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and letter hypermedia revenue 44.4 million dollars a quarter to reach the expected

Digging the Bay Network June 10 News and Letter Hypermedia (Nasdaqcm:giga) 9th released the first quarter of 2009 results. The first quarter and the letter hypermedia revenue reached 44.4 million U.S. dollars, net profit reached 4.8 million U.S. dollars. The initial earnings per share will reach 0.09 U.S. dollars, diluted by 0.08 dollars per share.     First-quarter results were affected by the global recession and the continued weakness of the euro to the dollar. 2009 The first quarter of non-US general accounting standards under the initial earnings and diluted earnings after the 0.11 U.S. dollars and 0.10 of dollars, tick ...

Perfect time and space to invest about 52.4 million dollars to buy back the shares held by SoftBank

Digging the Bay Network June 2 Perfect Space-Time Limited liability company (NASDAQ:PWRD) (hereinafter referred to as perfect space-time) June 1 announced the signing of the agreement to the SoftBank Asia Investment Fund II ("soft silver race rich") to buy back 1,203,812 shares of company Class A common stock and 11,  296,188 shares of Group B common stock. Prior to the July 2007 IPO, SoftBank invested in the company's a-series convertible preferred Shares, which were automatically converted to the company's Class A common stock at the time of the IPO, and part A ...

"World of Warcraft" Provisional forum registered members can not post today

Digging the net June 7 News "World of Warcraft" transition team today announced the formal opening of the "World of Warcraft" Temporary Forum (http://wowbbs.163.com), digging the net note that in accordance with the "World of Warcraft" Temporary Forum General edition of the rules, temporary registered members will not be able to post today.  After the forum was announced unusually hot, as of 1 o'clock in the morning, the number of registered people has reached 19561, online number of 1564 people, the highest record of 21357 people occurred on May 7. Relevant data from the Forum show that the earliest date of membership of the Forum is May 21 ...

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