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How does the hotel brand do well in the 2013 digital marketing plan?

This article comes from Socialbeta Content partners @ Global Tour. 2012 is half past, now is the time to think about what has happened this year to the hotel operators and how they should plan for next year's digital marketing budget analysis. Some of the hot topics of concern this year include the emergence of Solomo (the combination of social, localized and mobile apps, hereinafter referred to as "Solomo"), the emergence of Tablet PCs as a unique marketing and distribution channel, and new social media platforms such as Google + and Pinterest ...

Cloud computing brings digital publication of the spring

In recent years, China's digital publishing industry in the annual growth rate of about 50%, 2010 Digital Publishing industry total income has broken through hundreds of billions of yuan mark. At the same time, the construction of digital publishing base has also been emerging, playing the role of "bridgehead" of the digital publishing strategy. As one of the nine major digital publishing bases, Tianjin National Digital publishing base relies on "cloud" technology, successfully set up the cloud Computing center of Service and the digital publishing enterprise, and push forward the development of digital publishing industry in China. Digital publishing also needs cloud computing Tianjin National Digital Publishing base is located in Tianjin Airport economy ...

What can the advertising standards of mobile Internet produce for digital marketing

March 15, the first domestic "mobile internet Advertising Standards" officially implemented. This by Tencent, Baidu, Beijing East, Millet, easy media, China Telecom, China Mobile, song Hua cable, hundred-vision and so on to participate in the development of industry standards, is expected to gradually standardize the development of the digital marketing industry, which has been involved in the digital marketing industry a A-share company, is undoubtedly an important policy positive. Industry veteran in the interview that the industry standard landing, gave the industry a "game rules", with the rule to a lasting healthy development. Status: Industry mergers and acquisitions are very popular in the "mutual ...

2013 Digital Marketing Annual Meeting Jiangshan "cloth step to win"

It is reported that by the international organization of Analysys, easy to view the 2013 digital Marketing conference will be held in Beijing Yu Long International Hotel June 28 grand. It is understood that this annual meeting by the Ministry of Commerce, the People's Republic of China Ministry guidance. The core of the annual meeting is "to gain a sense of user in the transition". Invited a number of mainstream marketing companies, gathered a large number of traditional enterprises and Internet enterprises, join hands with the international common sense of the digital marketing industry changes and development trends, the secret digital marketing landing answer, to estimate the effect of digital marketing gold, to explore the digital battalion ...

Digital server:2013 Year January server industry digital release

"Tenkine Server channel Digital Server"-"with the Digital Witness Miracle" "Concise, net monthly information related to the industry, to give you the digital World visual Shock, January 2013 digital release Time!"   23.8 billion "digital Information" IDC published the report predicts that the global data technology and server market composite annual growth rate will reach 31.7%, 2016-year revenue will reach 23.8 billion dollars. "Digital thinking" from large data to seize business opportunities have surpassed IT industry, radiation to all walks of life. Despite the lack of more applications ...

A brief analysis of Web landing security for electronic payment platforms such as internet banking

Preface: This article was written at the beginning of last year and was not released for security reasons. Now some online banks have significantly reduced the level of security without high level of the transfer limit, and advised users to use dynamic password card or USB Key, the overall safety factor has been improved. With the popularization of sub commerce, online Banking and online electronic payment are gradually accepted and loved by netizens. But the security of online banking and e-commerce payment platform is not optimistic. While internet banks take SSL encryption to prevent the interception of passwords by sniffing the network packets, the password for preventing web landings ...

Marketing Tips: Eight steps to create a landing page with high conversion rates (iii)

Editor's note: 90% of the total network of paid traffic to land to those who design rude, the content is not attractive, poor ability to transform the site or page, this is a huge waste. Bo Public Interactive Deputy general manager Xunlijian (Sina Weibo: @ Highland Flying Bear) contributions, introduced a high conversion ability to create a marketing landing page method. Net sales personnel can be applied to the enterprise Network Marketing in actual combat, resulting in benefits. The paper introduces the system methodology of the marketing landing page with high transformation ability--web farming, which is the most important two steps of the "Operation of Customer Marketing" (Information architecture method).

Communication tactics: How to use the three elements of digital marketing in Uniqlo

Guide: All enterprises-not just clothing retail, want to know: On line online, Uniqlo is how to think, how to do? Uniqlo how to do O2O "1+1>2"? When we talk about Uniqlo, what do we talk about? Zero inventory, basic, data management, flagship store, fast fashion ... And now the brightest, are two types of data: In addition to China's fast fashion leader of the brand, in the physical store, Uniqlo is still accelerating: Last year, Uniqlo opened 82 shops in China, far more than H&m 62, Gap 28 and za ...

Super 60 city launched Digital TV All-in-one

View the latest quotes color TV enterprises need to coordinate local radio and television interests Sunyan after the development of 65 million digital users, the domestic local radio and television departments have also begun to develop digital television users and high-definition digital television users.  A few days ago, Skyworth Digital (00751.HK) color TV business headquarters, President Yang Dongwen to "the first financial daily" revealed that Skyworth just launched the country's first single chip solutions based on the high-definition one machine, has been more than 30 regions of more than 70 urban radio and television system certification and licensing, and signed a joint sales agreement. "This year domestic ...

Digital defense of traditional enterprises: new economic rise breaking information gap

Absrtact: Berners Li Yan invented the World Wide Web will not think that the next more than 20 years, the entire Earth into a global village, but also do not think of a digital divide across, tearing up the emerging and traditional. This gap is not only stark underline Berners in the invention of the World Wide Web will not think that the next more than 20 years, the entire Earth into a "global village", but also do not think of a digital divide across, tearing up the emerging and traditional. This gap is not only a stark outline of the borders of developed and underdeveloped countries, but also ...

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