008, the question will become" How safe will we be to adopt this technology? "It's a very difficult question to answer." A large number of vendors and consultants desperately selling virtualized products and services disagree on the risks and how to prevent them. At the same time, some security researchers are also trumpeting the risks of the theory.

Six measures to maximize wireless network security

The purpose of reasonable protection of wireless access points is to isolate the wireless network from outsiders who are not authorized to use the service. It is often easier said than done. In terms of security, wireless networks are often more difficult to protect than fixed wired networks because of the limited number of fixed physical access points in the wired network and the use of wireless networks at any point in the antenna's radiation range. In spite of its difficulties, the rational protection of wireless network system is the key to avoid serious security problems. To maximize these vulnerabilities, ensure that network personnel take six measures to protect the wireless network. Planning antenna ...

Vulnerability "Doom Cookie" was found to affect TP, Huawei and other tens of thousands of routes

Vulnerabilities in routers have become frequent in recent years, and routing vendors are often pointed out that there is a security problem with the equipment in store. Last night, security research company Check Point claimed to have found a significant routing vulnerability that could allow attackers to control home and small business routers, and route to an intranet device. Check Point says the vulnerability affects at least 12 million routes produced by more than 20 routing vendors, including TP, Link, Huawei and other well-known vendors. Given that this vulnerability is affected ...

Consolidated Network as service and WAN services

Cloud-computing explosions have also brought about the explosion of the term "service", which makes it hard to distinguish between "services". The network as a service seems to be considered superfluous (if it is not a service, what the service provider is selling?) and it is undefined, but we cannot ignore it because it represents the future of the network. The network as a service concept originates from cloud computing and specific support for virtual networks in OpenStack, and the quantum interface describes how to create a network connectivity service to support the connection between cloud computing and storage services. Network is the relationship between service and physical network ...

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