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Facebook simulated City Games 11-day population breakthrough 22 million

December 15--Australia's population has reached 22 million in 200 years.  Zynga's "Le City" only took 11 days. Yes, 11 days 22 million. Cynics may say the Facebook casual gamers don't spend a penny.  It's much easier to get 22 million people to sign up for a game than to actually buy a game, but that still doesn't reduce the weight of 22 million players. Granville Music City "Le City" is basically the "Analog City" of the Facebook version. (Digging the shell net)

Microsoft has no comment on the first works of "Halo"

The latest news from December 3, Microsoft has responded to the rumors that they are secretly resetting the first "Halo" game. "Our focus now is on providing follow-up services to the Halo star, and there is nothing new to announce."  A Microsoft spokesman said. It has been reported that Microsoft's 343 team will be the first "Halo" works ten years ago, and will be launched in the 10 anniversary of the birth of the 2011 series, and "Halo 4" will be listed in 2012. (Digging the shell net)

Analysys International Analysis said the three-quarter Chinese online gaming market bottomed out warmer

The latest release of the "2010 3rd quarter China online game market monitoring," the report showed that the third quarter of this year, China's online game market income of 7.758 billion yuan, the chain fell 0.3%, an increase of 12.6%. Analysys International analyst Yuyi said that the three-quarter range of overseas game landing in China market, including the Grand Hand SE Agent "Final Fantasy 14", Tencent agent Capcom "Monster Hunter" and plans to localize. It is expected that the second half of 2011 innovative products will gradually enter the market for China's two or three-line manufacturers will bring greater challenges. (Digging the shell net)

Foreign police mistook game palm for bomb 11-Year-old boy detained

A 11-Year-old boy carrying a device that looks like a bomb with a wire and battery turned out to be a Game Boy handheld player, the Wisconsin police said in a response to a horror incident this morning in a school bus outside Northside Middle School in Milton Town. Milton's police, Lieutenant John Conger, said the suspected explosive devices were actually Game Boy handheld consoles and said they were unable to handle the game consoles. The little boy is now in police custody. (Digging the shell net)

Mong Nugen "Meng": Toxic events not fully recorded

Dig the net news of December 15, according to "21st Century Economic Report" summed up the Mong Nugen "fierce": Toxic events are not fully recorded as follows: September 2008, Mengniu was exploded "melamine" incident; in February 2009, the Soviet Union was exploded which did not contain OMP material events; April 3, 2011, Shaanxi Yulin 251 Primary School students drinking cow pure milk collective poisoning, December 25, 2011, Mengniu was exploded with carcinogenic substances. (Digging the shell net)

Virtual FX Special effects Studio Baked reality game version fps shooting effect film

Virtual FX special effects Studio Corridor Digital new works came out, the new film they create the real world of FPS shootout and virtual game environment perfect combination. Reality game version fps shooting effect film in the video players can see the reality of the actor was shot into the game world of the drop props, while the real actors have such as the ability to wear walls and other games will be a bug phenomenon. (Digging the shell net)

EA "Battlefield" open secret seal test official request secrecy

December 1 The latest news, there is no sign, "battlefield free play" has quietly begun to seal the test. EA also issued a warning on the game's official Facebook page asking those involved in the test not to disclose any experience information.  EA says it will launch a larger test in 2011 in the coming weeks. According to the game name, the game will be free to operate the way. At present, the official has not provided to the media more game content related news, but in view of the battlefield series has always been a variety of play, the game of the full score should be no doubt! (Digging the shell net)

If you don't like it, destroy it. Russian player shot "Modern Warfare 2"

YouTube has a blast all day! Today's turn is "Modern Warfare 2", a Russian player does not seem to like this game, in fact, should say nasty, disgust to the extreme! He said it was the most rubbish game ever, and that it should be completely destroyed. After all, "black action" is coming, "Modern Warfare 2" there is no need for the existence of! So with a gun, with a fire, then: Of course, we do not recommend shooting a game with a gun, of course, shooting people can not. But his destruction is very style! (Digging the shell net)

Minors FREE! The Wii can be so fun

Nintendo's Wii does create a lot of new game ideas that have never been created in the game world, but this kind of small series wants you to be absolutely unexpected, not only to play the people feel very interesting, watching others play also feel super interesting!  Let's see how the old man in the video plays the Wii! P.S: If adults do not see this video smile, small knitting sincerely suggest you contact your doctor as soon as possible to check your physical problems. (Digging the shell net)

Canada's Million dollar Sony game is missing in two days

The city of Brampton, Canada, has had two bizarre thefts, including PS3 and PSP, which are worth 1 million of billions of dollars of Sony gaming products missing in two days. The case took place in the first two days of the week, with two vehicles worth 500,000 of dollars of Sony PS3, PSP and related games stolen in Monday and Tuesday on the Eastern Avenue of Brampton, but the owners didn't find the goods lost until Wednesday. (Digging the shell net)

Will Microsoft XBOX360 or become a cable TV "set-top box"?

Software giant Microsoft is currently in talks with the network to create (virtual cable TV operators) to add cable TV service intent to its console (XBOX360). This message means that in the near future XBOX360 may become our TV "set-top box". But do not know whether the domestic XBOX360 can enjoy the direct view of the Pacific on the other side of High-definition television service? If so, it is indeed worth buying one. (Digging the shell net)

First-line actress dubbed "DC Comic Hero" by The Wonder Woman

The Hollywood line of black actress Gina Torres Online Entertainment today released the latest video from DC Comics hero, which released a Hollywood-line black actress Gina Torres to work as the voice of Wonder Woman.  Game Creative director Jens Andersen a brief introduction to the creation of the Wonder Woman in the video. In addition to the stars in the game The voice actors also include Arlene Sorkin, Wil Wheaton and Dwight Schultz. (Digging the shell net)

Sony tears! Small Overlord push Cottage version PSVita

China's domestic game machine market from Lenovo's iSEC after the release of an uncontrollable. Some time ago, small overlord of the sb-a10 body Sense game machine in Taobao top, even you search PS3 the second is the small overlord cottage. Now, the small overlord again out of the cottage version of PS Vita.  It appears that Sony's new palm Machine PS Vita, which is scheduled to be listed at year-end, has been preempted in China. (Digging the shell net)

EA Leisure Creative Game "creation" Today release trailer

EA today unveiled the latest trailer for the Recreation Creative Game "Creation", which was developed by EA's bright light studio in Surrey County.  The work will be on the PC and other platforms in North America time November 16. Trailer Appreciation: (Digging the shell net)

NHN "Miracle World" returned to the network Zen company to continue its operation

November 30 The latest news, there is news that NHN will be "miracle World" operation back to the game Developers Network Zen company.  "Marvel World" players don't have to worry, they make plans to make sure all the active roles are transferred to the new server. The Cash store in the game has been closed, the role transfer has been opened and will open until January 21, 2011. Web Zen "Miracle World" server will open on December 15 to meet new and old players. (Digging the shell net)

The PSP2 function is stronger than the XB360TGS during the secret display

According to sources, PSP2 has been in the Tokyo Game show during the internal secret display.  It is said that PSP2 will have a double rocker and a high-definition screen, and Sony will abandon the existing UMD disc format. The message also said that PSP2 's memory capacity would be twice times that of XB360. The XB360 memory is 512MB and the PSP2 will be up to 1GB. PSP 3000, PSP go, and 3DS of RAM are only 64MB. (Digging the shell net)

"Bio-Crisis" adapted to social games background in raccoon market

April 19, the June "biochemical crisis: Outbreak offspring" will be with the Japanese social networking site Gree head-on confrontation.  Game background or in raccoon market, players will be able to join the game with friends, sharing therapeutic effects and team to complete the rescue task. More game information, please pay attention to play the game network (digging the shell net)

Web Game "fps Trainer" helps players improve their combat level

November 8 Latest news, Neon recently announced a "FPS Coach" fps Web game. As the name suggests, the purpose of this is to help players improve their FPS combat level.  The game will have professional explanations and tips, and provide countries famous FPS players case and analyze their length, players can simulate with them to improve their own shortcomings. Then, players can take their own results to participate in the "Halo", "Call of Duty" and other FPS masterpieces of the confrontation, in which the impressive performance. (Digging the shell net)

NET Dragon will launch free internet Café management software for overseas market

November 26 News Network Dragon announced today will be launched for overseas markets free internet Café management software "Cybercafe".  The software will be the first to launch the Arabic, Spanish and English versions. "Cybercafe" for the first time the Internet Café Business area management, terminal equipment management, content three update, value-added services to promote the four core functions integrated into the software. (Digging the shell net)

"Dragon Age 2" latest trailer "Rise to power"

Today, the official announced a "Dragon Age 2" of the latest trailer, named "Rise to power".  Villages have been attacked, villagers have been reduced to refugees, like the quality effect 2, you need to raise a number of heroes, the battle will begin, who can win? Pc/ps3/xbox360 "Dragon Age 2" is expected to be available for sale next March. (Digging the shell net)

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